First Sale First Kiss

Your First Sale was probably almost as exciting as your First Kiss.

Tell us ALL the silly details in the comments! We love stories…

One story we will share: One of my very first sales was of course to one of close friends.  It was a complete fumble.   I had taken a lot of time and put together a business plan for a potential business partner.  I was worried that it was too confusing or overwhelming  and I wanted this friend to edit it before I brought it to my prospect.  So, at our son’s football practice, I casually  asked her to take a look.

The business plan included, a brief description of the products, an over view of the comp plan and ideas for building business with home parties and vendor events.  It was 18 pages long.  lol

She opened the file folder, read for about 30 seconds and asked, “Are you using this stuff?”  “Yes”, I said.  “Does it work?”  “Yes”, I said.  She asked, “Do you have any here.  Is there any in your car?”  “Yes”, I said and she bought it right out of the back of my car and then showed it to all the other Mommies sitting on the side of the field.  She had 3 orders before she was even signed up and I thought I had a business plan.

I learned that:

You really can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.

Keeping it simple is always best.

Don’t over think it.

All people really want to know is Does it work and How much does it cost.

Learning these lessons early on saved me a lot of time and anxiety.  It took the pressure off and made Network Marketing EASY!

What’s your Story?

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