Best Speaker I Ever Heard

We are making a LIST!

Who’s your Favorite Speaker?

Who gets in your head and gets you going? 🙂

  Wendy Kelley ‎ Has a Favorite: Bob Goshen
  Vernon Corum  Likes:  Art Williams
  Carla Kestler Get’s going with:  ‎Connie Podesta Presents
  Eric Lori Hoskins ‎Is inspired by: Gloria Mayfield Banks
 Findsalesrep Get Found Is with  Vernon Corum :Art Williams “Just Do It!” Gives them reason to get up in the morning! And they  add Tony Robbins and Dani Johnson!
  Vernon Corum said that: Tony Robbins is a favorite also and has found a new favorite- Brendon Burchard “He has some good stuff for free.”  🙂
 Kim Caron ‎Likes: Jon Gordon

And you?  Who get’s your MOJO running?

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