Monthly Archives: December 2012 Annouces Pre Launch of New Direct Sales Initiative

Today initiated a pre-launch of their direct sales initiative in the United States. Consultants will be rewarded for marketing featured listings to millions of local network marketing representatives.  An exclusive group of Consultants are being selected to  participate in this direct sales opportunity that will begin to offer in January, 2013.

Select reps who have a Featured Nationwide Listing on are now being invited to  join the team as Consultants.  The team of Consultants will be the first to take part in this new and exciting direct sales opportunity.  They’ll benefit from the generous 50% commission on listing sales, as well as support and industry training from experts who know what it takes to succeed in direct sales. will provde helpful tools and information for these new Consultants.  They will have access to a live list of open Nationwide and Statewide listings on  The sales board will provide fresh data to help consultants know what listings are currently available for sale as well as motivation and sales tips that they can then translate to their own business.  The board will recognize top sellers and motivate the team. Co-Founder Gabby Gmyrek said, “Our goal on the board is to provide a real financial opportunity for consultants while at the same time educating and motivating the team and celebrating individual achievements.  Whether you are new to network marketing or an experienced leader – our goal is to help all reps shorten the learning curve and accelerate their growth by teaming up with”  The new opportunity will offer a new income stream for Consultants and will provide simple strategies to help reps learn to increase their sales and income, and attract solid business partners. In return, the Consultants joining the team during pre-launch will provide feedback that will help guide the team as they strive to prefect the direct sales program before it’s official launch later in 2013. is bringing the direct selling opportunity to it’s reps because they firmly believe that the multi-billion dollar direct sales industry, in which many major corporations have engaged, is the best way to do business.  In referral marketing or direct selling, a rep will grow their business by word of mouth referral.  “Our reps are already referring their teams and networks to and we want to reward them financially for their referrals.” adds Gabby.  The small group of Consultants that is partnering with at the official January, 2013 pre-launch are being hand picked.  These Consultants will help local direct sales reps get found online, and will receive a 50% commision for their efforts.  They can be creative and use their skills to by having parties, demonstrations of the product one on one, or through the Internet or social media sites.  “ Consultants,” Gmyrek emphasizes, “will assist independent business owners as they take advantage of the resources available through to grow their business.”  Whether you are an established or emerging entrepreneur, you will immediately be able to use the tips and techniques.  “This exciting development at is yet another example of the innovation that we continue bringing to the changing world of online marketing,” Gmyrek concludes.

fsr photo white and greenAbout, the original online resource for finding representatives from any Network Marketing company is connecting people looking for products and opportunities with the direct sales and Network Marketing consultants that want to get found.  To learn more about,  go to , visit us at Google Plus at, or email

Flee From Hate Mischief and Jealousy

“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!” -Bob Marley

running away

Findsalesrep on facebook – “I LOVE THIS QUOTE! Looking for kindness, positive collaboration and team work has always been a big part of my direct sales experience! Surround yourself with optimistic, energetic, happy people that have new ideas about the future and your business will grow.”
It can be frightening when you really decide to put your vision in to reality.  There are consequences for making your dreams come true.  First, you have to priorities and that means putting your business first.  That could mean quitting your ‘real job’ to free up your time for your Direct Sales business.  If that gives you chills, you’re normal, but it if you are serious, it is your ‘end game’.  Burying your thoughts about your business or putting them off, ’till you are ready’ will only keep you from achieving the reality of financial freedom.
There are people that have had a vision and they ‘went for it’ and were successful in your company.  If you know them and spend some time with them, you will undoubtedly notice that their optimism is contagious and that their still creating and dreaming up new ways to grow.  They are imaginativeinnovativeintelligentinventiveoriginal,ready and resourceful.  They are the compete opposite of “haters”.  Being around them will plant a seed of positive thinking in you. That’s why it is soooooo important to connect. Get on calls, attend conventions and other company events. Partner with them.  Do what they do.  They did it!  Let them show you how it’s done!  Follow the right signs and ‘run as fast as you can from hate, mischief and jealousy’.

In 2013 Look For FindsalesRep to Continue It’s Rapid Growth As They Set Their Sights on Being a Big Player in the Multi-Billion Dollar Direct Sales Industry

Gabby and Bryan Gmyrek, the founders of recently shared with over 3000 of their fans, that in early 2012 they believed in the dream many reps share of earning a residual income from home. They were already successful in direct sales and were top recruiters for the company they represented, but they could see many people from various companies struggling due to lack of new prospects and wanted to help more people grow their businesses online. “Direct sales is an attractive industry and the companies offer amazing products and lucrative opportunities that people are interested in. We created to help connect people looking for those things with some of the best reps in the world,” says Gabby.

