Do You LOVE Sharing Your Favorite Things – Your Products

So Do We!  We LOVE learning about what’s new, what works and what we can’t live without right from the REPS in the know!
So, let’s talk about YOUR Favorite Things – YOUR Products!What’s your favorite? Can you share a picture in the comments? Got a link?

Think talking about your products won’t help build your business? WRONG!!! Especially in a community where everyone is already in DS. They ALREADY Get It! If you have a compelling “THING” you might just attract your next Best Business Builder!!!!

So, What’s your “Thing”?

  Crystal Chandra wrote: Scentsy  Scentsy – We Make Perfect Scents!  Hosting a Scentsy party is a fun, easy way to earn Scentsy products. Whether it’s a casual home party or a simple basket party, you’ll enjoy sharing Scentsy with friends and family, or co-workers.
  Carolyn McGee wrote: Carolyn McGee-Carolyn’s Corner of Tupperware. I love to share the great opportunties Tupperware allows for me and my family. We play and get paid! When setting up at a community fair or festival, I am able to include my family! What other business allows you to take your family to work? Tupperware also allows me to make as much money as I want, work the hours I want and go as far as I want in the business. YOU CAN TOO! Let me show you how! Please visit my website for more details: Let me show you how to “get paid while you play!”
  Sarah Matzke Hayes wrote:  Nerium is the most amazing skin care treatment out there!!! It is only one step, and the results are amazing!! It is also a great Business Opportunity – the compensation plan is amazing : ) check it out at
  Li-Anne Thatsme wrote:  Almost everyone loves jerky! They love it even more when it’s tender, delicious and healthy!Jerky Direct dba Eat More Jerky offers organic gluten-free beef, all natural beef, buffalo, turkey & chicken jerky, fruit snacks and all natural gluten-free turkey pet strips too. MADE IN THE USA! High protein and low fat! No preservatives, no MSG, no nitrites, no Erythorbate or any of those other chemicals that none of us can pronounce or even identify, no artificial ingredients, and our jerky is only minimally processed. We have a Fun, Unique & Simple business opportunity too with TONS of free bonuses when you join our team!
 Donna Burdge Vincent wrote:  Arbonne has pure, safe and beneficial products, for the entire family, as well as a great compensation plan. We are vegan certified, botanical, gluten free and formulated without those harmful chemicals/toxins.
  Lisa Guida Dunaway wrote:  Origami Owl Custom Jewelry
Network Marketing Distributor wrote: Favorite Thing???? I think my favorite FSR product is probably the Statewide Listing. Big Bang for Your Buck and not completely outrageous with pricing. Love it! Get found in EVERY TOWN and CITY IN YOUR STATE!
  Jodi Manguso Ocken wrote: I just posted a photo of one of my Favorite Things (on your fb pg). So hard to choose just one though 😉
  Reece Robinson wrote: My favorite thing is Basic Instinct. Oooolala. I posted a pic. on your fb pg.
  Elizabeth Oswald wrote: My favorite thing is our challenge groups. Everyone helps and supports each other on our weight loss journeys. I love being a Beachbody coach. It keeps me accountable and motivated to workout eat right and lose weight. I also get to help others do the same. Want me to help you? Id love to invite you to one of my challenge groups. Message me for details or sign up for a free coaching account on my website and Ill send you more info. You have nothing to lose but the weight! Be sure to like my db page also 😉

So, What’s Your Thing?

5 thoughts on “Do You LOVE Sharing Your Favorite Things – Your Products

  1. How can someone choose between Arbonnes RE9 line that keeps my skin youthful, the baby like the cured my eczema, the makeup that makes me pretty without feeling like I’m wearing anything or the shakes that keep me health fit and thin. I think I would need to say the opportunity. I get to hang out with a bunch of girls or guys, get to know them over a few drinks and teach them about health and wellness. Not only do they pay me to, but send me on trips, give me jewelry and hang out with amazing people.

  2. All of our jewelry is amazing but I think my favorite is the Mimzi’s! Check out my FB page for photos…Azuli Skye ~ Nicole Nobles to see them or visit my website at Personalize your necklace or bracelet with these beautiful charms and Mimzi’s.
    Also looking for more consultants! There are several states with only a few reps in them so they are wide open for expansion!

  3. Hi Everyone! I am a Pampered Chef consultant. My favorite product now is the cool and serve tray that we sell. It can hold your veggies and dip or chips and dip or deviled eggs. It has a green tray at the bottom that you put in the freezer and when you use the tray, you insert the green inserts and your food stays cool for 4 to 6 hours. Who can’t use this especially during the summer months with all the outdoor parties?

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