Waiting for Inspiration

Are YOU Waiting For Inspiration to Come Find YOU? 

The idea of being “divinely inspired” is pretty romantic, but is it really going to happen, if we just wait long enough?  If we keep waiting and we are patient, will some new info come to us that makes us better than we are right now?

Sure, we are always thinking and learning, and training will provide us with the basics, but all those ideas and brainstorms, do they come to us by some outside influence or are they internal?  Would they come to our minds if I were not in the habit of thinking about them to grow our businesses?

No way!  True Inspiration comes from within.  We make our own success an create our own inspiration.  “If you want it bad enough, you go get it!” You make your own success happen!  Inspiration works like this, if we are not actively and aggressively ‘working our business’ we just the BIG Stuff, like a ship passing in the night or shooting star behind a clouds.  Inspiration comes not while we are waiting, but when we are desperately seeking it.

A lot of Reps will say something like, “I share my opportunity/products when people ask me.” or “I wait for the right moment.” This is dangerous. What if the ‘Right Moment or Person’ Never finds You?  What if they go looking and find someone else?

So stop waiting and tap in you to your Internal Inspiration.  Figure out what makes you TAKE ACTION.  Is it your testimonial, you desire for recognition, your need to pay the bills?  What gives you that ‘do or die’ feeling deep down in your belly.  What ever it is, look there.  You’ll Be Inspired like Never before!

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