“Cracking the code to lead generation can be difficult for Reps from any company” says Bryan. “Direct Sales, also known as Network Marketing, is a word of mouth business. It works like this: someone who loves the products and opportunities that a direct sales company such as Scentsy or  Thirty-One offers and decides to become an independent representative (rep). They are encouraged to share their experiences with as many people as possible, but many reps run out of contacts quickly and are unable to grow a serious business.” That’s when many reps who had dreams of growing a residual income stream are forced to give up, but solved this problem for thousands of reps in 2012, by helping thousands of direct sales reps get found online.

“It was fast year” Gabby said. “We never had time to look the rearview mirror. With the mantra, ‘Let’s Get You Found’, we were always thinking of and implimenting the next new way to get reps found.” In 2012, was the first site to focus solely on helping independent direct sales reps from any company get found locally in their own town, city, state or even across the nation. Bryan, who has been making websites since 1997, says “ is like a dating service for direct sales reps seeking prospects and prospects seeking reps. We help bring people together and everyone benefits.” He used his computer skills to make it easy for anyone to get found online. Reps fill out a one-page form and purchase a Listing. Once their listing is live, people can find them using the site’s search engine and through various search engines such as Google. This kind of exposure can turn a struggling representatives business into a thriving source of income and pride. Here’s what a few reps have to say about their experiences with

“THANK YOU for the lead! I was able to reach the person inquiring, supply her with the tools to order the products needed … and I now have a new monthly customer, YAY!Thanks again!” Chandra V., Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing

“Just wanted to let you know that I just talked to the lead you sent me, and have already submitted her order.” Lori H., Mary Kay is not another “lead generation” company that sell leads to direct sales reps. Having tried some of those companies, the founders found that the leads were generally not very good – they were either “stale” or not interested. Conversely, prospects that come in through are live and actively looking for what reps sell, and are eager to purchase products or sign up. Many reps on even get calls directly from prospects, and find that their new problem is not having enough time to help everyone who is interested in their products. “It’s the perfect situation for both the reps and the person who is looking for a specific direct sales company or product. It’s a win win.” Adds Kim Newsom, a Silpada Rep from Maryland.

2012 was year of big growth for both the direct sales innovators at FindSalesRep and the reps they associated with through their website, blog, facebook, linkedin and pinterest. FindSalesRep helped thousands of reps get found. In 2013, look for FindsalesRep to continue it’s rapid growth as they set their sights on being a big player in the multi-billion dollar direct sales industry.

To learn more Like us on facebook at or visit Logo

The Best Christmas Ever

This was one of the best Christmases ever. Not because of the gifts under the tree. Those were fun. I love my new jewelry and jeans and my friends and family love their wraps, lockets, books and kitchen necessities, but it was all of those only once a year Christmas Moments, when you feel your heart touched deeply by the kind acts of the people around you that made this Christmas so memorable. Like magic, Christmas inspires us all to smile more, give more and reach out a help other more. I LOVE that! I wish it could last all year long!

The What Girls Want List was like that. First, the anticipation and hard work… everyone wanted to be on the list. Then the excitement… the List started to pop up everywhere and many Reps were found on the List. And then the gratitude began… there were so many supportive reps that reached out with sweet words and shared there success stories with us. The environment inspired a lot of smiles and I got caught up in the whole spirit of the thing. An idea began to grow, a desire to thank ALL of you for participating in the What Gils Want List. Without YOU the List, would have been just an great idea. YOU made it special. YOU made it work. YOU made it an easy, fun and successful place to get your Gift Shopping done. Thank YOU!


We want to help You Get Found and Grow Your Business on ! The savings codes below will be good until Jan. 31, 2013.

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BONUS Gift: All of these Listings are Featured Listings and will help you tap into our bonus leads AND…. if you are a Rep with a NationWide listing, YOU will also get on the OFFICIAL FindSaleRep, ‘Shop the List – Year round – LIST’. Just like the What Girls Want LIST, it’s a list you will want to be found on! It will LAUNCH Jan. 1st 2012 and Reps will get found all year long for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentines day and probably a whole lot more! We are so excited the announce the new LIST! Hope to see you on it!

Happy New Year and THANK YOU for helping us with the List! ❤

Do you have questions about FindSalesRep? Well, the most important thing to know about FSR is our main objective: “LET’S GET YOU FOUND!” Everyday, we are helping Reps get found and grow their business. We are always looking for new and creative ways to do just that. If you need more info, just ask or visit FSR at

Are You a Big Thinking Entrepreneur

Thinking BIG is a really big deal, because Entrepreneurs who are capable bigger thinking are the ones who earn the big  leadership positions in their companies.  They are ALWAYS the ones rising to the top.  You’ll notice them because they always have followers…  ‘duplicators’.

If you considered yourself a “bigger thinker,” then you are now ready for the unthinkable in business.  It’s time to prove yourself and turn those big ideas into really big action steps and take them.

Think you can’t do it???  Good, because often that is when BIG thinkers do their best thinking – when it’s do or die!  Being up against a hurtle can actually be a good thing for Big Thinker, because it allows you the opportunity to demonstrate the kind of entrepreneur you really are in your business.

So, put a smile on your face when when you come across a stumbling blocks, difficulties, or obstacles.  Your big thoughts turned in to actions in the face of tough times will reveal just how big your thinking really is!

Direct Sale Gifts and Shopping Ideas

Shopping for the right gift can be overwhelming.  Fortunately, Direct Sales Reps are here and ready to aide you.  They will help you find the right Direct Sales Gift for all the GIRLS on your list!

The problem:

For way too many men, shopping by them self, for the women in their life is like doing their own brain surgery – they’re in no condition to know where to start or what is really required to get the job done. Sure, they know where the mall is, but it will be Dec. 24th before they head there and they still won’t have the right gift by morning!

The Answer… Let our Direct Sales Reps Aid You!

We have asked them to reach out and help all those poor, unsuspecting women, who have no clue what fashion nightmares await them. We have  partner them to offer MEN a one stop shopping experience this December that will SIMPLIFY to whole process! Together, we  are GIVING MEN the PERFECT shopping experiences, so they can forget wasted hours looking for ‘the wrong’ clothes and avoid forced smiles at jewelry that will NEVER be worn.

So, are you ready to Find The Right Direct Sales Gift?  Meet the Gift Advisors – just follow the GIFT ADVISOR Link to the right –> OR  Click Here!  These Girls will come to your aide and make you a hero this holiday!
Gift Box

Build It Make It Create It

  •    Ruth SnyHi! My name is Ruth Sny. I am an Independent Consultant / Sales Manager with Tomboy Tools (4 years now). Tomboy Tools works with ergonomic specialists, designers and manufacturers to provide tools that are effective, lightweight, durable, high-quality and comfortable for women. Our Mission is to build confidence and empower women through education, quality tools and an independent business opportunity. Tomboy Tools is based out of Denver, Co. and is 10 years old. #2 Tomboy Tools sell pink tools ergonomically designed for women with smaller, padded handles, and lighter weight. Whether you are a hobbyist, crafter, painter, organizational wizard, antique dealer, junk aficionado or simply need to beautify your living space, Tomboy Tools has products to fit your project needs. #3 Our most popular sellers are #1– 6-in-1 7.2v Li-Ion Power Tool Set featuring one main body for 6 different heads, all in a beautiful aluminium carrying case. #2 Our 8v Li-Ion Impact Drill weighing less than 2 lbs. Including high quality canvas drill case, 2 drill tips, and battery charger. #3 Our Pink Diamond Tool Kit (which contains 17 tools, accessories and safety items, pink suede tool belt, and our signature “Host Only” pink tool box with a chrome plated top. ( SO POPULAR IT UNAVAILABLE UNTIL RESTOCKED!) #3A This time of year I sell a lot of Auto Kits That include pink jumper cables for positive — black for negative, Wide Mouth Canvas Bag, Extendable Screwdriver, LED Aluminum Flashlight, Digital Tire Gauge, and Rubber Grip Gloves. And when the weather starts to warm up I sell many #3B Garden Buckets, a 2 Gallon Bucket with a Transplanter, Cultivator, Knee pads, Rubber Grip Gloves (washable, too!), and the very BEST Garden Snips ever! #4 To see the on-line catalog go to I will be very happy to assist you at or http://www.facebook/ruthsny or 989-928-7315 for my personal touch! #6 Tomboy Tools offers Fund Raisers to help your charity earn funds, and we also offer monthly Host and Sales Specials. Specials for March are all about Painting to Beautify your home! Tools and even the paint! So Check out my website at
      Morgan Lady  Hi my name is Morgan Lady & I am an Organizer/Consultant for Clever Container!!! You will find all of your organization needs for every part of your life with Clever Container at GREAT prices Everyday! Some of our amazing products are the Bin There which is GREAT for kids, Sophisticated File Tote which is GREAT if you have a business, Wonderful Bag which is GREAT for the beach or workouts, Cargo Tote which is GREAT for the car & all of our Bins in all shapes & sizes which are GREAT for just about any use you can think of!!!! That’s the AWESOME thing about our products is that they can be used in ENDLESS WAYS!! You aren’t stuck to 1 use for them!! Whatever your imagination can think of you can use the for!!! Let’s get CREATIVE, HAVE SOME FUN & ORGANIZE!!!! You can find all of these AWESOME products at Check out my Facebook page to keep up with my Flash specials & NEW EXCLUSIVE products that Clever Container introduces at   This Spring I am offering that anyone who has a party & decides to use their Hostess rewards towards getting a Clever kit (has over $350 in products in it), whoever has the highest party in sales that month I will pay the shipping for the kit Plus a TON of other FREE goodies & products!!! It is a proven fact that when you are organized you are happier, healthier & less stressed, so let me help you on your road to a happier, healthier & less stressful life!!
     Tara Taffs-Yagonczak  I love my “job” as a manager with THE greatest scrapbooking and stamping company around – Close to My Heart! Not only do we have 2 exclusive Cricut cartridges with 700 cutting options, but we were also the first company to offer My Acrylix clear stamp sets! All of our beautiful paper packs coordinate beautifully with our ink pads and alcohol based markers. Each month, our company offers a different special, geared towards saving the customer on must-haves. I also offer monthly clubs and workshops. Please feel free to visit my website – – or my Facebook page –
      Esther Wied  Greetings! My name is Esther Wied and I am an Independent Thirty-One consultant. Thirty-One offers a wide variety of products to help a person stay organized at home, at work, and during day-to-day activities and I will work with you personally to help you choose the products to meet your needs. Not only are the totes, purses, wallets, and other items useful; they are practical, cute, and many can be personalized. They also make great individualized gifts! The monthly specials are always incredible but this month’s is very unique! Cindy Monroe, Thirty-One’s founder, is offering her favorite tote at 50% off! Our best selling item is the Large Utility Tote which can be used for organizing a car’s trunk or the back of an SUV, a beach/pool bag for Spring Break and summer pool fun, a grocery tote, and so much more! The Thermal Tote is the perfect way to take meals and snacks with you – personalize it and you won’t have your lunch lost again! You can view the catalog and this month’s special at and contact me with any questions! If you are interested in hosting a party, let me know and I will help you earn free items!

Personalize It

 Erica Chaves Sandwall  I am Erica Sandwall, a Creative Partner with Initials, Inc. since Jan 2013. Everything is personalized at Initials, Inc. and the personalization is always FREE. From our exclusive SASSYbag and SASSYtravel collections, spa collection, children/baby gifts, items for your home, and so much more – Initials, Inc. has something for everyone. The company is celebrating 8 years in business this year. Over 85% of our catalog is under $50.00…see the wonderful products at my favorite are the One Trip Wonder bag and 180 East/West bag. Also have a facebook page Erica D. Sandwall, Independent Creative Partner – Initials, Inc.

 Megan Weikel Schlechty  I am an independent creative partner with Initials, Inc. We have bags, luggage, and organization tools. And our personalization is always free. Hop over to and check out our new spring and summer collection in February we are offering a discount on our sarongs and in March on our cute new splash caddy. And as always, you can find our ever popular city totes! And now through march 31st we offering a special for new creative partners to earn their kit for free!!!

  Carol Noel Waters  Hi, I’m Carol! I am happy to help you with anything Thirty-One!!! Thirty-One Gifts is a great way to personalize products for yourself and those you love! We offer embroidery options on many products so you can personalize them with your name, many sports’ teams, activity, etc. They make perfect gifts for birthdays, showers, and holidays! We have an extensive line of purses, bags, totes, accessories and an organization collection with wall organizers, cubes, rectangles, storage containers, etc. We celebrate, encourage and reward women and make products to make your life easier!! Please check out my website where you can find the complete catalog!!! This month (February) you can get the “Keep-It-Caddy” for only $5 when you spend $31! Every month there is a new special, so if you want to be kept on my mailing list for updates, please let me know. Please PM me with any/ALL questions as I am so happy to help you in any way. God bless! ♥

  Kari Robison Fitzgerald  Hi, I’m Kari Fitzgerald. I’m an Independent Creative Director with Initials, Inc., offering Happy, Hip & Helpful Products – Personalized FREE…Always! Purses, tote bags, home organization, baby & kids items, and much more…no matter the gift, Initials, Inc. has something for everyone on your list!  Customer favorites include our ginormous ONE TRIP WONDER, the fabulous CITY TOTE, and our functional (and super cute!) GET A GRIP…available in 2 sizes!  We offer fabYOUlous customer and hostess Shopportunities each month! If you would like to be added to my e-newsletter list, please feel free to go to my Facebook page ( and use the Contact Me form and request to be added. My e-newsletter is sent out monthly, which includes all of our Shopportunities.  Take a peek at the entire Initials, Inc. catalog and shop online 24/7 at

 Tara Robison Taylor  Hi everyone!! My name is Tara Taylor, and I am an Independent LilyBean & Baxter Consultant.   LilyBean & Baxter is a brand new company!! We offer thousands of personalized gifts, wedding accessories, and more!! You can find something for everyone on your gift list, and nearly every product can be personalized!! Shop online at . Like my page on FaceBook, , and stay up to date on specials and sales each month. Place a $200 order, and get a FREE product sample as a thank you gift from me!!  Need help? email me at and I will send you information.

  Joey N Brandy Christopher  Hey there! My name is Brandy Christopher, Director of Training and Independent Consultant for 2 Cutie Patooties. We offer boutique style items with the southern charm of personalization at affordable prices.  We offer personalized bags, totes, shirts, bibs, dog mats, etc. for women, men, children, babies, and pets!  Our top 3 sellers are our market totes, personalized tumblers, and pet mats.  visit my online catalog at and let me know if you see anything you like. You will get 10% off all first time orders (can not be used with daily page special)  Simply view our catalog, choose your font and thread/vinyl colors listed in the back of catalog and email your orders to   I look forward to helping create your custom item or gift!

Sexy and Romantic

  Brandy Deibert-Palulis Hi everyone, my name is Brandy Palulis. I’m a Pure Romance consultant. If you are looking to spice up your love life, or just feel sexy about yourself, Pure Romance products are just the perfect fit for you.  We offer a full like of sexual enhancers from toys to books to lotions and even bath products. =)  Our top three sellers consist of:  ~Coochy (Coochy Shave Lotion has been a bestseller for 17 years! Shave with this gentle, unisex conditioning shave cream and keep those unsightly red bikini bumps from crashing your most intimate moments.) ~Just Like Me (Just Like Me® is the lubricant that feels just like your natural moisture! Perfectly imitate lubricant with this pH balanced, water based lubricant.) ~And for those of you into the big 50 SHADES OF GREY Trilogy… How about giving the famous BEN WA Balls a try… You can see all products available for purchase by visiting my website @ or visit me on my Facebook page:  Place your order directly with me (message me on Facebook – Brandy Deibert-Palulis, through my Facebook page OR email me with your order at and get 10% off your order (prior to taxes and shipping)  ALL purchases can be placed directly through my website ( OR to take advantage of the SPRING discount I’m offering.. personal message me (see #6 above) with your order and payment method, prefer paypal. 

  Ailene Slobodkin-Barkhoff  Hi everyone, My name is Ailene Barkhoff, and I’m a court reporter by day, the mom of two very spirited toddler boys and a Pure Romance consultant by night! I sell everything you need to make you smile from Coochy, which is our No. 1 seller for a smooth shave. It’s guaranteed to be rash free, so say good-bye those annoying bumps! It’s a steal at $19. It’s a product you won’t want to live without! Looking for some adult toys, I have a whole range of exciting adult toys for both men and women! We have them priced all over the spectrum. But all of our toys will have you smiling from ear to ear!!! One of our other best sellers is a heart massager, which can be used over and over again. It’s $15 and it’s great for any sore muscles you have or cramps! Worth every penny! My very favorite is a sex attractant called Basic Instinct with Pheremones. Looking to attract someone, whether it’s your current mate or a new one, this is what you need! I will be offering 10% off your total order if you mention this site! Check out my catalog at and see what I have to offer! Please give me a call at 847-863-2333 if you have any questions. If you want to place an order, please email it directly to me at and save on the costly shipping!  Right now there’s a special on starter kits. Don’t wait to get that smile back on your face!!!!

