Why this is Exactly the Right Time for Your Small Business

You are a small business owner. You work hard. You manage and promote your businesses as you strive to succeed and a make difference in your finances. We know it’s a tough grind and that there are plenty of obstacles in your way. Covid-19 is just the latest in a long line of hurdles. The pandemic has touched every aspect of our lives and it is reminding us of how interconnected we all and how our actions can significantly impact those around us, as we find ourselves adapting to a new normal. How we respond to new demands, how we support each other through crisis, how we modify our ways of doing business and how we revise the ways in which we interact with both our business partners and our customers, all of these new interactions are shaping our new small business plans.

How we respond to new demands Things are not the same. Living and working through a pandemic is something new for all of us. The economy is being artificial supported by the federal government and showing no real signs of recovery. Economists and experts agree that the economy won’t really start to recover until there is a cure for the Coronavirus. The new world we find ourselves in can NOT be responded to in the same ways we are used to. We must search for new ways to respond to the new demands a of socially distant world. Gone are the days of face to face marketing and meetings in coffee shops. The Zoom call and other online interactions have replaced the time honored tactics of the most successful sales representatives and entrepreneurs. Today, small businesses are encouraged to do their part to keep their employees, customers, and themselves healthy. To do that, they need to be creative. Lucky for you, your business is already online. You have a link to your company website, a place where you can send people that want what you’ve got. You’re used telling people face to face how to get there. Now, for your business to survive, you will have to look for ways to tell them online.

  • Directories: Like FindSalesRep, Manta, Yelp and others
  • Advertisements: Google is the leader, but there are literally millions of places to buy ads
  • Social Media Marketing: There are a lot, but you will have the most success using Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook
  • Blog: Share ideas and products that can help others relieve some of the stress. Help people adapt to the new way of life that we are all facing and make life a little easier for others.

How we support each other through crisis There’s no denying how difficult these times are. Stress, hardship, uncertainty all require a response that is both empathetic and compassionate. In your business, you are a leader. Leaders need to look for ways to identify with the feelings, thoughts and attitudes of their customers, their teams, their employees and their business partners. Show that you, through your business have feelings of deep sympathy and sorrow for others who are stricken by misfortune. Show them that you have a strong desire to alleviate their suffering.

  • For your customers: Identify strategies that they can use today to combat there problems. Can your business offer a solution, some support or comfort?
  • For your Team or employees: How can you directly help them today? Can you call  or connect with them to identify what they need

How we modify our ways of doing business In these times especially, we are constantly reminded how one person’s action can impact the life of another. Just think about how big your reach can be and then work with others to make it even bigger.  Collaborate with your business partners to change how you do your business. Start work together to use your joint interests to become something bigger than you are apart. There are many types of business partnerships to consider. Businesses with different basic interests can partner together to share content or customers. The benefit of this type of collaboration is to reduce worry about competition. A great example is to host an online party. Invite 10 reps from different, non similar companies to host. In order to qualify as a host each must bring 2 reps with them to the party.  That’s 30 people at one event and a fun party! This idea also works for training events, swapping sprees, swag bag exchanges and basket giveaways, all of which can be done completely online. The swapping spree, swag bag exchange and gift basket giveaways can be run a little differently. They offer you and you business partners ways to share revenue.  If this sounds too confusing or too difficult, it’s not. In fact, chances are you are already a part of a revenue sharing partnership. If you or your business are an affiliate, consultant, representative or ambassador of any brands where you earn a percentage of the sale, that’s a revenue partnership. 😉 You can get creative with all of these types of partnership.

How we revise the ways in which we interact with both our business partners and our customers.  Meaningful interactions begin with kinder leaders. If you think back to the most impactful mentors you have had either professionally or unofficially, you will instantly remember their kindness toward you. They made time for you and they connected with you. Now, during this time of so much anxiety and suffering, you could take advantage of the moment  and seize the opportunity and become a more empathetic leader. Reach out and check in on your customers, teammates, employees and business partners. Treat them like friends and family.

These new interactions are shaping your new small business plan. Kindness is contagious and good for business.  Show genuine gratitude and interest in the concerns of others. Public display recognition and affection. Putting them first will have an mediate positive effect on your business. These small but meaningful gestures will create lasting connections of goodwill and mutual prosperity.

Take the extra time that you have during this imposed down time that we are all being forced to take and find new ways to make people happy!

