We Wanna PARTY

Did you know that, Party Sales account for $7.5 Billion in Direct Sales revenues! They are a great way to share your company and products in an informal, personal way. They are easy, fun and they can put immediate cash flow in to your business.
Just getting started?  Never Hosted a Party before?  Here are a a few basic steps that should get you in to the PARTY MOOD!
#1  Invite people that you actually like to spend time with.  If you think they are FUN, chances are other people do too and will want to be around them.
#2 Build excitement.  Have them bring a little something. Do a white elephant sort of thing with your products as the BIG prize – that everyone will want to fight over at the end.  You will get more people in the door, some of who will walk out more interested in your products than you and they may have expected.
#3 Give Away Stuff.  People LOVE  Samples, so send them home with a goodie bag.
#4 Don’t go it alone.  Find some friends who are also in direct sales and host a party together. This will give you all a chance to ‘fill the room’.  There’s strength in numbers and those who came for your friend’s products may be interested in yours and vice versa.  It’s a Win/Win/Win.
#5  Let kids come :  Ge a babysitter or put on the cartoons for those who have small children. Ask one of your guests if they have a teen that needs a little extra cash.

Ready to PARTY? Party? Let’s hear about it in the COMMENTS:

Photo: It's FRIDAY and Time for Fiesta! So... Let's Celebrate Together! Invite US- the NMD Community to Your next in-person PARTY, meeting, event or Host a Party online. We'll get the word out! Want something New - Ask to attend someone else's Party. Give a Party Tip or Share a Theme! Let's Play!</p><br />
<p>Did you know that, Party Sales account for $7.5 Billion in Direct Sales revenues! They are a great way to share your company and products in an informal, personal way. They are easy, fun and they can put immediate cash flow in to your business.</p><br />
<p>Wanna Party? Let's hear about it in the COMMENTS:  Stephanie Martin I decided to relaunch my Arbonne business right as the christmas season begin! I’m doing 2 brunch launches in etobicoke, Ontario. On Saturday September 9 and Sunday September 10 starting at 2pm! PM me for the address.
  Jacki Pitkow I have 2 Tastefully Simple parties this weekend! It’s always fun, and everyone eats! Being a consumable product – more is always needed! Check out the current new consultant special we have! www.tastefullysimple.com/web/jpitkow
  Eva Fitchett Tonight I am doing a Tupper BINGO Blast fundrsing event in Thompson Falls Mt to help 3 HS students earn funds to go to Europe next summer. Sunday I have my monthly Tupperware party with 3 special ladies (this is their 15th party) in Ronan Mt. We are having an Auction Party. If you live close to either of these towns in Montana come join us it’s going to be a lot of FUN!
Patty McGrath Hugi Have a Miche party this weekend and lots coming up for September!! Love my Muffins and Mimosas Saturday theme party…always a hit. 🙂 Now is a great time to become a Miche rep too – check out my website ( https://fabnfunhandbags.miche.com/join-us/join-my-team ) or message me for more details….I love what I do and would love nothing more than to share it with you.
  Eva Fitchett Oh you can help with my fundraiser by going to my website: www.TWKalispell.com click on the funderaiser info find a fundraiser then Mt then Trip to Europe. Thanks!
 Stephanie Martin OMG I never thought about fundraiser! I am not the one doing the Fundraising but an amazing friend is raising money for Easter Seals. Natalie McDonald throws a fundraiser for her birthday! This is the 5th year, She started on her 8th birthday! I don’t know many kids that ask people to to give her gifts but to donate to a charity! She and her mother Christina McDonald have an amazing story and are both incrediable strong and kind women! Please check out there story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUywgngtoVQ and donate   oo No!!! Forgot the donation link! to donate please go to http://my.e2rm.com/personalPage.aspx?SID=3327767&langPref=en-CA and lets blow away her $13, 000 goal! Please pass along her story and dobation page!
  Trish Hazzard with Rodan+Fields Dermatologists What a great idea! I just celebrated my one year anniversary with my company and I’m having an event soon! Would love promotional help! Online orders welcome!!!
  Raquel Hinkson Let’s Party Gold Canyon Candle Online Party. www.lastingflames.mygc.com. Click on host Raquel and check out what we have to offer.

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