How To Make It in Direct Sales

Have you had success in your direct sales business?  Did you have a great idea, try it out and found out that, “WOW!!! It Worked!”

These Reps Did:

Nicole R Royal Make your business a family affair. Many of us do our businesses so we can spend more time with our families, but alienate them from the business. Find safe, age appropriate tasks for your kids to help with. Sometimes our kids are our best cheerleaders and helpers. Plus they are cute marketing reps. 🙂 Spouses can be a real asset, too especially if it was not originally a mutual venture. Just remember to not let reasons you started the business to be the reasons you don’t work the business. Find a way to combine them.

Julie Clukey I send out thank you cards to everyone! Those who have held a party for me, placed an order, or even asked about joining my team! It shows a personal touch and people seem to enjoy it cause they keep coming back!!

Molly Betts When at a party, I try to engage all of the people there – I don’t make a sales pitch for a good 20 minutes or so. It helps relax the atmosphere and a lot of times, it pays off. When you take the time to get to know people, they feel that you are genuine and care and most often will return that feeling by purchasing or exploring the business opportunity. Take the time to listen – I mean really listen – and it will pay back 10 fold. 🙂

Molly Betts Another thing I’m recently doing since it is now in launch is sending out Sincerely Scent thank you cards to everyone that has ordered, hosted, etc. – it’s a great way to say thanks! Kind of like Julie above said. 🙂

Liza M. Meier Hunt When do a wrapping session I make sure that any and all products that can be sampled are available. I also keep a scrapbook of prior parties and results from clients I personally have wrapped for new clients to see and ask questions. I feel the personal touch of knowing each person makes it show that I pay attention to whom I market to and make sure I follow up at least once a month to ensure they are on the right track.

Jenifer Myers Epstein If you are not making the money or have the lifestyle that you WANT – check your ego immediately, get the chip off your shoulder – and get yourself a mentor. If you’re not succeeding, it’s a lack of skills, and it is up to YOU to get them. Find someone who has what you want – and do what they do.

Now let’s hear from you!  Share your best DIRECT SALES BUSINESS SUCCESS TIP in the Comments:

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