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YOUR Favorite Things – YOUR Products

Looking for a place to Share Your Favorite Products?
We want to help! We want to talk about YOUR Favorite Things too- YOUR Products!
What’s your favorite? Can you share a picture? Got a link?

Think talking about your products on fb won’t help build your business? WRONG!!! Especially in a community where everyone is already in DS. They ALREADY Get It! If you have a compelling “THING” you might just attract your next Best Business Builder!!!!

So, What’s your “Thing”?

  Christina Fifer Hedke Thirty-One’s Large Utility Tote – FAVORITE product – I carry all my party supplies in 1 trip 🙂 Great also at the beach, pool, ball fields, grocery store – so many uses!!! And best of all they are on sale next month and a new top for them is coming out too!! Check out my site or send me an email and I will get you the details 🙂 OR
  Stephanie Martin I love my Shea butter moisturizer that I use at curl cream. Have a bottle at my house, boyfriends place and at work. Just Incase. I also have my re9 set at these 3 locations. Check out my and message me to find out how to get amazing discounts up to 80% off and free gifts!!!
  Mandy Alson Miller Arbonne’s Re9 Night Repair Creme….did not wash my face before bed until I started using this miracle product. Now I can’t go to bed without it!
  Kristy Clark Doskocil My ViSalus shakes are my favorite as well as our energy drinks that we have. I feel full and have energy all day long. It doesn’t drop off like the other energy drinks I’ve tried and I stay full up to 5 hours after having my shake. I also have over a 100 different recipes so I don’t get burnt out on the samething daily. I love that I’ve lost the pouch after having my 3 kids and I haven’t worked out but now that I’m more self confident I’m ready to hit the gym. I love sharing how I feel about my 90 Day Challenge with Body by Vi. I even made pancakes this morning with our shake mix and my kids love the shakes as an after school snack. True blessing for my family. We’re getting healthy together.
  Debbie Baxter-Penley Creating and personalizing a greeting card online, hitting send and having all the rest done for you (printed, stuffed, stamped and mailed – all within 24 hours) and for under a dollar!
  Kelly Donnellon McCain Pink Zebra SPRINKLES ~ come in 38 scents plus create your own recipe but since summer is coming -Turqoise Waters + Relax which is a recipe I call summer vacation!!! Check out the next BIG Direct Sales company, and be the first in your area, to be a PINK ZEBRA consultant. This is a brand new home fragrance company that started in September 2011, and you can be at the top fast with this company. If you join in May the company will give you a $40 gift certificate! AMAZING opportunity! You can do in-home parties, fundraisers, catalog parties, festivals, etc. So many things, and VERY easy to do! Message me for more info!
  Autumn Barnes In the Scentsy line up I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Scent Pak’s and all the cool things you can do with them. To include putting them in gym bags, clothing drawers, you car, and my hubbies fave ON the A/C-Heater units in hotel rooms to make the room smell better.  In the Velata Line up I am in Love with the Caramel Milk Chocolate… It’s addictive. And BEYOND good on &
  Carrie Smith I recently made Tastefully Simple Absolutely Almond Pound Cake into mini muffins (no paper cups needed) and then infused them with Tripleberry Spread (blackberry, Black Raspberry and Boysenberry) I cannot tell you how easy it is to make a great dessert with just eggs and butter!!!
  Wendy Leal Did you know that the average family of four discards 24 pounds of fresh produce every month? Produce is a big part of everyone’s food bill. Get the most out of your grocery budget with Tupperware’s FridgeSmart® Containers. They’re designed to extend the life of your fruits and vegetables. The set of 7 containers is 50% off until May 25th! Don’t miss out! Contact me with your order for FREE Shipping!

  Lisa Lang The” Sugar Fix”-Best sugar scrub on the market! Doesn’t leave you sticky or greasy…just soft & smooth! check it out:
  Brenda E Taylor NYMPHO NIAGRA Description: Stimulate blood flow to your erogenous zones with this orgasm cream that is sure to lead to increased sensitivity and sensation. The unflavored and fragrance-free cream will definitely help put you in the mood. Apply directly to the vaginal opening for ultimate
Zonya Jones I love my home to smell great…I am addicted to my Scentsy….scentsational wickless candles!
  Lisa Ouellette I love my morning smoothie every morning. Milk, banana and NatraBurst. A powerhouse of Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Enzymes, Antioxidants and more. Plus I get paid to be a customer!! Check out my and Watch the videos. If you like what you see get on the waiting list.

