Getting Started Will Be The Hardest Part Of Your Business

It is often said that, “Getting Started IS The Hardest Part!” So, how did you get started in your business?

Knowing the answer to this question can help you understand better how to help others to join you.

We ask a few Happy Direct Sales Reps to tell us How They Got Started.  We are hoping that their  stories could help another networker grow and inspire them to grow their business too.  Maybe yours and if you have an inspiring story about Starting Out please share it in the comment section.

   Michele Doan Braley Just ask!!! EVERYONE!! And be excited about your business!!! I LOVE mine!!! Tastefully Simple rocks!!! Perfect fit for me!!!

  Sherri L Freedom I sold Avon in the 90’s I was very familiar with the product. I relocated to a different state, and at the time, it wasn’t going well. Now in 2011 I became a customer again, realized how much I missed it, signed in August of 2011 and became a Unit Leader in Sept 2011! Still going strong and loving it! I started out in Network Marketing completely by accident. I told the gal that signed me up “I am never going to do the business so please don’t talk to me about it.” But the products really made an obvious difference in my life and everyone I knew wanted what I had. My first goal was just to get my product paid for my second goal was to help the people that I signed up to get their product paid for. Helping them was fun and it was strong motivation to be supportive and successful. I had to get over self doubt  and learn the basics, but once I decided to make it work I was willing to do what ever it took and I put in the time and got over my fears.

1 thought on “Getting Started Will Be The Hardest Part Of Your Business

  1. I love to share my story with everyone and enjoy enriching, inspiring and most of all being able to Enliven others with my amazing products and and busine opportunity!

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