Direct Sales Addicts are Addicted to Jamberry Nails

  • Direct Sales ADDICTS are ADDICTED!  Here’s what they are saying bout JAMBERRY NAIL:

    “I wore my Jamberry Nail Shields to one of my best friends weddings and got a ton of compliments on how nice they looked. I’m still wearing them a week later with not a single chip or smudge.”

    Jamberry Nails was founded by 3 sisters (Keri, Christy and Lindsey)that are very close to one another–they went to a nail salon one day and thought up Jamberry Nail shields to create that same high end look with less cost. Though a lot of trial and error, they launched Jamberry Nails and off it went! It is still growing by leaps and bounds!

    My name is Nicole Nobels and I joined Jamberry Nails because I am a full-time working mother and wife that needed something to bring in a little extra monthly income. I researched and researched before I came across Jamberry Nails… a company with excellent compensation program, no fees like with other companies AND is something that I have always loved. Nails!

    I try to maintain my nails through scrubbing pots and pans, working in my garden and four wheeler riding…all these things and my nail polish is lucky to last a day! After trying these for myself and talking with my current upline, I decided that “YES, I could do this!”

    It is so affordable that it will even do well in my rural community. I joined less than a month ago and I have found that I love it! It’s a great company to work for and the nail shields actually sell themselves. Either customers want them enough to purchase or love them enough to join! Not a really hard decision to make considering all of the choices that they have.

    Wouldn’t you like to know what is in store in September at Jamberry Nails?
    Here’s the Sneak a peek of the new Fall/Winter catalog Monday on my Facebook page!


    Nicole Nobles 

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