Give Us a Reason to Buy From YOU

Are you with an amazing Direct Sales Company?  Does You r Company offer products That Really Work?  Are you SELLING SOMETHING totally unique? Do you have an interesting way of selling it? How about a High Light?

Give US ALL a reason to Buy Form YOU in the comments:

Well start you off with a few really good examples!
  Julie Bruce Smith wrote:  I am selling Lindt chocolate!! At my home shows I take a truffle from a store bought bag and one that came from the warehouse.. that sells itself!! you should buy from me, or any consultant because of the quality of the product and we have things ( gifts) you cannto purchase at the store
  Kerry Ann Berube wrote:  My products sell themselves.  Check it out!!! best job ever by the way! message me for details.
  Carolyn McGee  wrote: Hello to All! My name is Carolyn McGee. I live in West Central Illinois. I am an Independent Tupperware Consultant. Would you like a catalog, host a party (on-line parties also available) or organize a fundraiser for a group/organization? Contact me via FB or (217) 653-3328 or visit my website at: Needing extra income? Tupperware Consultants needed in EVERY STATE! Be the first to contact me about the opportunties YOU can have!
  Melissa Wilder wrote:  Why buy from me? Because women love fashion.. And every woman loves to have their own style… Right? So if you are like me and express that with nail art on your toes or you have long beautiful nails on your hands… There is a style that will fit you! From the wild to the mild.. For the playful to the sophisticated… And better yet? They are made in the USA.. Non toxic.. Not animal tested.. Long lasting and beats polish anyday! Try them out today! Support your favorite cause! And it is the fuunest party company out there!
  Liza M. Meier Hunt wrote: From wraps to supplements wrap with Liza can help you achieve your weight loss goals and over all skin appearance. One wrap can tighten and tone your skin. It also can help decrease the appearance of stretch marks. Known possible side affect is inch loss. If you would like more information visit
  Bonnie Turner  wrote:  Why do you need an Origami Owl Custom Locket? Because its such a very personal item in a very inpersonable world! Tell YOUR life story in a locket!! Or buy an amazing Gift for a special lady in your life! Check it out at if you want to place an order PM me…..mention u saw this ad in this page & I will give you 10% off….offer expires tonight at 10pm!
  Tracy Baltzell Do you miss being able to go to the spa? Maybe you’ve never been able to afford that type of luxury. I offer spa grade quality products at a fraction of the price of a spa thanks to Perfectly Posh. Get some girlfriends together and have a Girls Nite In of pampering or just enjoy the serenity and pamper yourself. I have Mother’s Day packages starting at $25 and May 8th is the last day to order. Contact me and I will give you Free Shipping thru May 8th (10pm)! Check us out at ♥
  Denise Wiggins wrote:  GRAND OPENING SALE THIS WEEKEND!! In honour of our receiving our first batch of products and officially opening our store, we are offering 15% off everything!! Use discount code GRANDOPENING upon checkout!
  Kathleen McIntyre Taborelli wrote: I am a Pure Romance consultant in NJ. We sell everything from bath and body to bedroom accessories. What a better way to reconnect with your partner than a date night in!!
  Debbie Peon Glaze wrote: Toxin Free Products! A great way to make a change in life.
  Jessica Brown Olsen wrote:  Jewels 4 God sterling silver and semi precious stones jewelry is jewelry with a cause! Unlike most companies who choose a charity to donate sales of an item to, Jewels 4 God IS also a charity and 100% of their net profit is used to fund the work their charity does in restoring the lives of victims of human trafficking and other forms of abuse by teaching them how to make jewelry for a living. Also 100% of my earnings as a consultant with Jewels 4 God is donated to a local charity. Consider hosting a virtual party! Jewelry has a lifetime guarantee!
  Dionne Hulsey wrote:  Am selling BEIJO designer purses…we are a small DS company but we are gowning. This stylish line is fun, colorful & affordable. This is NOT a knock collection. If you have not seen a BEIJO, please visit my website: … PM me if you are interested in learning more about our business opportunity, about hosting a party of your own or purchasing one (or 2 or 3)! 🙂

What will you write?

4 thoughts on “Give Us a Reason to Buy From YOU

  1. K&K Designs are a beautiful way to decorate your home. Host a home party and you get a free large kling that can be applied at your party so everyone can see how easy it is. You also earn 10% in free products plus a discount on additional products you purchase from that party. you have to see the photos to appreciate it.

  2. I am selling “Velata” the latest in fondue..
    Velata is a brand new company Under Scentsy Inc. I have been wpart of Scentsy selling Scentsy Wickless for 5 years.. Now added this new company. Great for weddings, family nights, office parties, the possibilites are endless.
    Velata has unique warmer which have a unique silicone top that use 25 watt bulbs to melt chocolate. Currently we have 14 different fondue warmers and 4 different types of Chocolate. Caramel Milk, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate (which is perfect for the Vegans as it has no milk ingredients).
    I am located in Virginia….love love love sharing …Looking to expand my team for those of you who are interested in getting in on the ground floor of an awesome opportunity PM I will happy to talk with you…

  3. We offer an unheard of 12 month money back quarantee you will never use.. We offer the highest grade of ingredients you can get w/o a prescription. We are an amazing skincare line that once you use you will never change. We also have 14 refillable products!

  4. Hey fellow MLM’ers. I am a senior consultant with Zurvita, which markets Zeal for Life. Zeal for Life consists of Zeal Wellness and the Zeal for Life Weight Management System. We all know the weight loss and wellness industry is a BILLION dollar market. So why not get in on a groundbreaking new company that’s taking off like a rocket?

    I’ve made over $2,000 in a month and a half. I’ll be happy to provide screenshots of my pay. I joined the company on March 18th after trying the product. Zeal Wellness is a vitamin/wellness supplement that is all natural. I was taking multiple vitamins a day before using this product. It’s now the ONLY thing that I take. I’ve also lost 16 lbs in a month on their weight management program.

    I’m here today because, obviously, I wan’t to grow my business and make more money. (Don’t we all?) I want to help other people make money, too, which will in turn make me money! Simplistic, I know. Anyways, I want to invite you to take a look at my website, first off, just to see what Zeal for Life is.

    Their compensation plan is simplistic and encourages growth. It’s not based on how many consultants you have underneath you, but it’s based off the amount of product you sale!

    Here’s a quick rundown: You join, you get 4 people underneath you, be it as a customer or consultant and you get your product free. You sell $3,000 worth of product and not only do you get the commissions, but you’ll get car qualified and get a bonus. They’re also having contests right now where you can win $3,000, $2,000, $1,000, or $500 bonuses for team volumes and a contest for a new iPad.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message me! I’m not just selling a product, I’m selling a lifestyle change!

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