Paul Ryan Responds To Reporters Team Beachbody Loved His Reply

Sherry Leitner shared this resent Team Beachbody BREAKING NEW:

Known as the company whose mission is to “End the Trend” of obesity, Beachbody was in the news again this past week, as Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan responded to a journalist’s question as to how he keeps in such great shape.

Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin, replied, “P90X”. That set off a barrage of phone calls to Beachbody corporate, and a flurry of activity at the various Beachbody websites, asking for more information and placing orders for the hugely successful workout program P90X by noted fitness trainer Tony Horton.

Beachbody LLC, has been in business for over 10 years, but moved to include the network marketing business model as part of their distribution system in December of 2007. Since that date, Beachbody has grown their ranks of “Coaches” (distributors) to over 70,000 and counting. One thing that sets Beachbody apart from other network marketing companies is that once a customer has made a TV commercial (infomercial) purchase of one of their at-home workouts, the company then places that customer into the business center of one of their qualified Coaches. This is part of the accountability that makes the workout programs so effective, and also makes their distributors so successful. That customer is serviced by that distributor, and all future sale commissions are paid to that distributor by Beachbody.

For more information about Team Beachbody or the P90X program, contact me, Sherry Leitner, Diamond Coach at: 

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