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Do Something You Love

We all have products or services that we LOVE. Maybe you love fashion, fitness, home decor or gourmet meals. Whatever it is, you love it so much that you share it with every one you meet and that passion has turned into a business.

Now you get to do what you love and make money at the same time. You are one of the luck few and you get to make your own rules!

But… we are living in crazy times. Everything has been upended because of Covid-19. Today, many of us are staying at home. Maybe that could be good for your home based business.

Question: How can you take a passion and build a business from home?

Answer: Tell the world about what you love.

Most companies provide their reps with a website. That’s the funnel where you want to ultimately send the people that are interested in what you’ve got, but you’ll need a bigger funnel to get them there. There are many ways to share your knowledge with the world and more is definitely better. Maybe you have a facebook page or a email list, but that is NOT enough. It’s time to start that youtube channel, a Pinterest post and maybe a blog that you’ve been thinking about, any place where you can share your unique story.

When you’re doing something you love, your story comes naturally.

Starting your business probably wasn’t your plan when you first joined the company you represent, but when you believe in something and you know it well, it’s easy to love doing it!  Look for new ways to stand out and share your story with the world. That’s exactly what everyone who has made it did, and they started just like you with something they felt passionate about and a story. You can too, if you don’t know where to start watch them, look at what they are doing and then build from their ideas and make something of your own.

One of favorite reps that ‘has made it’ is Diane Drayer ~ Scentsy Consultant in Branson, Missouri.

In 2010, Diane was honored to receive the Shining Star Award. This prestigious award is given to only one Scentsy Consultant a year and is based on the recommendations of their Scentsy peers.

Today, Diane is still loving and sharing Scentsy Wickless Candles. Check out Diane’s FindSalesRep.com NationWide Listing at https://www.findsalesrep.com/users/5764

Scentsy Consultant in Cincinnati Ohio

Please Welcome Angela Tippets ~ Scentsy Consultant in Cincinnati, Ohio

About Me

OMGosh! I love living life on my terms! I’ve been a Scentsy Rep for almost 10 years, and at the tippy top as a SuperStar Director since 2010 -it’s crazy where goals, hard work and an awesome team can take you! My husband (Scott) and I enjoy hanging out with our 3 almost grown children, we have a Harley Davidson motorcycle (we call it our “bonding” bike, our kids call it a mid-life crisis) and love to just go on rides together. My husband is super involved with the Boy Scouts of America and our son just finished his Eagle project. Our middle daughter, who had ovarian cancer at 15 is doing awesome and is now on a church mission for 18 months. Our oldest daughter just got married to an amazing young man and we couldn’t be more excited for them! We like to travel, try different restaurants -sometimes we’ll drive quite a distance for good food, hang out with friends, play cards, and a lot of times you’ll find me in our basement crafting away. I’m kind of an introvert, but as a business leader I’ve learned to be okay with getting out of my comfort zone. Our favorite thing is hanging out with our Scentsy friends while on earned, FREE incentive tripsI Most of our business is done online through social media and local events. Our team is called, “The Awesome Group” because they seriously are AWESOME! Even through our team is spread out globally, we mentor, teach, grow, learn, have fun, and enrich each other’s lives through live stream, team Facebook page, one-on-one conversations, and fun mail. Yep, you totally should join our team! ❤

My Favorite Products

Scentsy Warmers,
Scentsy Bars,
Cincinnati Reds Baseball Helmet Scentsy Warmer,
The Ohio State Football Helmet Scentsy Warmer,
Scentsy Essential Oils,
Scentsy Diffusers,
Scentsy Buddies,
Scentsy Laundry Products,
Scentsy Car Bars,
Scentsy Room Sprays,
Scentsy Start Up Kit