So, What’s your “Thing”?

MUST hear for ALL Network Marketers

If your businesses had a theme song what would it be? Leave us a YouTube link so we can check it out!
  Findsalesrep Get Found added some oldies but goodies  Upside Down jack Johnson
Network Marketing Distributor Shared some grooves that can get you going and make you strong enough to face anything?  Sister Sledge singing We Are Family
Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation”  Jessica has a day where she’s feeling … really good about her life.

Let’s make this list a MUST hear for ALL Network Marketers!

Leave your Link in the comments:

Are You Ready To Take the Next Step

Have You ever done something for your business that YOU really weren’t ready for? Have YOU ever taken a leap?
We want to hear YOUR story!
And.. if you haven’t remember:

“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live the world they’re been given than to explore the power they have to change it…Impossible is not a fact…It’s an opinion…Impossible is not declaration…It’s a dare…Impossible is potential…Impossible is temporary…Impossible is nothing…” -John Maxwell

  Kristy Clark Doskocil Yes, just today I let others know that I took and posted my before and after pics for friends to view them with me taking the 90 Day Challenge. I am still nervous about what they will say about me doing this, but I love my results and for me to do this for myself and my business means I have great faith in this product.
  She-She Killough Yes I love posting before and after pics of my teams and their great success. It starts with YOU as the leader. And in my company I lost 15 lbs in 9 days and then 45 lbs in 6 weeks! The amazing thing was that health issues I dealt with for 30 years were in a very short time non issues. But my team followed my example and they get the best results on the planet in 9 to 30 days. I LOVE What I DO!! 🙂
What’s your story?

Best Speaker I Ever Heard

We are making a LIST!

Who’s your Favorite Speaker?

Who gets in your head and gets you going? 🙂

  Wendy Kelley ‎ Has a Favorite: Bob Goshen
  Vernon Corum  Likes:  Art Williams
  Carla Kestler Get’s going with:  ‎Connie Podesta Presents
  Eric Lori Hoskins ‎Is inspired by: Gloria Mayfield Banks
 Findsalesrep Get Found Is with  Vernon Corum :Art Williams “Just Do It!” Gives them reason to get up in the morning! And they  add Tony Robbins and Dani Johnson!
  Vernon Corum said that: Tony Robbins is a favorite also and has found a new favorite- Brendon Burchard “He has some good stuff for free.”  🙂
 Kim Caron ‎Likes: Jon Gordon

And you?  Who get’s your MOJO running?

What’s Your THING What Do You LOVE

We want to talk about YOUR Favorite Things –
YOUR Products! What’s your favorite? Got a link?

Think talking about your products on won’t help build your business? WRONG!!! Especially in a community where everyone is already in DS. They ALREADY Get It! If you have a compelling “THING” you might just attract your next Best Business Builder!!!!

So, What’s your “Thing”? Tell us about your THING in the comments:

