Most Network Marketers Are Part Time

Very few Direct Sales Reps are Full Time.  Most love it but work another Job with the majority of their time.

There are an estimated 15.8 million people are involved in direct selling in the United States and more than 74 million worldwide. Most are women, though nearly a third are men or two-person teams such as couples. The vast majority are independent business people – they are micro-entrepreneurs whose purpose is to sell the product and/or services of the company they voluntarily choose to represent because they love the products. Approximately 90 percent of all direct sellers operate their businesses part-time.

So, what attracts them to direct sales and network marketing?

We asked one of that we think is Top Notch!

Here is what  Giorgianna Michelle Goudas  Giorgianna Michelle Goudas shared with us:

I want to be my own boss. I do not want to have to answer to anyone…create my own hours… work from home if I want… There are so many benefits to doing direct sales!!

Not only do you get to sell and represent what you enjoy, i.e. the products.. But, you can do so while making a great income, create your own schedule, and basically work whenever YOU want. YOU decide how many hours you want to put into your job. YOU decide how much money you want to make. YOU decide most everything!!”

Thanks for the inspiration Giorgianna!  We total agree!  It’s ALL about what works for you.  There is no one right way to do this business!  It’ all about how you can fit it in to your life and make it work!


2 thoughts on “Most Network Marketers Are Part Time

  1. Liz Fogg wrote: I’m full time work from home, but part time direct sales 🙂

    Ashley Lieske wrote: Part-time

    Kim Newsom wrote: I have a full-time job but I’m working my d.s. part-time to make it my full-time job 🙂

    Pat Pirrello Pennino wrote: My husband and I are full time for an awesome MLM company!! Not another company out there with the integrity, reputation, marketing plan, and cutting edge science based products that are life changing.

    Tonya Tucker wrote: Dale We are also Pat!!!

    Tracy Ford Stire wrote: I am working my business part time right now but working it towards BIG TIME!! There is no other product line on the market hat can compare in price and efficiency and the committment that the company has to preserving our earth for ourselves and future generations is second to none!!

    Tiffany Hathorn wrote: WAHM/Single mommy over here and LOVE it!!!!

    Natalie Karen Boecker wrote: Part time for now. Great residual income coming in, which provides a good financial cushion for me.

  2. Kerry Neal Grey wrote: I work my d.s part time and back in college after 20+ yrs!!!

    Jodith Lewis wrote:
    Join Close To My Heart and enjoy scrapbooking and card making with those who love to scrap and card make. Sign up in March and get a free Cricut Cartridge.

    Steve Weihbrecht wrote:
    Always steered clear of direct sales, network marketing. Not sure what changed but I am giving it a shot part time with an awesome company called ACN. Meeting some great people and having some success. Everyone works differently. Some take off running and kill it quickly so to speak, some (like me) are the tortoise and simply believe in a proven system and know it will work if I simply stay committed. Lots a great positive people in direct sales no matter what company your with. Best of luck to all of us!

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