Car Advertising for YOUR Direct Sales Business

Do you use your CAR for advertising?

Photo: Do you use your CAR for advertising?
  Heather Nickless Oh definitely!
 Liz Loberg Carroll Love it!! 🙂
 Sue Ritter Hall OMG I WANT ONE!
 Deb Rose Yes! My profile picture (on fb) is the back of my car.
 Kathy Chandler-Troutman Yes, I have a window decal on my back window with my company name and contact info.
 Mick Mckeever I’ll pass on the colour scheme, but I like the idea!
  Shayla ClayMouzon I DESIGN car advertisements! PM me for ideas & quotes! 🙂 Great post!
 Karen Wittig Haley I have my DS logo, my name, email and personal website on the rear side windows of my car…
 Susan Urbanek Absolutely! I have my logo, email, phone & website on my car… And a QR code that directs to my website!
    •   Findsalesrep Get Found 
    • Advertising on your CAR can be a Huge Business booster.
    • If you have tried it before with little success, don’t worry.
      IT CAN WORK!
      Having the ‘Right Ad’ will make ALL the difference! 
      Here are few Tips:
      Keep it short. (Give them only what they need to know.)
      Make it interesting. (Give them a good reason to call.)
      Have a call to action. (Give them some specific to do.)

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