Our Favorite Direct Sales Products

Looking for a place to Share Your Favorite Products? 
We want to help! We want to talk about YOUR Favorite Things too- YOUR Products! What’s your favorite? Can you share a LINK? Got a description that will tell us just how great this product REALLY is?

Think talking about your products on the internet won’t help build your business? WRONG!!! Especially in a community where everyone is already in DS. They ALREADY ‘Get It’! If you have a compelling “THING” you might just attract your next Best Business Builder!!!! So, What’s YOUR “Thing”?

Photo: Looking for a place to Share Your Favorite Products? 
We want to help! We want to talk about YOUR Favorite Things too- YOUR Products! What's your favorite? Can you share a picture? Got a link? 

Think talking about your products on fb won't help build your business? WRONG!!! Especially in a community where everyone is already in DS. They ALREADY 'Get It'! If you have a compelling "THING" you might just attract your next Best Business Builder!!!!  So, What's YOUR "Thing"?
  Jodi Manguso Ocken I ♥ Origami Owl Living Lockets – I can almost hear the ocean with this creation! Find out more at Origami Owl – Jodi Ocken, Independent Designer
  Lexi Stepps There’s so much! My favorite things – Scentsy, Grace Adele and Velata! I love them, what I do, what I sell, the company, everything! www.lexistepps.scentsy.us to check it out. 🙂
  Kristy Clark Doskocil Helping others feel better by getting healthier. You learn how to change your lifestyle 90 Days at a time. I suffer from severe migraines and have DJD in my knees. The shakes have been helping reduce the pain in my knees and migraines. As well as having more energy. http://www.kcdoskocil.myvi.net
  Karen Simon Pampering with POSH! Our Perfectly Posh products are naturally based and gentle. We are paraben, paraffin and sulfate-free. WE USE NO SOY OR GLUTEN INGREDIENTS. We are cruelty-free. And we use only nourishing beeswax, milk and honey animal by products. Most of our line is Vegan friendly, we fragrance with high-quality perfumes and essential oils. Best of all…everything is MADE IN THE USA!  Poshed Divas, {Perfectly Posh} Independent Consultants and{Pretty POSHed Divas}, Pretty Please Independent Consultants
  Rachel Kelders We are the world’s first social mobile networking company. Our products are clinically proven. Our healthy energy drink is the official energy drink of a pro basketball team and is going viral with young people(and young at heart) Our newest line is endorsed by a tv celebrity trainer. Connect with me and watch the video on my page to learn more or visit www.vemmabc.com
  Vickie Harding Dawson BCharmed Jewelry/Flirty Aprons- Love the company AND the products! (Launched in June, 2011) Visit my website at www.bcharmedstylist.com/Vickieto learn more. Thanks!
  Christina Cobb I love my It Works supplements, especially the Greens, New You 3.0, Thermo fit and Fat Fighters. It amazes me how much better I feel and how much more energy I have since I found these products! They are all natural too! http://peaceloveandwrappiness.myitworks.com/
  Home peaceloveandwrappiness.myitworks.com
  Julia Lengyell I love my Miche Bag, I don’t go anywhere without it! I can match my outfit or my mood just by changing the outside of my purse! http://www.homepartyrep.com/julia_lengyell
  Elizabeth Oswald I LOVE my Shakeology. It helps me so much with energy and feeling better on the digestive side. Oh and helps with weight loss too. But it is just so much more than that. www.gethealthyinandout.com or visit my fb page www.fb.com/busimomlosingit
 Cheryl Lalonde-Cote I love Arbonne health and beauty products! Safe, pure and beneficial. Vegan certified!! I haven’t been a consultant for very long but the people I know that have been doing this for a little over a year are already making over 20 000$ MONTHLY!! There are only 4 promotion levels (3rd leven you get a 980$ cash bonus to purchase a white Mercedes!). The products sell themselves and the business opportunity is amazing!! contact me I would love to help someone get started in this field! http://thefountainofyouth.myarbonne.ca/
  Debbie Baxter-Penley Help others feel better by telling them how much you appreciate them! I use my SendOutCards every day, and as a result my business and my relationships have grown – www.debsgreetingcards.com
