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 Jennifer Pond  I am Jennifer Pond the Owner of Essential Oils For You and Your Pet and an Executive with Young Living Essential Oils. Young Living Essential Oils offers products for EVERYONE who is looking for Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance. Young Living Essential Oils has product that will help with anything from colds, to flu, to non-toxic household, sprains, broken bones, allergies. You name it we have a product that best fits your needs. We carry nutritional products like the NingXia Red, to vitamins, and minerals. Personal care products as well, hair care, skin care. As well as the amazing Slique Weight Loss program. We offer products starting at nine dollars and up. With these products there is anywhere from 180-300 drops of essential oils in each bottle. You only need one drop of Essential oil so a bottle will last you a long time. So it is not just a 30 day supply its more. The 9 Everyday oil collection, the Thieves Collection, and Deep Relief roll on are the top three products. You can shop, learn more at or follow me on my Facebook group Essential Oils for U and UR pet Young Living Essential Oils has many different incentives monthly. So they are constantly changing. Spend 185 dollars on products and get four free oils. Go to then click on sign up here, then click customer and fill out the information to have your own customer log in page. Congratulations you just created your account. Please contact me at Jennifer Pond (701)-523-2238 cell phone, or email me at or message me on Facebook. Would love to help you on your Journey to Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance.

 Mary Guzzardo-Cunningham  Hi!! My name is Mary Cunningham and I the first product that I represent is L’BRI Pure n’ Natural. L’BRI is a natural skin care system where the first ingredient in our products is aloe gel instead of water. These are by far the best products I have ever used and my customers agree. I decided to represent these products because I tried them and loved so very much how my skin felt and looked that I just had to share them with others, so I signed up.  My website is and my Facebook page isNatural Aloe Vera Based Skin Care.  Our top 3 sellers are #1 our facial masque which we call our facelift in a bottle. Yes – after 1 use you really will see a difference!!! It’s our #1 WOW product. Next in line would be our facial peel – safely and gently sluffs off the top layer of dead skin on your face preparing it to better accept and absorb the moisturizer that you use. And then #3 our Trio – which is our basic skin care set – cleanser, freshener and moisturizer. On the home page of my website there is a button to get a 7 piece sample set of our entire skin care line for just shipping of $6.75. Kind of a ‘try before you buy’.  By clicking on the What’s New link, you can see all of the wonderful specials that we are offering at any given time. April is L’BRI’s 15 year anniversary – there are sure to be some wonderful specials during the month!!! Please feel free to email me via my website or PM me on Facebook for more information!!

 Michele Gachowski  Hi Everyone! I am Michele Gachowski and I am a Team Leader with NYR Organic. My company and business are about educating people on how to be more green and why this is important to our health and well-being.   Visit me at  or on fb at  All orders from my website and me will receive a free travel size product and orders over $100 will receive a free full sized product.  To place an order, please go to my website. Click on ‘shop.’ Add your items to the basket and start the check out. When you get to payment options, click on ‘send to consultant.’ I will then contact you for payment options and to answer any questions you may have. Your products (and bonus product) will be mailed directly to you!

  Harvey Whitman  Hello We’re Harvey and Judy and we represent Melaleuca where green non toxic products have cleaned up our home and many others. We’re cleaner, greener and are safe at home with a number of products ranging from home care, to beauty supplies to diet supplements. By just switching stores We’re able to spend less on everything we use and we save gas by getting home delivery. Look us up and here, brouse the catalog, and change your life. and We have many best selling products but probably the top three would be the heavy duty non toxic cleaner, the non toxic disinfectant, and the non toxic hand wash. Many times during the year the company offers coupons and specials on selected products. We’re so happy we switched to Melaleuca and would like to help others get a healthy, green, non toxic home.