About My Company

Being a part of the Scentsy Family is so much more than warmers and wax! I joined as an Independent Scentsy Consultant in early 2007, then shortly after moved to Cincinnati Ohio area where we didn’t know a single person. It was hard because no one had heard of the Scentsy brand. Before I joined Scentsy, I started looking at other companies and what I wanted -or didn’t want. I knew I didn’t want to do facials or foot scrubs, clean or cook for anyone, or carry heavy products around. I definitely DID want to join a company that offered consumable products, who had great values and was forward thinking, who was also part of the DSA (there are strict rules and ethics for companies who belong to the DSA), and believed in giving back to the community. I wanted products that offered that “WOW” factor, products that were high-quality, and at least mostly manufactured/produced in the USA (our Scentsy Warmers are made in China and our Scentsy Bars and other additional products are manufactured in Meridian, Idaho), and that were family friendly so our kids could help out. I wanted the opportunity to grow with a great compensation plan, a company who values their employees AND their consultants. In the almost 10 years since my awesome Scentsy Start Up Kit showed up on my front porch, it has been the BEST journey. I won’t say it’s been easy, because it hasn’t always been easy. It’s been a lot of work, sacrifice, learning, growing, and becoming. Through my journey I’ve also learned a lot about myself, about friendships, team spirit, leadership, relationships, mentoring, teaching, goal-setting, supporting, encouraging, and business. We’ve met so many amazing people! When my daughter was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, our customers, our team, and our Scentsy family sustained our business while I focused on getting our daughter through those hard chemo treatments. To know that I’m a part of a tribe that cares, that values one another, that serves one another is a great feeling. The stability we have as a family, the opportunity I’ve been given to work from home on my terms, and flexibility of time has been a blessing. Scentsy is seriously THE BEST COMPANY to represent.

Featured Product Information

In December 2006 we had a close call when some tea lights caught our tabletop decoration on fire -about 6 inches from the wall in our house. Thank goodness we were home and our daughter saw that it was in flames. This was a decoration that was made for tea lights and that experience scared me to the point where I wouldn’t use candles any more. I was introduced to my first Scentsy warmer and the Scentsy system in early 2007 while working in a kindergarten classroom. The teacher had a Scentsy warmer in her class and I was a little concerned. She showed me how it worked, how it wouldn’t burn to the touch, and all the fun fragrances of the Scentsy bars. The concept was intriguing, and the business aspect excited me. I love that our Scentsy warmer and Scentsy bars are safe around children and pets, that our Scentsy essential oils are 100% natural, and that our Scentsy Diffusers are ultrasonic, nebulizing and use cool mist -all the best options.

Also, our Scentsy Laundry products are amazing! Seriously, I was a ___(insert brand)____ snob when it came to a certain brand of laundry products. The first time I tried our Scentsy laundry products though, there was no going back. While the process of doing laundry is still a mundane task, I do find myself actually enjoying it now.


Scentsy Consultant in Branson Missouri

Say Hello to Diane Drayer ~ Scentsy Consultant in Branson, Missouri, 65616

About Me

Maybe you are just like I used to be and searching for a way to live your dream.  Let me teach you to go from being a champion quitter to actually sticking it out and making a living for your family.

In 2010, I was honored to receive the Shining Star Award.  This prestigious award is given to only one Scentsy Consultant a year and is based on the recommendations of our Scentsy peers.

My husband and I have traveled to many wonderful places by earning Scentsy incentive trips. This is something you can do as well, with hard work and focus. If you would like to learn more about starting your own Scentsy business or about the products, please feel free to contact me.

About My Company

Scentsy Mission Statement: To bring value to the world by providing an industry leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that warm the heart, enliven the senses, and inspire the soul.

Featured Product Information

Our new Scentsy Go product line is a portable battery powered fragrance system. Take it with you anywhere! Rechargeable with fragrance lasting up to 40 hours. Charges easily with the included USB cord. Use it in your car, hotel room, office space, massage room and so much more!

My Favorite Products

Scent Bar
Scentsy Go
Scentsy Body

Solely Jane Interchangeable Shoes Fredericksburg Virginia

Please welcome Sandra Jacobs ~ Solely Jane Interchangeable Shoes Independent Consultant in Fredericksburg Virginia 22405

Hi, My name is Sandra Jacobs live in Virginia but originally from Portugal!  I have been in DS industry for over 16yrs and when Solely Jane Opportunity presented itself to me, I knew I had to be part of it.  I love to travel and love the concept of being able to carry very little in my suite case but still have so many looks/styles while on vacation! Solely Jane Shoes are perfect if you have to constantly travel for work and being able to go from Business to Casual without much to carry in your luggage is definitely a must  ! Love it that you can change your look of your shoes in seconds !! Solely Jane Designer is the same Designer from my previous DS company called Miche Bags ~ know as interchangeable bags !
About My Company and My Favorite Products
Solely Jane is a brand-new shoe company that makes interchangeable shoes! One shoe for every moment.! The interchangeable Solely Jane shoe has been in development for almost 2 years. Our founders spent 18 months designing the base alone…taking apart dozens of shoes to get the right feel, the proper support and a stylish look. The shoe base has a foam core and padded sole, comparable in comfort and quality to a Clarks shoe.
What is a Solely Jane SoleMate?
A SoleMate is the perfect match to your Comfort Sole! Think of your Comfort Sole as the bottom of your shoe, or its base, and the SoleMate is the top! 
My favorite product

