Share the Basics of Your Comp Plan High Light Comp Plan Strategies that Get Reps Paid Fast

  • Is Your Company Paying Big Bonuses on The Front End?

    We want to here a little about Your Comp Plan. Not ALL the details, but we want to help ALL Business Minded Reps that ARE READY TO REALLY GO FOR IT have an idea of what’s out there.

    A little back ground first:

    Fact 1- New Companies that pay out TOO much for TOO little work on the front end DON’T Make it.

    Fact 2- Most Reps have only one goal- To make enough money to pay for the products they use.

    Fact 3-This is a competitive point in todays MLM, Network Marketing, and Party Plan arena. If we can get a new MLM distributor to $250 a month they will not leave a company easily.

    Fact 4- Distributors who get to $500 a month with a strong mix of customers will stay working for your company part time for years.

    Fact 5- Distributors that earn more than $1000 per month will consider going full time.

    Fact 6- Most Full Time Distributors earn $1000 per week or more.

    Here’s what a few seasoned MLM’ers had to share:
      Kim Newsom I sell Silpada sterling silver and Scentsy. Silpada’s comp plan is 30% commission on all sales from day 1. Once you start building your team you receive commission from your downline which can double your income easily.
     Michelle Madison ~ Nerium Brand Partner Our compensation plan is based upon an easily duplicated business model leveraging relationship marketing.
    1. Join Nerium International as a Brand Partner
    2. Enroll in the Auto-Delivery Order (ADO) Program
    3. Sponsor and maintain 3 Preferred Customers and your next month’s product is FREE
    4. Fast Start Qualify in your first 30 days
    5. Sponsor other Brand Partners and coach them to complete steps 2-5
     Kim Newsom Scentsy’s commission plan is 20% until you have sold $1000 in product and then you are at 25% forever. Again, once you build your downline you can receive much more income. I typically average about $300 at a Silpada party and about $150 at a Scentsy party
      Keshia Laird I sell Avon. Avon you 40% off Avon core products and 20% off everything that isn’t Avon. Then after selling for 4 campaigns it goes by how much you sell the more you the more you make. But the best way to make is by building a downline which that can increase your easnings big time and you earn in 2 different way 1. of your own sales and you off your downline once you have 5 people in your downline and you can make a commision then . But there are many ways to earn from selling Avon.
      Doris Ann Livanos As a Touchstone Crystal Jewelry consultant, we partner with Swarovski as their home party plan and consultants start at 25% and every month could jump to 30% with 1800 in sales. Start earning additional bonuses from your first personal recruit as well as central group bonuses, sales incentives, etc. I’d be happy to chat with any interested individuals.– Thanks FSR!
      Nigel Burn I sell Visalus. this is the best comp plan I have seen ,that is why we joined,and the product does work.there is enrollers pool, personal commissions, and then group volume., and the cost to join is low.
      Mandi Heinsch Paparazzi Accessories, you make 50% profit from what you sell. You make 5% on the ladies you have enrolled under you, until you have 3 active consultants, then you rank up to Director and make 10% off of your front line and 5% off your 2nd line! The next advancements are all based on your team’s group volume, and everytime you rank up you go another level down on earning commission!! 🙂 AMAZING!!
      Alicia Petersma Mathney I am a Professional Mary Kay Consultant. We receive 50% commission from day 1 on everything we sale! Then as you build your team, you receive commission checks from the company depending on how many consultants you have. The great thing about Mary Kay is that we have been around for almost 49 years!!! And our business plan is taught in universities like Harvard, etc.
     Nan Kietzke My Amway business. Can’t show the reason and the why and wherefore of the comp plan without a bit of explanation. – – This would include tbe receiving of many dollars worth of back up along with actual earnings. Wide range of products and services.  Immediate earnings between wholesale and retail. Business volume bonuses based on combined owner’s and partner’s volume from 3 -25% Products that everyone uses and needs.  Excellent training available with first class materials
      Tracy Koss Let’s keep this simple. Tastefully Simple = 30% instant commission from Day 1 on all orders (party, website, etc…) fundraising is available for you immediately
     Tracy Ford Stire I educate people on how they can remove harmful chemicals from their world and improve their quality of life with Norwex personal care and cleaning products. Norwex pays a 35% commission on every sale…even your own!! You can receive that commission immediately when customers pay you with cash or cheque. When they pay by credit card – twice a month a commission cheque is deposited into your bank account. Working together with the person that brought you into Norwex and the group that they belong to, Norwex has an excellent New Consultant incentive called “Fresh Start” that maximizes your earning and contact potential with a mapped out plan of attack. Norwex is highly motivated to show consumers a different concept over traditional methods and they reward YOU handsomely for doing so! A New Consultant can easily earn 6 or 7 different incentives in her (or his!) first 3 months. Ongoing one on one, group and online training keeps a consultant motivated and focused on building their business. Also included in the incentives are yearly trips and admission to the Norwex Canadian or USA Conference.  As you recruit others to join you in sharing the Norwex global mission and committment to our environment, you also are rewarded with other levels of commission. This is a company with strong ethical values and these are products that you can feel good about promoting and BELIEVE in!! Norwex is a upward trending, niche product line that is just starting to go BOOM!!!
