The Best Christmas Ever

This was one of the best Christmases ever. Not because of the gifts under the tree. Those were fun. I love my new jewelry and jeans and my friends and family love their wraps, lockets, books and kitchen necessities, but it was all of those only once a year Christmas Moments, when you feel your heart touched deeply by the kind acts of the people around you that made this Christmas so memorable. Like magic, Christmas inspires us all to smile more, give more and reach out a help other more. I LOVE that! I wish it could last all year long!

The What Girls Want List was like that. First, the anticipation and hard work… everyone wanted to be on the list. Then the excitement… the List started to pop up everywhere and many Reps were found on the List. And then the gratitude began… there were so many supportive reps that reached out with sweet words and shared there success stories with us. The environment inspired a lot of smiles and I got caught up in the whole spirit of the thing. An idea began to grow, a desire to thank ALL of you for participating in the What Gils Want List. Without YOU the List, would have been just an great idea. YOU made it special. YOU made it work. YOU made it an easy, fun and successful place to get your Gift Shopping done. Thank YOU!


We want to help You Get Found and Grow Your Business on ! The savings codes below will be good until Jan. 31, 2013.

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Featured Statewide Listing – Coupon Code S125 Regular Price $299.88 -SAVINGS $174.88 ———— YOUR PRICE $125
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Featured Nationwide Listing – Coupon Code N213 Regular Price $599.88 – SAVINGS $386.88 ———— YOUR PRICE $213
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BONUS Gift: All of these Listings are Featured Listings and will help you tap into our bonus leads AND…. if you are a Rep with a NationWide listing, YOU will also get on the OFFICIAL FindSaleRep, ‘Shop the List – Year round – LIST’. Just like the What Girls Want LIST, it’s a list you will want to be found on! It will LAUNCH Jan. 1st 2012 and Reps will get found all year long for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentines day and probably a whole lot more! We are so excited the announce the new LIST! Hope to see you on it!

Happy New Year and THANK YOU for helping us with the List! ❤

Do you have questions about FindSalesRep? Well, the most important thing to know about FSR is our main objective: “LET’S GET YOU FOUND!” Everyday, we are helping Reps get found and grow their business. We are always looking for new and creative ways to do just that. If you need more info, just ask or visit FSR at

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