Marketing Success of Facebook

Everyone is on fb an if you are in business it’s a MUST!   It is a great tool for managing information for your team, clients and prospects BUT…

Facebook can also be a HUGE TIME DRAIN!

Spending 10 hours a day on fb marketing and getting no where can be frustrating and there are thousands reps doing just that!
Here is our advice:
Well, not really ours, we went right to the source and asked a super successful FB Queen for her Tips For Facebook.  Here is what Kim N. shared with us:

“Nope.  I don’t spend all day on fb. I have a fan page and I post pictures.  Just little stuff.  But that’s not what keeps my business going. I do home parties and all of my business Face to Face (well 99% of it ). My facebook page is more so my customers and team know where to find me and I can keep them updated so they remember I am in the business!
Also, I think customers lose contact information and  on fb  I can stay in their mind then they don’t have to search to hard for me.”

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