UnLock Your FindSalesRep Treasure Chest

New is BETTER!  

At FindSalesRep.com we are always looking for new and better ways to help you GET FOUND AND PROSPER!  It’s our goal, to Help You Get Found, Get Leads and Grow Your Business.  

AND TODAY…   We Have Found a Whole NEW Way!!!!

We are about to UnLock the FindSalesRep Treasure Chest!  

Will you find Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires or Pearls?

Let’s say you are growing your business.  You are going through all the traditional routes, but you know that most business are online and that some of the most successful Reps in the Direct Sales Industry take advantage of the advertising opportunities found on the internet.

There are many things you can do immediately to start promoting your business online.  Facebook, twitter, google ads and directories are all proven avenues and there are many more.  The most successful tools are those that put you and your business right where people are looking.

THAT’S WHAT WE DO!   FindSalesRep can help get you found Locally in you area, City, State or even across the Nation!  AND… the FindSalesRep Treasure Chest will help you Save on YOUR FindSalesRep Listing!

The FindSalesRep Treasure Chest is so exciting!

Soon you will be able to UnLock YOUR FindSalesRep Treasure Chest by going to www.FindSalesRep.com  Click on the Treasure Chest symbol, enter your Location, Company, Name and Email and you will INSTANTLY be able to view all that YOUR FindSalesRep Treasure Chest has to OFFER.  Offers will always be changing, so if you get a Diamond, act FAST!   They will not last long.

Your Treasure Chest can OFFER you HUGE Savings on Listings offered at http://www.FindSalesrep.com or in Canada at http://www.FindsalesRep.ca.  

How Huge?  Between 10% – 95% on every type of listing we OFFER!

Every Company and Every Location will have different OFFERS in the FindSalesRep Treasure Chest and they will be changing ALL the time!

A Diamond will be the BEST! If you get one – Congratulations!

Our Treasure Chest DEALS will Never be better than Diamond.

Emeralds are the Next Best Thing!  Our Deals are usually pretty good, but these will will make you get up and DANCE!

There won’t be many, so if you get an Emerald, Get Up and Go For It!

Sapphires are a little bit more common, but still Super Special!   These Specials will give you deep discounts on a bunch of our listings.  They won’t always be offered for every company, in every location, but we are hoping you’ll get a few in Your FSR Treasure Chest.

The Pearl!  Pearls are sought after, beautiful and valuable but usually they look best in a bunch!

When you check Your FSR Treasure Chest, you’ll be looking for the Best Possibles Deals for ALL of Listing options.  Often, the Pearl will be available.  But… NOT always!  If you see one, THERE ARE NO LISTINGS AVAILABLE but add your name to the Waiting List. We will let you know when it becomes available and give you a !

Sometimes, well your Treasure Chest might have already been raided.   You’ll just have to try again later and hope for better LUCK!

We know that you are going to have a lot of Fun With The FindSalesRep TREASURE CHEST! Good LUCK!  

Watch for the MAP (Link) that will take you to where the TREASURE be buried and Keys (Secret PassPhrase)

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