Use Your Passion for Products to Support Your Cause

Are you using Your Passion for Your Products to help You Raise $ for a Cause that is Close to Your Heart?We want to help! Let’s support each other! Post your events in the comments. Let us know how we can help you Support a Cause !

Photo: It's SUPPORT a CAUSE Sunday at </p>
<p>Are you using Your Passion for Your Products to help You Raise $ for a Cause that is Close to Your Heart?</p>
<p>We want to help! Let's support each other! Post your events in the comments. Let us know how we can help you Support a Cause!
  Li-Anne Thatsme Will you join the crusade of Jerky Direct’s Super6Power team in offering our high protein jerky to keep the firefighters going as they battle the Colorado Springs wildfire? One of our own members lives just a few miles from these fires and has coordinated with the fire department to help. She has also reached out to local shelters to offer our pet treats for the animals who have suddenly found themselves lost and alone in shelters. Over 32,000 families have been evacuated and displaced. As of yesterday, only 45% of the fire had been contained so there’s still a long way to go. You can make your contribution by placing an order for jerky or pet treats today at and having it shipped to Edy Delarosa, 4735 Pipestem Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80928. These people NEED us! Thanks for your help! Raising funds for our local fire and police officers. $5 from every purchase goes directly to their volunteer and community funds. Book a party (online, skype, in person) with me and you are helping our bravest have the funding they need to do their jobs and protect your lives.
  Lisa Ouellette Imagine for a moment, that you had the opportunity to get involved in a company/business opportunity from the beginning. Imagine being a part of a Profit Sharing Pool that will pay you up to $500 a month for simply being on autoship and having 1 direct referral. Stop Imagining. It’s REAL and It’s Called DAY1. National Pre-Launch Begins August 1st 2012. Secure Your Position in the Linear Compensation Plan TODAY!   DAY1 is going to change the world! Finally, everyone across the nation has the chance to earn enough income to donate to a charity of their choice! And the company is going to match your donation from 1% – 10%. Message me for details!
  Ana Mariel Taveras Please visit our website at and also our fb pg at Vous Est Belle Foundation and LIKE and SHARE and help support our mission so we can reach as many young girls/women who are less fortunate. Thank you!

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  1. I have spent the past almost 12 years being a SAHM because that was where we felt I was needed most with the intention of me going back to work when our last child started school. That won’t happen now as we have had to move my ill mom and challenged aunt in with us so I can be caregiver for them. It became time for me to stop sitting on this goldmine I have found in Arbonne and build a business that I can be proud of and that can help me take care of especially my mom as she is in and out of hospitals so much, she is going to run out of allowed days and then will be on self pay which is impossible with her myriad of health issues. I will NOT put my mom in a nursing home or my aunt in a group home regardless of how much that would “make things easier”. So…if anyone is looking for a great company with amazing (vegan certified) products, please let me know. I am committed to helping you succeed. (BTW, Arbonne has been committed to helping charities such as the Red Cross and the Soujourner House for years and whenever there is a disaster, donations are specifically sent on their behalf.)

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