  Michelle Kunkel-Patton Tastefully Simples Garlic Garlic Dip paired with out Beer Bread
  Kelly Meyer The ultimate body applicator! Http://
 Kerry Ann Berube My product detoxifies and releases fat from the fat cells. Inches will be lost as a result! Skin is tightened toned and firmed. NOT a water weight wrap. We encourage lots of water drinking to FLUSH OUT FAT and TOXINS. We are the # 2 company in MLM, direct sales right now.. Our wraps are on a back order we sell so many!! We sold more product in APRIL then ALL of 2011. If you want a part of this amazing team inbox me or click opportunity on my website! NO one has a product like ours! And it’s affordable for you the distributor!!! AND for our customers! (the company pays well too! Great $$$$$) 😉
  Li-Anne Thatsme All Natural Teriyaki Buffalo Jerky! And all things jerky from Jerky Direct! 😉
  Kerry Ann Berube ‎* “the ultimate body applicator!”
 Melissa LaRoche Patterson I love the Cindy tote and the Large utility tote from 31.
  Ruth Solberg A unique way to market any business, any product. Talk Fusion! Http://  Becky Moore-Hamilton Visalus bodybyvi, Vi-shakes are delicious and the results I’ve seen are amazing! I love how you can get your products for free! Promoting to improve others health is a great feeling and opportunity!  Jacquelyn Wickerham Wagner Advance Techiques Damage Repair Shampoo & Conditioner My hair was so dry before using this now it’s Soft and Bouncy. I highly recommend trying this Shampoo & Conditioner if you have Dry Damage hair.
Kristy Clark Doskocil I love my bodybyvi shakes, I’ve tried other things that did not work for me. My husband was a skeptic about the shakes, but now we are both using them and our parents and siblings are joining us as well as friends. When you love something so much it shows and that’s what we’ve found. Our kids love the shakes to and our oldest will just go make a shake when they want something. It is truly amazing. Helping others see the results they want and feeling so much more energy and having self confidence again makes my heart flutter. We all say we want to help others, but until we do we just do not realize how amazing it feels. Just to see another person smile and say thank you because you’ve helped them has no words. Bonuses: We get our products free, earn residual income, even earn a paid for by ViSalus BMW, but the best thing is truly helping others! and
Josh Farris Zeal for Life – Wellness and Weight Management kits are all natural. #1. The Zeal Wellness is helping diabetics lower blood sugar, reduce inflammation from arthritis, lowering blood sugar and more. It’s even cured my herniated disc from working in emergency medical services. I have samples of you’d like to try it.#2. Zeal Weight Management System – comes with protein shakes, probiotic pills, metabolism booster, a can of Zeal Wellness, and a blender bottle. Personally, I’ve lost 16 lbs in a month and my wife lost 12. I’ve got numerous other friends and family shedding pounds too. Easiest system I’ve ever used.  Check out  Oops – first paragraph correction: I said blood sugar twice. The second was supposed to be blood pressure.

So…  What’s your THING?  Will we love it?  Do we need it?  Can we live without it?

What the COOL KIDS are Up to this Weekend

Time to shine! What are you up to this weekend? Will you work your business?
 Valene Lynn Lawrence wrote: I’m heading to OBX for vacation but you bet I will still be getting the word out about my company… I need to get that $10,000 bonus, plus its not work if you love it!
  Suzi Chaplin wrote:  YES! Always 🙂 Chocolate tasting party friday night, saturday sampling chocolates with a fantastic group at the Sagamore in Lake George NY, then Sunday making chocolate recipes with my kids
  Tonia Taylor wrote:  Yes..WooHoo!!!..everyday….we will be hosting a showcase on tomorrow 5/11/12…90 days
  Summer Bailey wrote:  Putting together samples, making flyers, etc for event/fundraiser at my sisters school… takes some time, but I’m a perfectionist lol… then on Sunday going to see my grandma and family 🙂
 Kristy Clark Doskocil wrote:  Headed to the campground and yes I’ll be working my business but that is not my main priority. It’s to be with my family. But it never hurts to have samples on hand and be ready to discuss the business. 🙂
  Eric Lori Hoskins wrote: have samples going out to 150 people at an event!
  Cindy Holden-Amor wrote: We are also heading to the camp ground! Will try to work it!
 Liza M. Meier Hunt wrote: Wrapping and blitzing all weekend! I have 6 people scheduled and a few to mail out! This business is exploding! Just signed on two more distributors last night and one just signed up a DT in NJ today!
  Mandy Vigil wrote: Scentsy Mother’s Day Open House AND Velata Launch! Busy, Busy!
 Sherry Orrell wrote: Fun lia show tomorrow nite! Then alittle fun with some gal pals this weekend!! Also, Mom’s Day celebration!!
Findsalesrep Get Found wrote:  Love it! So glad to be around so many MOTIVATED – Happy reps! You guys and gals Radiate Right Through Te Screen! 🙂
  Bridget Hughes wrote: So cool..did a gig at the Mall tonight…and, came home to find out that Diva Girl has added DENIM! Working it!
 Cheryl Lamb wrote: Putting together sample paks with mini catalogs, biz cards and skincare samples. Then I tie a beautiful pink ribbon on the top of the cello bag. People love to receive a gift a soccer games. Great way to open communication!

