Training Direct Sales Sells on Facebook

There are a lot of FB Trainings circling around. Have you taken one? We have started a list of all of our BEST Facebook Training Tips here, but we know you all too well. We know that if you are reading this BLOG, then you are Direct Sales Diva that is savvy and you know how to tear up fb to build your business. So, give a little to the community here and share a tip! Thanks in advance for all your help!  – that will get you found!

Please learn from the tips below and then add your tips to this resource in the comments below:

  •   Findsalesrep Get Found If you are in direct sales, you need to have a fb page that associates you with your company. For example: Karen White – Independent Scentsy Consultant This pg should have your companies name in the title – if your company allows it. On this page you should post any company news, new products, savings events, bonus opportunities and and specials that you may be personally offering. Daily pictures are essential on this pg.
  •  Want to get noticed by google? Having a fb pg with your company name and your location can help you ‘show up’. Example: Karen White – Independent Scensty Rep – New Mexico
  • People love to save too. Having a fb page that let’s people know they will get a great deal can attract new customers too. Example: Karen’s Coupons – Independent Scentsy Consultant
  •  Some people are looking for a team to join. These are people that know the business and know how important support can be. Example: Independent Scensy Consultants Unite – Team United We Scent
  •  Amy Engeldinger Thanks for the tip!
  •  Findsalesrep Get Found Tiffany Hathorn and Amy Engeldnger, can you please tell us what you learned. It would be awesome if you could just pick you 3 top ides that you now use. Thanks!
  •  Amy Engeldinger Don’t go liking other FB pages of your team members or company. Why? A customer can be confused to what page is yours and may order from the wrong person.
  •  Tiffany Hathorn Well, one thing I have learned is to write down a list of your target prospect’s qualities. What do they like? Where do they hang out? What do they do? By making a list of the perfect prospect you don’t waste so much time with those people who are not going to be interested. You weed them right out. Also, if you are building your team, you want to look for people like YOU. People with the same entrepreneurial spirit, same goals, same mindset. SO think about your favorite fan pages to follow. The gurus you follow. The pages you subscribe to for their motivational posts and business advice. The ones about building an income online or at home. Those are where you will find people like you. Finally, stop just posting your ads everywhere. No one cares! Give them content. Message people privately and get to know them. 10 targeted leads that you connect with will get you much further than 100 leads that just see your ads. Oh, and when it comes to like ladders and all these “business advertising’ groups — don’t depend on those to build your biz. Use them to network with other entrepreneurs. That’s a mix of what I have learned from experience and through some webinars. There is sooooo much more, but I don’t want to write a book here. Lol
  •  Findsalesrep Get Found Here is another: What ever you say or post on fb should be said authentically. FB is a social place, not a comercial. Be human. Also, be a leader and others will follow. Look for opportunities to share your ideas and support others. That kind of good positive karma will come back to you. People are people and all of us like to be around positive environments. Kind words stay with us and when we want something, we remember who has it, by how they touched our lives. In summery, BE NICE!
  •   Tiffany Hathorn Oh, and definitely follow the 90-10 rule on your fan pages — 90% content, 10% advertising/promoting. No one wants to be sold to all the time.
  •  Findsalesrep Get Found More about being a leader: It’s important to have a fb page where you are the team leader. This can be your “challenge” pg, your “Coaching” pg or your inspiration pg. On this page look for ways to involve your friends and followers. Get them involved, taking and loving what you have to offer. Make it exciting, fun and “sharable”.
  •  Tiffany Hathorn Know your company’s rules about what you can and can’t do online.
  •  Findsalesrep Get Found More about attitude: Keeping everything positive does not mean be fake. It’s a mind set that if you are planning to be successful, you must adopt. Decide who you want to be Dream, Believe, Become. OR Dread, Complain, Conspire. One path will raise up you and your fb fans. The other, well, I don’t really know what happens if you choose the other. So, just don’t do that.
  •  Findsalesrep Get Found More about company rules: Yes, know your rules. Getting that call from “compliance’ is scare and yes I say that from experience. BUT…. most companies really just want to work with you. They don’t want to lose you. They usually will work with you if you say, “sorry, I did not know and won’t do it again”. Most use the 3 strikes and you are out rule. So, if you are only on strike one, you are probably ok.
  •  Findsalesrep Get Found Thanks for your help Tiffany Hathorn. Knew I could count on you!  Who else has a tip for this growing DS Community?

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