 Lisa Stardig Eriksson Jamberry Nails..For me its simple..When you do a HOME show for any products, Candles, Spices, ANYTHINg,,you have to have your nails looming AWESOME..so put on yours Jams..when your holding up your candles etc Girls will ask about your Nails…www.nomorenailpolish.com
  Maria George IT WORKS GLOBAL Body Applicators and Supplements is what I sell and I LOVE IT!!!! https://mariageorge12.myitworks.com/shop Message me for details!!!
  Joan Schmertz Flores Pink Zebra Sprinkles!!!! LOVE THEM. Create your own scents! The new fall catalog just came out yesterday. MADE IN THE USA!!! www.pinkzebrahome.com/lovemysprinkles and my fan page is www.facebook.com/lovemysprinkles
  Eric Gamble Not gonna lie….I love working with my friends and my girlfriend with our Melaleuca Business. We have nearly 400 health & wellness products that can provide everyone with a safer and better environment for them and their families. What I really like right now is that if you have been considering joining Melaleuca as a Customer or even Starting a business from home, we can help you get started for only $1!! That’s right, from 8/16-8/31 enrollement for anyone who wants to join Melaleuca as a Customer or even a business builder is only $1!! Let me know if I or my team can help you get started today. Check out or Team Page atwww.TakingYourFreedomBack.com
 April Miller The Scentsy Family has so many products for everyone! Baby buddies and regular sized buddies for children, SAFE wickless candles for all home decor, men, women, even children with warmers and scents to suit everyone. (you can even mix and match scents). Scentsy has even expanded to fragrances (think shower gels, lotions, etc.), purses and accessories (Grace Adele), and chocolate fondue! (Velata) Please like my page and/or visit my website to find out more. Tricityscents-April Miller Independent Scentsy Consultant https://tricityscents.scentsy.us/
  Shasha Lynn The fact that any diabetic symptoms I had have been reversed. LOVE http://www.tnthealth.jeunesseglobal.com/
  Kelly Stewart Heslip Thirty-One has been a tremendous blessing to my family and others! I love having fundraiser parties to help out those in need. I also love to bless my customers with tons of giveaways…just gave away a Market Thermal Tote! I have a special group for my customers. Feel like getting in on the benefits of Celebrate | Encourage | Reward? Join my group!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/241342769210761/
  Nicole R Royal With Organo Gold, I love being able to help people become the person they were meant to be. The personal development, leadership, along with the phenomenal products is a total win. After 22 years in the industry, I have found home. My favorite products are the King of Coffee & the Red Tea! www.royaljava.organogold.com
  Kathy Chandler-Troutman I love how the products of Initials, Inc help make life easier sometimes!August is National Picnic Month! (Who knew??) Initials, Inc. has you covered with the new Triple Play. Create the bag you need for the way you live! Order now for fall tailgating. www.myinitials-inc.com/UniquelyYou
  The Man With The Dinner Plan What’s For Dinner? Now you can avoid the stress and struggle with simple, healthy cooking solutoins with Wildtree (www.mywildtree.com/Fit4Life). With approx. 200 all-natural items, you will find everything from appetizers to desserts….and it taste great! I will even supply you with 10-day Meal Plans.

What’s YOUR Thing?

4 thoughts on “Our Favorite Direct Sales Products

  1. Want to use a product that actually works? Nerium AD is an age-defying night cream that’s turning skeptics into customers! You can check out all kinds of proof at http://www.facebook.com/removeyourwrinkles ONE product – no system – put it on at night, wash it off in the morning… provides results in multiple areas; deep lines, fine lines, texture, pore size and discoloration!

  2. Jamberry Nails is my favorite thing! If it’s a simple night out with the girls, a work event or convention or maybe you own your own Home Based Business and want your nails to look great! NO Dry Time, NO chipping, NO scuffing – you put them on and take them off with a blow dryer! August is I LOVE RECRUITS month – ask about the extra incentives for qualifying new Consultants.

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