      Alicia Pouliot-Cote I am with Visalus! I have done a few other businesses and this is the BEST comp plan I have seen!!! I get FREE products, a car bonus on my 2nd promotion and I am eligible for a bonus pool made up of 2% of the companies volume for the previous 4 weeks just for hitting Rising Star! This can equal out to some SERIOUS $$$ but more importantly I get all of this for helping people take control of their health!!!!!
      Cheryl-Louie Kotori It Works Compensation Plan – SIMPLIFIED!  Bonuses EVERYONE gets (no matter what your level):  1. Fast start bonus: Every time you sign up a new distributor and help them get 2 loyal customers within their first 30 days, you get $100 cash! This is paid out on a weekly basis on Fridays (you don’t have to wait until your monthly check to get it).  2. “Car” Bonus: No, you don’t get a “car” but you sure could finance one with $600 a month once you get 60 loyal customers. The company will allow you as long as it takes to make this happen! To maintain this each month, you must also have $3,000 in BV each month.  3. Wrap Rewards: Every time you get 2 loyal customers, you can get a box of wraps (4 in a box) for just $25. Your wraps then just cost you about $6.25 each and make about $100 when you sell them for $25 a piece. To buy them at our regular distributor cost they are $14.75 each and you make only $41 when you sell them for $25 a piece. This is a great way to earn more quickly. Compensation Plan (The complex version): Our compensation plan is unilateral and has 6+ levels of pay you can make depending on your status in the company. You make 10%, 10%, 5%, 5%, 5%, and 2% to infinity on loyal customers and distributors. Different levels get paid as follows:Distributor= 10% (on first level), 10% (on second level) Executive= Same as above plus 5% (on third level)Ruby= Same as above plus 5% (on fourth level)Emerald= Same as above plus 5% (on fifth level)Diamond & Above= Same as above plus 2% (on sixth level and beyond) Plus $10,000 GOOD Bonus to whoever gets to Diamond by August! 🙂
      Natalie Karen Boecker My company pays me residually, and our reorder rate is 95%! There are many others perks and bonuses along the way, but my favorite part of our comp plan is the residual income – knowing the check is coming each & every month, even if I do no work that month!
      Dawn Loth I am with JuJuBelle – a new(er) jewelry company that is starting to explode! Our commission is 45% from day one, with a low yearly purchase requirement to stay active. Consultants only need to purchase a minimum of $250/month to receive downline commission – with downline % starting at 3% and increasing up to 8% for first level downline as downline grows.
      Kina Oneal Most unique and lucrative comp plan I’ve every heard of! As a Plexus Ambassador, we get paid 10 different ways! Couples can also join individually for 2 incomes and in some cases more (I also have my 9 year old enrolled, so we actuallly get 3 monthly checks and up to 12+ weekly checks. 1.*Retail Sales (Only $100 Personal volume per mo. Customer sales goes toward that $100! 2.*Retail Commissions:** *$100 – $499 = 15% **$500 & Up = 25% 3. *Retail Over-ride Commissions: First Level = 5% 4. *Business Builder*s Bonus:*50% – first up-line position, *25% – second up-line position, *15% – third up-line position, *10% – fourth up-line position, 5. *Profit Sharing (7 Levels) (Have trippled since I started 2/15/11; 5 Points for Levels 1-3, 4 Points for Level 4, 3 Points for Level 5, 2 Points for Level 6, 1 Point for Level 7 Bonuses: *1.*Preferred Customer * Earn extra $$$ (i.e. $18 per combo), 2.*Achievement, Silver – $100, *Gold – $250 …… *Sr. Gold – $350, *Ruby – $500……. *Sr. Ruby- $750  *3.*Fast Start (*=x2 within 1st 30 days) , *4.*Emerald Pool (3%) We have a few thus far Not Many Yet  *5.*Diamond Pool (Emerald Pool + 2%) NONE YET  Re-Entry Position (You get to re-enroll yourself under yourself and rebuild all over again.
      MarilynInfo StopShop For Sisel we get 60%-67% and only $19.95 to get started! For Pure Romance we get I think 40%-45%! For 31 Gifts and Scentsy I just started those 2 so not sure. We also get many other incentives as well. I am so excited to be apart of these companies, especially Sisel.
      Amy Kypers Nerium International pays 10 levels deep and has a 3UR Free program to restock your inventory. Ground Floor Opportunity. iPad Bonus, Lexus Bonus and so much more…
    So, what are the Basics of Your Comp Plan?  Does Your Company offer great ways to get new reps paid and keep them IN?  Let us know in the comments.  Keep in mind that your next business builder may be reading your tip NOW!  Make it GOOD!

2 thoughts on “Share the Basics of Your Comp Plan High Light Comp Plan Strategies that Get Reps Paid Fast

  1. Monavie Values People and that starts with its distributors. Monavie rewards us with not 1 or 2 but EIGHT different ways to make money…here are a few: fast start bonuses, team, rank advancement (how would you like $1000 bonus for advancing in rank?), preferred customer, executive check match, leadership, and a FREE black Mercedes when you go Black Diamond! One BIG difference from other MLMs is that not only do I earn from my downline efforts, they earn from my efforts and those above me! Oh yes, we LOVE Fridays, because every Friday we get a “you’ve got money” email and money on our debit card to spend, spend, spend!

  2. Monavie rewards us with not 1 or 2 but EIGHT different ways to make money…here are a few: fast start bonuses, team, rank advancement (how would you like $1000 bonus for advancing in rank?), preferred customer, executive check match, leadership. One BIG difference from other MLMs is that not only do I earn from my downline efforts, they earn from my efforts and those above me! Oh yes, we LOVE Fridays, because every Friday we get a “you’ve got money” email and money on our debit card to spend, spend, spend!

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