No Business or Marketing Experience Necessary

The Majority of Network Marketers Do NOT have a business or marketing background. In other words, they have a business, but they don’t really know how to run one. So, HOW Did YOU Learn ‘the business’?Did you read a book, did you have a mentor, are still just trying to figure it out?

We want to help a whole lot of people, save some time and cut the learning curve in half! So we asked so savy Networkers to help out their fellow Networkers and share some tricks that they have learned along.

 How Did You Learn ‘the business’?

  Natalie Karen Boecker I have a fabulous support team that is committed to my success. They have trained me right from the start. How to approach, how to deal with objections, did my presentations for me until I “got it”, taught me about placement, shared compelling information with me regarding our business model………….they are there for me any time I need help or have questions.

  Amanda Moser Arkans I take advantage of any free training opportunity available, whether it is through my company or through an online source. Just by heading onto the internet search engines and doing a search for free direct sales training’s, there is a wealth of information available.

  Kim Sweetser Listening to weekly training calls and webinars put on by all of our great team leaders. Taking advantage of all the FREE conference calls and training series that are available online by some of the greatest speakers in the direct sales industry. There is such a wealth of info online that is all FREE for those who are serious about plugging in and learning to be successful!

These are all great tips and if you are just starting out try them.  FREE Training is ALL around you!  Take advantage and we like to add a supper HAVE IT ALL book.  on Amazon it’s just $10.00


Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson

It’s last book you’ll need!

1 thought on “No Business or Marketing Experience Necessary

  1. Hi all 🙂
    I got amazed with the tools from a site that let all members use the tools for whatever business…. one of the tools are a live actor promoting 😀 that waas so cool…..
    hope you found that useful and good luck with your businesses

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