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  Lacee Cobble  Hi! My name is Lacee Cobble and I am an Independent Senior Consultant with The Pampered Chef! I love to help my hosts get FREE and Discounted items… the more free they get, the happier I am! And I am SO excited about our NEW SPRING PRODUCTS!! The Pampered Chef offers high-quality kitchen tools and products for EVERY Chef (or non-chef), there is truly something for everyone! Currently, my top 3 sellers are our Deep Covered Baker, our Brownie Pan, and our Mix ‘N Chop. You can find me on my website at or on facebook Pampered Chef(R) with Lacee 🙂 Anyone that hosts a show and mentions they found me from FindSalesRep will get a FREE cookbook when they host! Hosting a show or placing an order is SO easy! Contact me on Facebook or through my website to get started! Thanks!! 🙂
 Patti Neslusan Hello, I am Patti Neslusan and I am independant Team leader with The Pampered Chef. We have so many great products to make your life easier. Whether you love to cook, hate to cook or love to eat take out TPC can help. If you love to cook you will be amazed by our catalog. If you hate to cook you will be amazed to find quick easy and satisfying recipes that come with each of our products. If you love takeout you’ll be happy to know that our stoneware will keep your takeout pizza HOT for an additional 20 minutes. I am always available to my hosts, recruits and customers. You can contact me via my personal website, email or my cell phone. My website is or email me If I have to pick 3 products and this is DIFFICULT. The Deep Covered Baker is my and many of my customers favorite. It’s atoneware and just the perfect size for one pot meals. You can roast a chicken in the microwave in 20 minutes. You can make a 5 MINUTE lava cake or you can make the best bread. I love all the stoneware. Right NOW you can get a FREE Deep Covered BAker for joining my team or booking a show. Please message me me as quick as you can February is almost over. Take a peak at my website. You just have to see the new WHITE ceramic cookware.
  Laura Evans Westbrook  Hi! My name is Laura Westbrook and I am an Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef. I offer in home cooking shows, catalog shows, and online shows through Facebook. Our new Spring Catalog of all of our cookware/bakeware/pantry items and cooking tools will launch March 1st.   My top seller is the stoneware! We have a variety of stoneware that is microwavable, toaster oven, regular oven and refrigerator safe. My favorite dish to cook in the Deep Covered Baker is a whole chicken. I rinse the chicken, season it, and pop it in the microwave for 25 minutes!!!! Done, just like that and the moistest chicken you have ever tasted. Runner up favorites are too many to list: garlic press, food chopper, microwave chip maker…..depends on your needs.  We have monthly host and guest specials which gives you free product and discounted prices. We also are always looking for people to join our business to help bring cooking back to the table the easy and delicious way! No fuss, no muss!!!   Check me out at or email me at  Near or far, I am always willing to help find what you need to get you cooking and saving money!!!
 Margaret Toomey Albert  Hey, I’m Margaret with The Pampered Chef. We make high-quality kitchen products that help you get meal prep done in a jiffy so you can enjoy the time with your family. Busy families are not the only people we cater too, the products are professional-quality, and are useful to even those of you who enjoy putting the extra effort into your cooking to make everything from scratch. We have all the tools, it’s up to you how to put them to the best use!  My top seller is the Deep Covered Baker. It’s a stoneware “magic pot” that can go in the fridge, microwave, and oven. I often use it to make “dinner in a dash” like 12 minute pork tenderloin, or 30 minute whole chicken. It comes with a free e-recipe booklet from me when you buy it.  My next best seller is the garlic press. You just pop a clove of garlic in, and press out the garlic. You don’t even have to take the skin off the clove before you press!  My third best seller is the brownie pan. It has individual wells which make perfect brownies, but also individual servings of omelets, pizzas, lasagnas, cakes, etc. This also comes with a free e-recipe booklet.   To shop online check out my website Follow me on FB for recipes, tips, and tricks!  Free gift with $60 purchase. Message me on FB — Margaret Toomey Albert   Either shop directly with my secure or message me for your order of $60 or more so I can be sure you get your free gift!
  Melissa M Anderson Hi, my name is Melissa Anderson and I am an Independent Consultant for the Pampered Chef.   We offer quality products to make cooking easier, more fun, and way less expensive then eating out.  My best sellers would have to be the Deep Covered Baker (AKA the magic pot), The Mix N Chop, and a variety of our delicious sauces and rubs offered in the Pampered Pantry.  Visit me at   You can browse through our catalog and while you are there, don’t forget to check out the many items that are being discontinues and offered up to 75% off! For all orders placed in the Spring, I will add a copy of the new 2013 Spring/Summer Season’s Best Recipe Collection. This way you will have 15 new recipes to try out your new Pampered Chef products.   If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or email me at I look forward to helping you!
  Ashley Pyrc  Hi! My name is Ashley Pyrc and I am with The Pampered Chef. We are an amazing company that sells kitchen products and gadgets that make your time in the kitchen easier and simpler. We want you to spend more time with the family and not in the kitchen! We have 46 BRAND NEW products being released on March 1st! Want a sneak peek?? Contact me!  We have a ton of different collections that we are known for. Our Stoneware is extremely popular as well as our lifetime guarantee on cookware and knives. Our top 3 sellers are our Large Pizza Stone, the Mix n Chop, and the Deep Covered Baker.  Want more information? Contact me at  Want to order?  Stop over and “like” my page for the latest deals, offered by me only! 🙂
  Karen Wittig Haley  Hello! My name is Karen Haley and I am an Independent Senior Consultant with The Pampered Chef!  Each piece is designed to make cooking faster and easier so that customers can spend less time in the kitchen and more with their families. Eating out is expensive ~ eating with your family is priceless! And I can help make it “painless”!  My 3 top products are (1) our Round Covered Baker, $49, it is the perfect stone for a main dish for two or a side for four; (2) our Garlic Press, $16.50, I use a lot of garlic and nothing is better than fresh garlic; (3) Manual Food Processor, $49.00, just drop in ingredients and pump the handle! It chops, slices and blends ingredients in seconds. The more you pump, the finer the cuts.  Visit my personal website at or follow me on Facebook at
  Tara Robison Taylor  Hi everyone!! My name is Tara Taylor, and I am an Independent Tupperware Consultant.  Tupperware specializes in kitchenware and products that save you time in the kitchen. Visit my site at You can browse our products and  let me help you find what you are looking for. Place an order before March 8th and you can take advantage of the Buy 1 Get 1 Free Special on our Impressions 4pc bowl set for just $59? Like my page on FaceBook,, and stay up to date on specials and sales each month. Place a $200 order, and get $20 in FREE product as a thank you gift from me!! If need help,  email me at and I will send you more information.

