Most Popular Direct Sales Products of 2012

Looking for a place to Share Your Favorite DIRECT SALES Products? 


Are you looking for the BEST and MOST POPULAR  Direct Sales Products? 

We want to help!  We want to talk about YOUR Favorite Things too- YOUR Products! What’s your favorite? We asked Reps to Share some info and links if possible.

Photo: Looking for a place to Share Your Favorite Products? 
We want to help! Today, we want to talk about YOUR Favorite Things too- YOUR Products! What's your favorite? Can you share a picture? Got a link? 
Think talking about your products on fb won't help build your business? WRONG!!! Especially in a community where everyone is already in DS. They ALREADY 'Get It'! If you have a compelling "THING" you might just attract your next Best Business Builder!!!! So, What's YOUR "Thing"?
  • Elizabeth Oswald I am totally in love with Shakeology. It helps me with having more energy and tastes super great you would never know it was so healthy for you. It makes a great supplement for me and I don’t have to remember to take a crap load of pills! Check it out or visit me on my fb page and ask for more info
  • Sharon Martin I love It Works! The wraps really helped me get rid of the cellulite on my upper arms & I’ve met many new friends after I became a distributor. My website is & my FB page is Fabulous Results.
  • Tammy Brydon-Hudgin I love BLING!!! My FAV is big rings with lots of glitz lol….check out what I can offer you at
  • Rhonda Bauer Vance Paparazzi Accessories is the next big thing! It’s a newer direct sales company and it is growing fast. We get 45% commission right when the product is sold. And the best part is that everything is $5. People love our jewelry and love that they can afford it! You can join my team today for as low as $40. Email me at if you would like more info!
  • Tiffany Williams I love Tupperware! My favorite item would have to be the Microwave Stack Cooker. You can make a full meal in this in the microwave in just 30 mins or less and comes out terrific everytime. It is perfect for the busy household as well. You can also make cakes in it! I love this product! My personal page is and my fan page is
  • April Rottmann We Norwex our lives in my household. I can’t just pick one Norwex product I love. A great start for the newbies? What we call the Basic Pack. This is two cloths. 1) Enviro Cloth. This cloth cleans all over your home (inside & out), vehicle, work, windows, etc. with PLAIN WATER! 2) Polish Cloth. This cloth dries windows, mirrors, stainless steel, dark appliances, etc. to a STREAK-FREE shine! No more paper towels! No more lint! Our microfiber has liquid-infused silver in it. Silver does not let bacteria bind & grow. Simply rince it away! 99.99% of bacteria dies on our cloths! AND, we have cloths designed for your body, too! You guessed it–use with PLAIN WATER! smile
  • Vault Denim / Wanda Drier I love Vault Denim! We have a large selection of designer and bling jeans at up to 50% off of retail prices. Vault Denim can help you feel stylish in designer jeans on almost any budget. Use party code 188488
  • Tammy Dayton Our October Damsel in Defense special. 2 Door Alarms, a purple hard core pepper spray and arm band for $30. A portion of the proceeds will go to RAINN: The nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. One of “America’s 100 Best Charities” -Worth magazine.
  • Rachel Kelders I love all of the Vemma products. In the afternoon my favorite is our healthy energy drink Verve but once the Vemma Chris Powell Bode shake launches next month I might have a new fave! Lol smile
  • Jeff Ezell I am a VEMMA fan for sure. Verve is a healthy alternative for energy drinks and the current momentum is huge. 

    Check out a quick video@
  • Heather Nickless I am completely in love with everything It Works offers. The products have changed my life. I am in smaller pant sizes, feel healthier and have more energy. The wraps are incredible and I am so happy that I can help people change things they don’t like about their body so they feel more confident.
  • Laura Somers Votre Vu offers luxurious, professional grade skin and body care products that are a fraction of comparable quality products found in department stores. In addition we just introduced our new color line called French Accents. Make up that not only makes you look good but is good for your skin. For each color product purchased we donate $1 to pediatric cancer research!
  • Tenya Woods Tallon I have to truly love and believe in a product. It has to be something I want to use everyday. It has to be a good value for the price. I have two companies that fit that bill: Jamberry Nails — and Grace Adele —
  • John E Walker I love the fact that I can build a residual income on essential home & business services. I save people money on bills they are already paying, I get paid to be my own customer. When was the last time your Natural Gas, Electricity or Internet provider paid you? You owe it to yourself to check this out !
  • Theo Magazi i love every single things about my products and i believe in them because they truely work,if you interested in know more about them,take look on this site
  • John E Walker I really love this product M-Games exclusive to Momentis. You know about Netflix, but this is with Video Games! When my child plays video games I now get paid!
    What’s your FAVORITE Direct Sales Product?  
    Think talking about your products on the internet won’t help build your business?  WRONG!!!
    Especially on a poplar Direct sales BLOG where everyone is already in DS. They ALREADY ‘Get It’!
    If you have a compelling “THING” you might just attract your next Best Business Builder!!!!
    So, What’s YOUR “Thing”?

5 thoughts on “Most Popular Direct Sales Products of 2012

  1. Votre Vu has a special for anyone interested in being a Brand Ambassador. For $199 you will get over $600 worth of items which includes our frozen serum, Les Sorbet! This offer expires Nov. 4th. I’d love to share more info and to welcome new members to our team!

  2. Ali from Sydney
    After being in the industry for more than 15yrs i’m inlove with all that NWM has to offer from the amazing line of products, after deriving hundreds of thousands of dollars, i relised a Big BIG thing to why MOST people don’t, ive tapped into a secret that has changed me after 15 yrs,,, could u believe that! 15 years to learn how the millions are earnt……

  3. I’m an ITWORKS gal through and through. I see big results each and every time I wrap, so how could I NOT share this product with my friends, cuz isn’t that what we women do best!!! As a girly-girl, I always love discovering a product that works and I love knowing I’m also doing good things for my body, and also pampering myself. So check me out on FB at Muffintopler and my website if you want to be pampered too~

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