 Brigette Holland wrote: Getting ready for a healthfair! Oh and PS got invited to the health fair becuase the director of the event found me on google!! Thanks Findsalesrep Get Found!!!!

That’s AWESOME Brigette!  We are glad to help you get found and grow your business on  Have a great weekend everybody!

Where Do You Find Inspiration When You Struggle In Business

We’re making a list: What gets you going when you feel like giving up?
These should get you started:
Deanna Sweidel wrote: I never feel like giving up! Sometimes I feel like I need adjustments, and I revamp and hit the ground running!
Summer Bailey  write: My upline gives me motivational speeches all the time so I never feel like giving up… before though… I would listen to some music, read about my biz and learn new ideas from others successes!
Cheryl Lamb wrote:Never give up! Life is about choices and we all need to read Beach Money when you are not feeling inspired! He always kept believing in himself!

List of Pick Up Lines for YOUR Direct Sales Business

What’s Your Favorite Pick Up Line?

For your business… SILLY! How do start conversations with strangers, get the ball rolling, break the ice???

  Valene Lynn Lawrence wrote:  Have you heard of It Works? I’d love to show you how It Works! (Then start talking about our products)
  Virginia Davis wrote:  I hand them a card with sample asking would you like a Scentsy sample?
  Andrina Estick-Rose wrote: ‎’what do you do for a living?’  You can also ask ‘what do you do for fun?’…;)
  Sherri L Freedom wrote: Can I give you a Avon brochure? It’s free.
  Coretta Campbell wrote: Your jewelry is fabulous, I also have fabulous jewelry mind if I offer you my card?
  Ann Fox Sharp wrote: Hi ! Do you every have trouble choosing the right gift?
 Danielle Lovett- Shrader wrote:  I get compliments on my jewelry, so I ask them if they want it for free. I give a piece to each hostess as a thank u before the party even starts!!!

What’s Your best LINE?

If You’re In Business FOR REAL

If you were starting a Hardware Business would you think you were successful if You sold your MOM a few nails, your siblings a hammer each and your BFF a screw driver?

No Way! You’d advertise, Promote and Give new customers a few good reasons to come through your door. Maybe coupons, maybe you’d be the expert at something, maybe you would have something that no other hardware store had or maybe you would just do it all for less.

BUT… You Would NOT Rely on your family and friend to build your business! So, IF you’re in business – For Real, HOW DO YOU DO IT? How do you reach out to NEW Customers, attract NEW Business Builders? How Do You Treat Your Business Like a Business?

  Coretta Campbell wrote:  I find it important to first let people know how your product/service would be a benefit to them, how can you help them it is not all about the sale it is about building a solid customer relationship that will keep them coming back to you and service with a smile 🙂
  Jessica Gustafson wrote:  Since I sell Pink Tools, and have spread my products to my family and friends… I can concur that does not create a business.

Are you in BUSINESS – For Real?

Are You Using Your Business Passion to Support a Cause Close to Your Heart


Are you using Your Passion for Your Products to help You Raise $ for a Cause that is Close to Your Heart?

We want to help! Let’s support each other! Post your events in the comments. Let us know how we can help you Support a Cause!

  Melissa Wilder  wrote:  I am trying to raise money for breast cancer awareness.. I have an open online party for it and I will give ten percent of all money to the cause and Jamberry gives two dollars for each breast cancer awareness shields bought.. please!!!
  Chandra L Vail  wrote:  I am raising money for a friends cancer treatments. I have an online Silpada party, .925 sterling silver jewelry, party open through May 6 at 7pm pst. Visit my site at proceeds to be donated to his fund. Thank you!
  Jessica Brown Olsen wrote:  I am raising money to help fight sex trafficking, and Jewels 4 God jewelry also uses 100% of it’s net profit to provide job training skills to victims of various forms of abuse, including sex Sterling silver and semi precious stones.
 Krystal Stucker  wrote:  I am raising money for Relay for Life and have a online party open for Jamberry Nails and Uppercase Living, all the money I make on those parties will all go towards Relay for Life. Also for every breat cancer shield boughtJamberry will donate $2. My website is or Thanks!

Tell us about your cause and how your using your products to help you raise some $ and help others: