It’s Time to Take Yourself Seriously

There are very few SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs in the business world that would say that they ‘started their business totally by accent’.  In direct sales though, it’s a common statement.  Think back to the beginning, maybe you were invited to a home party.  You where a little bit interested in the products or maybe you were just supporting a friend or family member and so you showed up.  You were excited and things just spread like wildfire!  Before you even had time to think about it…  you were in business.  Just like 91 million people worldwide who also started their own Direct Sales businesses.

Business Owner, Entrepreneur, On the Road to Millionaire  ALL these titles become yours when you enter the Direct Sales Industry— it is a vibrant and thriving group of motivated go-getters from every back ground.  The thing that they all have in common:  They have dreams!  They see the future as full of infinite possibilities, a pathway to economic and personal freedom, and ‘way out’ of what ever your in now and yet they don’t really take themselves seriously.  They don’t see Direct Sales as a real opportunity or legitimate job and or stable way to support themselves and their family.  They are unsure about what they can do with what they’ve got.

Unfortunately, most Direct Sales Reps are insecure, uncertain and even shy sometimes about their business.  As a result, we’ve created a perception problem and perception IS EVERYTHING!  Too often our own lack of confidence in ourselves and our lack of belief in the industry causes Direct Sales Reps, like us to be ignored and or ridiculed by big business, big investors and big chunks of the general public.  What we offer is typically overlooked by almost everyone including the unemployed looking work —even though as an industry, in 2011 DIRECT SALES contributed more than $132 billion to the global economy!

The fact is: Direct selling is leading leading thousands of AMERICAN families out of the economic colaps when traditions buisness and employment have been unattainable or limiting.

The fact is: American companies Like Amway, Herbalife and Visalus are ALL expecting INCREASES in Sales Growth greater than 40% for 2012.  Even Avon, which had its share of problems this year, reported a 9.7 increase in 2011!

The fact is:  Direct selling is one of the most generous industries by nature, contributing over $400 million annually to feed malnourished children, provide disaster relief, and support local, national and international organizations and associations.

The fact is:  Almost ALL Direct Sales Companies have an altruistic nature that supports both person health and personal growth.  The company wants to help you succeed, get rich and rise to the top in your field.  There are often no barriers or limits in Direct Sales!

The Fact is:  The industry allows entrepreneurs to successfully duplicate results and easily share their knowledge and wisdom with others who want to share in the opportunities presented.

The Fact is:  In 2011, 11.2% of all Direct Sellers were Full-Time.  They made a Full Time Income and supported there family with their Direct Sales business.

The Fact is:  In 2011, the World Foundation of Direct Selling Associates reported that there were 91,533,825 Active Direct Selling Reps world wide. Wow!

The Fact is:  Just about any product or service can be purchased through direct selling somewhere in the world.  You don’t have to get everything at Walmart.

The Fact is:  It’s Time To Take Yourself and your Direct sales Business Seriously.  You Can be a participant in creating your own reality as an independent business owner. You really do have a REAL opportunity.  So, take advantage of your Direct Selling opportunity…

  1. Do something, call prospects, bang on doors, advertise, promote, talk, talk, talk.  Don’t expect money to flow in on “auto pilot”, don’t expect your upline to build your business, don’t wait for someone else to make your business grow.
  2. Do not have a big EGO.
  3. Do  team up with your upline or downline, even the sidelines.
  4. Do organize or attend meetings, events, calls and/or webinars.
  5. If you attend a meeting, show up dressed up and ready for business.
  6. Do read personal development books.
  7. Do return calls promptly.
  8. Do take time to understand the compensation plan and the products/services you repesent.
  9. Do not jump from opportunity to opportunity.
  10. Do take yourself and your business seriously.

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