3 Things You should TRY to do Everyday to build YOUR Direct Sales Business

  • Jennifer Butterfield Post positive statuses about my company! Contact people that I think would be interested/have shown interest. And, organize my stuff!!!
  • Polly Workinger Help others build theirs!!! Share positivity, and advertise–I make sure to post one ad a day, regardless, somewhere.
  • Morgan Lady Advertise, training & try to have a deal. I sell for 5 companies so its constant for me but I wouldn’t know what to do without all of them!
  • Dionne Myers Tuplin I don’t try – that’s a reason to give me an out and NOT do it. This is a part of my everyday life – like breathing. Add at least one name to my contact list. Make at least one approach to introduce someone new to our company and participate in trainings to perfect my skills and craft.
  • Cheryl Lamb What I do! Call 10 people every morning. Review client orders and always make a post on Facebook to advertise or a quote!

  • Check in on team, help and encourage them, and go out and talk to people!! Everyone is a potential customer or distributor! smile
  • Francisca Kear 1: Have a positive attitude; 2: Say my Affirmation; 3: Connect with my team and up-line for brain storm and ideas.
  • Polly Workinger The one thing I don’t do is actively prospect, because people are not “prospects” in my opinion. They are people with which to share a great opportunity, but it’s more for them, not me. I’m just here to help them reach that goal smile Have a great day!
  • Dionne Myers Tuplin I agree, Polly. You have a great day as well smile
  • Tiffany Hathorn Networking online. Getting my business out there to potential clients. Following up with people.

    Have 3 Tips that help you build your business everyday?  Share them in the comments below:

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