That’s the #1 Reason Why most people will say they won’t join your business.
Here’s what they are really THINKING:
1) They really like helping people and really hate the thought of being salesy or pushy!
2) They have great passion for the products or service, but they wonder why others don’t understand how great they are FASTER/EASIER.
3) Rejection! No customers means no money- honey! (This is what really scares them)!Maybe you’re SCARED too and Here’s Why:
You THINK You Don’t Know What You’re Doing! But, YOU DO! Selling is like all things in life – when you first start doing something it feels uncomfortable and awkward. So you stop. Which makes it even harder the next time. Don’t Stop! Focus on your strengths. Remember you like helping people, and you have a product or service that people are looking for!So… LET’S Share Some SELLING Strategies that work! Do you have an interesting way of SELLING? Does it just come easy to you?Give US ALL a reason to Buy Form YOU!
  Ann Burns Wrote: What sells me… is “not selling” but rather “educating and offering advice.”
 Nan Kietzke wrote:  I don’t sell. I help people by giving them the information that is needed to make THEIR decision. Most come to me, because they already know what they want or need help with. But, if they do not, I might run into someone that has stated a problem such as using X brand of soap. I can say, “Have you ever tried SA8?” If they ask for more info, then I can share it and tell how I have used it or what is better about it. Then, I can also ask, “Would you like to try it?” If they are not open to further conversation, then they are not open to being your customer.
  Jodi Truscott I think that adding humor in promoting your products makes it a lot more fun – I like to tell stories, laugh and encourage people to interact a lot at my shows 🙂
  MarilynInfo StopShop  wrote: Interaction is key during parties, get guests involved with your presentation. I show others how the products work, improves lives, show them how life just flows more smoothly with certain products. I am all about giving plenty of info so if they say no, it is because they mean no and not that they dont KNOW. if they have all the known, just be polite and say thats ok, maybe someone else they may know will benefit and to pass along the info. Having the right KNOW info is the answer.
  Paula Amnott, Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant wrote: I can’t really say I have a style as I am trying to start my Tastefully Simple business. If, however, asking for the sale is key, then I am not above asking any of you who are interested in helping me launch my new business by visiting www.tastefullysimple.com/web/pamnott. Also, if you use “April Mystery” as the host when you order, you might be the lucky winner of my mystery party host rewards! Thanks so much!
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