 Janet Erickson  Hello. My name is Janet Erickson & I am an Executive Director with Passion Parties. For over 18 years Passion Parties has been empowering women…from the bedroom to the bank. We sell romance products, to help take the boredom out of the bedroom. My top 3 sellers are out Toning Body Butter, which is a fabulous lotion that actually helps tone & reduce the appearance of cellulite, Our soothing sugar scrub, which helps “scrub” away that flaky dry skin & leaves you feelings soft & supple while smelling great & our Amazing Hot Massagers, nothing like a hot massage that can be re used over & over. You can head on over to my website at and get all your “romance” needs met as well as like my page for tons of tips & tricks to liven up the bedroom at Place an order this spring & use the code “spring” for an extra 10% off.

  Lori Kennedy  Hi there! My name is Lori Kennedy and am a consultant with Pure Romance. We help put the “O” back in Romance by offering the best in bath, beauty and Romance enhancement accessories. Pure Romance by Lori Kennedy has items for couples and for individuals; because whether you are in a relationship with another person or yourself, it is still a relationship and it needs to be nurtured.   One of my top selling couples accessories is called the Wingman, part of our “Diamond Collection”, which is exclusive to Pure Romance. Another item we offer is our line of Enhancement creams to help women who need a little “extra” when it comes time to “get in the mood.” We have 4 different kinds to suit every woman’s individuality.  We also have a line of beauty/pampering products and one of our most popular items from that line is our Coochy Moisturizing Shave Cream – leaves your skin feeling soft, silky and moisturized. This is also unisex; men can use it on their face as well and it makes an incredible hair conditioner! One of the more popular scents for our Coochy shave cream is Pink Cupcake. (It also comes in Original scent, Pomegranate, Pear Berry and Green Tea)My website can be found at where you can browse and purchase. All ordering, whether done through my website or directly through me ( is completely confidential. I will answer any questions you have with complete confidentiality and all items are shipped in discreet packaging. I am also available to consult at Ladies Night In parties where our hostesses get paid in FREE Products – yes, a shopping spree just for having your friends over! Feel free to email me with any questions. Thank you!

  MommaKatie Timby  Taboo Essentials by PartyGals is the place to shop for all your ROMANCE NEEDS. Mild to wild, we have everything from bed and bath products to things that BUZZ! I have been a FULL TIME Romance Consultant in South Louisiana for 2 years and I LOVE TO GET PAID TO PARTY! Check out my website, once you find what you need use the coupon code PGBC for $10 off (orders has to be over $35). Don’t forget to check out the “Whats New”!  You can find me on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest “PartyGal Katie Timby” for all my personal specials.   With Spring Coming, your gonna need some Fuzzi Wuzzi and Silky Soft to be ready for bathing suit season! Working out? Sore? Try our Hot Legs, AH-MAZ-ING! Miracle in a bottle, it hurts, it helps! And every woman needs a bullet *wink wink*

  Jessica Smith  Hello ladies and gentlemen. my name is Jessie Smith with Pure Romance by Jessie Smith. are you looking for ways to enhance your relationship? bring the sexy back? or just want to pamper yourself with feel good and smell good products? than this is where you would want to be. Pure Romance by Jessie carries bath, beauty and relationship enhancements products to fit every need, whether its a beginning couple or the couple who’s been there, done that. WE carry dramatic makeup and lotions, oils, massage lines. we have bath products from shave cream to skin oils lubricants and adult toys for individuals learning to experienced or seasoned vets. whatever you are looking for you can probably find it here. Our top three products for couples are the wingman, with whipped lubricant and “AMP” enhancement cream, for individual women we have the Jaguar, with just like me and “pure” enhancement cream, and for men is the golden girl again with the whipped and the new “O” enhancement cream. We offer complete confidentiality with our individual consultants or on our websites. everything gets shipped directly to you in a nondescript brown box just log on at and shop our online catalog.  Just let me know if you have questions.

  Tara Robison Taylor  Hi everyone!! My name is Tara Taylor, and I am an Independent OohLaLa Consultant. OohLaLa specializes in adult novelties and in home romance parties. Visit my site at . there is something for everyone, whether you just need items for a bachelorette party or you need something a little more rIsque. Like my page on FaceBook, and stay up to date on specials and sales each month. Place a $200 order, and get $30 in FREE product as a thank you gift from me!! Have questions? email me at