I have too to list… I love the ability to purchase a Bundle (Comfort Sole + 2 solemates) for less than $100! Once you buy your Comfort Sole all you will need to order is solemates, that you can change with Season trends and styles. Love Savannah and Miami Solemates, Arch support is definitely a must.

Why I Added a SOLELY JANE FindSalesRep.com Listing
I have had huge success being part of Findsalesrep company, love being able to reach out to the entire nation and showcasing our wonderful products and being able to reach so many customers had it not been for Findsalesrep.  Being part of Findsalesrep is definitively the best investment you can make in your business.
Let me know if you would like to learn more about Solely Jane Interchangeable Shoes.

Herbalife Distributor in Surrey British Columbia

Say Hello to CAROL ANN SMITH ~ Herbalife Distributor in Surrey, British Columbia, V4C 3J6

About Our Company

Herbalife has been the leader in weight loss since 1980, and the very first Company of it’s kind to incorporate herbs into their products. The reason why Herbalife is still in business, after more than 30 years with explosive growth is because the guaranteed, cutting edge science based products have proven over and over again to be effective.


Melaleuca Independent Marketing Executive in Jeanerette Louisiana

Say Hello to Daniella Ledet ~ Melaleuca Independent Marketing Executive in Jeanerette, Louisiana, 70544

About Me

I love helping others. I started with this company and have fallen in love with the products. They are healthier, safer and eco friendly. I want to help educate those that are unaware of how unsafe our national brand cleaners can be as well how being healthy is a combination of the environmental factors and what you put on the inside of you.

About My Company

Melaleuca is the largest wellness company featuring over 400+ products. They have a variety of products from cleaning, to skincare, vitamins, essential oils and so much more. The products are all manufactured in the United States and are a safer option for you and your family. Not only can you enhance your life by becoming a preferred member, but you can also work from home by telling others about the company and helping them to open their own shopping accounts. They have a phenomenal compensation plan that can not only give you the opportunity to generate another stream of income, but you can very well become debt free.

My Favorite Products

I love the Renew Lotion, it is awesome for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and dry skin. It is the most hydrating lotion I’ve ever used. Tub & Tile is another product that makes me wonder how it took me so long to find. It’s natural and cleans unlike anything I’ve ever used before. The vitamins are a life saver, they have so many benefits like regulating your blood pressure and glucose levels to giving you energy and a great nights sleep. I have so many favorite products that my list can go on and on, however once you see an overview and become a member, you will see for yourself, these products literally sale themselves. And if you happen to not like one, they have a satisfaction guarantee that is beyond remarkable, you can use all of the product and still get a refund.

Healy World Consultant in Amana Iowa

Meet Shashikala Langham ~ Healy World Consultant in Amana, Iowa, 52203

I am ver happy to introduce you to Healy World. Healy™ is an affiliate of the internationally operating TimeWaver ®* group. Our common vision is that all people should have the opportunity to live a holistically healthy life.About

 My Company

The Healy World products are a complete system for your well-being. It is much more than the sum of its parts: The Healy provides your body with the right frequencies

Healy is a microcurrent medical device that has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for local relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion. Healy also has non-medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance your mind and body and relieve stress.

Featured Product Information

The Healy Digital Nutrition App
It supports healthy and balanced nutrition without excessive reliance on expensive food supplements. Continuously identifies the vital substances that best support your wellbeing.

Using the Digital Nutrition App (DNA for short) supports your ability to assist your body in the absorption of vital substances from your food.
Selects individual Healy DNA* frequency programs for you.
Creates lists of foods that naturally contain the substances you need.
Resonance frequencies are assigned to individual substances in the Healy frequency programs.These frequencies are meant to bioenergetically support you to better absorb these substances from your food.




What Will You Post On Your Soap Box?

