Direct Sales Business Rules

Rule of 1’s: One person can make a huge difference in your business. You never know who will be ‘YOUR ONE’. So, ask every 1!

Rule of 2’s: Ask two people to be your business partners and then help them develop their two. Duplication, duplication. Did I just say that twice?

Rule of 3’s: 3 calls, 3 emails in 3 days! 

Rule of 4’s: The 4 foot rule. If they are within 4 feet of you, they need to hear about your business.

Rule of 5’s: Work with 5 people closely for 5 months. Develop them as a team. Teach them the power of 5 and then start with 5 more.

Rule of 10’s: Invite 10 people to a Party/Meeting 1 will come. So, if you want to 10, invite 100!

Rule of 100’s: Bring 100 new people in to your business, 1 will be serious enough to work the business. So, bring in 1000 and get ten solid business builders – then you can go on a short vacation. lol

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