  Roberta Smith  Hello and welcome to Berta’s Tupperware! I’d like to take a moment to thank you for stopping by! As a small business owner, I appreciate your patronage. After all, YOU are the heart of my business! We have been providing you with easy food storage systems for over 60 years! But we’re not just bowls anymore! We now have everything you’ll need to prepare, cook and serve your family nutritious meals for less! As always, we back our products with a limited lifetime warranty!  Should you need assistance, please feel free to use the contact button in the menu to the left on my website. I’d be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have. To save time, please have a look at the Tupperwave Stack Cooker for microwave meals in less than 30 minutes. To save space, waste and taste, try our Modular Mates or Fridgesmarts for your dry goods and produce! I can help you organize your pantry into centers for snacking, baking, breakfast and more!  Please visit my personal website at:  Find me on FaceBook at:  Our specials will vary from month to month. Please be sure to check back again soon to see what’s new!  Please visit my website to view our online specials and current catalogs. You will find several choices of products categorized for your convenience. To select your choices, simply click add to cart. When finished shopping just proceed to checkout. From there, you have the option of making an account so you can return in the future, or by continuing without making an account. Thank you for shopping with Tupperware!

  LaKesha Gaines  Hi my name is LaKesha Gregg and I am a Princess House Consultant we offer Kitchen Essentials such as Crystal Stemware, Dinnerware, and Flatware. We have Stainless Steel Cookware as well some beautiful Crystal Collectible Items. Princess House has been in business for 50 years this year. Our Miracle dish is one of our top sellers it sells for $79.95 or at $17.95 as a Hostess Item. Our Healthier cooking starter set is another top seller it sells for $299 every pan comes with its own lid. We offer layaway for our cookware sets. Our Fantasia Domed Cake Plate/ Punch bowl is also a top seller it sells for $89.95 or can purchased @ $ 19.95 as a Hostess item. To view these items go to We also have customer specials that offer discounted products monthly. For any questions or to place an order I can be reached @ 443-857-9670. I am here to help with any and all of your shopping needs.


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  1. All I see here is Pampered Chef, where do you have Tupperware listed? I wouldn’t mind finding out more, so I can list mine on here. Eva with Tupperware.

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