How’s business? Sometimes, in the summer, sales for Direct Sales Reps start to slump and during a pandemic it can get even harder. So, today, your FindSalesRep Support Team was racking their brains, trying to figure out what people are spending their money on during this summer besides masks, toilet paper and outdoor things to keep their families entertained.

Browsing pinterest told us that people are spending a lot of time and money looking at kitchen, food and diet stuff  https://www.pinterest.com/topics/popular  Does your company have products that can help people take care of themselves, feed their families and maximise their health?  If so, it’s time to POST to Your FindSalesRep WALL!

Where’s Your WALL? YOUR FSR WALL is YOURS and you should Login to Your Listing at FindSalesRep.com and look for the “Post to Your Wall” link. Your post will be shown on our home page, plus we pin your posts to our Pinterest “FindSalesRep Wall Posts” board.

When you post to your wall, we’ll pin your post to our popular Pinterest board. Some posts have become wildly successful. For example, over the past few months this post about Men’s hair care has been seen 9,600 times, been viewed close up 436 times, saved 12 times and people have clicked on the link 26 times! Google and other search engines typically charge dollars per click for targeted clicks like this. Posting to your wall is more than worth your time!

pinterest example

Yup, go now. Post often using words and pictures that people will be looking for when they need what you’ve got and then… Get Found.
post on your soap box

Consider it your own personal soap box. A place where you can share EVERYTHING you love about your company and the products you can’t live without. Yup, it’s all about you and it can help you Get Found.

Listings with more wall posts get more visitors and thus have the potential to make you more sales. So, start now, adding Pictures, Descriptions and KEYWORDS to YOUR FSR WALL!  On Your Wall, let people know what you have in stock, about new products or about sales or special offers. Tell them what they need to know about you, your company and your products by using keywords that will lead them straight to you.  Then, show them before and after photos or pictures from a new catalogue. Pictures say a thousand words. Share them!

What do you want to share with the World?  Here are some ideas:

  • Post about your favorite products.
  • New product images with descriptions of the products benefits, or why you like the product.
  • Updates about your company’s business opportunity and compensation plan.
  • Inspirational quotes and images.
  • Product and Opportunity Videos (use the “Link” button to post YouTube video links).
  • Business Tips for Other Network Marketers
  • Links to any Articles you’ve written, or articles you like.
  • Pictures of you using your favorite products.

THEN… if you want to take it to the next level, here’s a great tip. Once you make a post, you can click to view just that post. Then… click the Pinterest share button – that way you get exposure on Pinterest and Pinterest also links back to your posting on your FindSalesRep Wall! So really, this is a Twofer Tip and can help you Get Found!

You can also share the same link on Facebook, twitter, etc. This is great because it gives you one place to link to from all of your social networks (so you can post once, and share everywhere). 

This is also a great time to Log in at http://www.findsalesrep.com/user/login and add your Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. links and any other info.  More is definitely better when it comes to information on your FindSalesRep.com profile 🙂

So… If you have  Featured Listing on FindSalesRep.com now is the time to login to your listing and start posting to “Your FindSalesRep Wall”.  

To post to your wall, just log in, view your listing, and click the link to add a new post. Please note that you need a Featured Citywide, Statewide, Regional or Nationwide Listing to post to your wall. Basic Listings are pretty Basic and don’t have walls.

If you need to add, renew or upgrade your listing you can save up to 50% by checking out the FindSalesRep sales page. These sales will be ending soon, so now is the time to Get You Found.

P.s. Don’t forget, you can earn 50% commissions as a FindSalesRep Independent Consultant. That’s up to $299 per sale. Learn more at http://consultant.findsalesrep.com

It’s like This Was Written For You

Grab a pen and a piece of paper for notes and go to The Life-Changing Magic Of Words: 5 Reasons You Need To Think Like A Copywriter

Yesterday, Jill Griffin, influencer and master leadership trainer, published an interview with Tamsin Henderson on Forbes. Tamsin Henderson is the creator of the #1 best-selling copy writing course on Udemy, the world’s largest online learning platform. 

She helps entrepreneurs give their ideas the best possible chance of success, wherever they are writing and sharing their ideas and products. 

“Tamsin’s simple, down-to-earth approach proves that anyone can overcome their fear of writing, and see results.” 

You will probably want to talk about what you learn. So, post in the comments. What tip will help you most with your business?