 April Rottmann  Good day! I am April Rottmann, an Independent Norwex Consultant. I love helping people reduce the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning. Who wouldn’t rather clean with a silver-infused microfiber cloth and plain water? 🙂 Save time. Save money.  Norwex microfiber is silver-infused. Silver suffocates bacteria, not allowing it to bind and grow, and it dies in 24 hours or less. The microfiber traps the germs. The silver “kills” the germs. You are healthier. 99.9% bacteria die on Norwex cloths–Amazing! My top three recommendations (best sellers) are: 1) The Household Package. This package includes an Enviro Cloth (use with plain water to clean your house, vehicle, and all parts of your life), a Polish/Window Cloth (dries surfaces to a Streak-Free shine in seconds!), and a Dusting Mitt (NO spray/cleaners…just wipe surfaces with the mitt and dust clings to it. It polishes and shines as well!). This set is $48.00. Without the use of cleaners, you are saving money in no time! 🙂  2) Body Towel. Norwex offers several sizes of towels. They are all silver-infused microfiber (antibacterial). Hand towel, Large towel, X-Large towel, and Kid towel all are great for the skin and hair as they absorb the excess water without taking out the good moisture. I have super long hair, and I can have my hair towel-dried in under 10 minutes in my Norwex X-Large towel! 🙂 Oh, and did I mention that we have different colors now? Teal, Tauppe, Latte, and the Kid Towel is Bright Green with Yellow trim!  3) The Norwex Mop System. We have three mop options: Kid, Small, and Large. The mop cloths are machine-washable. They velcro onto the base. The mop pad options include a Dry Pad (dust, polish, shine), Wet Pad (use with, you guessed it, plain water!), and the newest addition to the mop family, the Tile Wet Mop Pad (great for tile and those deep grooved surfaces). The mops are not just for the floors! Great to clean walls, and even those tall, hard to reach windows! Use the Wet Pad to clean the windows, then put on the Dry Pad, attach Norwex Mop Clips, and wrap a Polish Cloth around the Dry Pad and push it into the Mop Clips. Dry to a streak-free shine! 🙂  For more info, I have a few options for you.  Website: Email: or look me up on Facebook: April Rottmann – Independent Norwex Consultant I look forward to hearing from you!   Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  Michelle Bednar  Hello I am Michelle Bednar I come across this skin care line that I had to be a part of. Lemongrass Spas offer a line of all natural and organic skin care products for your whole family. Products range from sugar scrubs to mineral cosmetics. LG offers a baby line as well as a men’s line. They offer a new special every month that you can get by hosting a party or shopping on the site. I finally found a company that is natural and works great on my skin. Lemongrass Spas only requires a $25 a mo min to stay active. They even offer $5 try me sets so if you are unsure you can try the products out with little out of pocket.

  Jeni Gauley Schultz  My name is Jeni and I’m an Executive Sales Leader with Norwex! I love to sell products ranging from cleaning your home to body care lines! Microfiber cloths and water!!!  Our top 3 sellers are Laundry Detergent, because it is filler free! Our Mop because it makes floor, wall and ceiling cleaning so easy! And of course the cloths! These cloths have micro silver in them, so no more worrying about stinky bacterial filled cloths!  I’d like to help you find what you are looking for.  Connect with me on My Website at  www.JeniSchultz.Norwex.Biz  or on Facebook my fan page is and you can view my online catalog right on my website! We have monthly specials with Norwex! They change each new month! I have personal specials for joining my team and for my customers. These have to be given through email or private message.  Contact me via or visit to place an order!

  Krys Pesta Hi everyone, my name is Krys Pesta and I am an Independent Business Owner with SwissJust Natural Health and Wellness. We offer 100% Pure, Natural Essential Oil-Infused Products for the Body and Mind. I feel so fortunate to have found SwissJust products last year when my health was at its worst. I have cut my pharmaceutical usage in HALF, and no longer have to take pain meds!! SwissJust has been helping millions of Men, Women and Children for 80 years in over 35 Countries lead Healthier, Happier Lives! Our Essential Oils and Oil-Infused Products are 100% Pure & Pharmaceutical Grade, and are EcoCert, BioSuisse and FDA approved.  Please check out our products on our company website:  For questions or to place an order I can be contacted at  Please check out my FB page:  Our top three items are: Anti-Stress (Independently tested and proven to stop a panic/anxiety attack in 30 seconds or less! Also great as a sleep-aid, for ADD, ADHD, OCD, when you are just plain stressed or overwhelmed!  31 Herbal Oil-“Tylenol in a bottle” Relieves Migraines and their symptoms, muscle tension/tight/sore muscles, tendonitis, etc.  Eucasol-A Eucalyptus spray to help with stuffy nose,great during cold and flu season, helps sleep apnea, snoring, is anti-viral helps kill germs and bacteria, can be sprayed on your pillowcase, a tissue, or even your scarf!

Aimee Lloyd  Aimee Lloyd  Hi Everyone! My name is Aimee Lloyd and I a Wildtree Independent Representative. Wildtree is a 17 year old company will All-Natural Foods that just became certified organic in November 2012! We are the only DS company thus far that can claim this. We offer live parties, catalog/online/FB parties, fundraisers, & freezer meal workshops (prep 10 meals in approx. 90 minutes). We are more than a “blends” company, we are a MEAL company   Three of the our bestsellers…*are the 13 flavors of grapeseed oil (endorsed by the American Heart Association) *our taco seasoning (60mg of sodium compared to store brands onf 400+mg per serving)*ANYTHING with garlic in the name I seem to sell a lot of too & FB pg: Aimee Lloyd , FB Fan pg: Aimee Lloyd’s Wildtree or pinterest: Aimee Lloyd  EVERY Month, for EVERY $50 you spend, you can choose from various bundles that month for 50% OFF.  To buy retail, simply go to  you have any further questions, msg me or email me at:

I can’t wait to be YOUR Wildtree Representative!

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