The Most Popular and Fastest Growing Direct Sales Companies to Join In 2013

We went searching for the latest Direct Sales Industry News.   Specifically: We wanted to know which new companies were showing signs of growth.

So, we put on our walking boots, hit the streets and asked a few Direct Sales Reps about companies in Pre Launch or maybe just in it’s first year. The responses were very telling:

 Brandie Evans Im with Cloud 9 Parties. We launched in the US on July 9, 2012 and in less than 6 months had nearly 1000 reps  Reps host romantic parties or pleasure parties with Cloud 9 Parties.
  Erin Ferguson Perfectly Posh- amazing company- amazing founders.  Started on september 1, 2011. Absolutely amazing pure, pampering products and they are made here in the USA. I am in LOVe with the bath bombinators!!!!!
 Jennifer Woodall I am an Independent Consultant with Damsel in Defense. We turned 1 in September 2012. We are all about equipping, educating and empowering women. We have personal protection products…stun guns, pepper sprays and other safety items.
  Jennifer Mark Rep Burns I am now in pre-launch with LilyBean&Baxter. I cannot wait for our launch. If you like personalized products and just plain old everything like backpacks, ipad cases, totes, etc. this is the business that will definitely put you ahead of the rest. Go to My id is 236. If you want to know more, please PM me. Its only $15 to sign up.
  Anna Danneker I am with LilyBean & Baxter too and we just launched on 1/1… I’ve been with them since the prelaunch stages and would love to discuss.  People LOVE LilyBean & Baxter because of the great selection of products at a competitive (and good) price! You can choose to personalize your items or not… the options are endless for what you can do!  LilyBean & Baxter has less than 1,000 consultants in the US and Canada, but we have people signing up every day to get in on this HOT company! It’s only $15 to join until some time around the middle of this month and the best part is that you can choose to have a kit or not… you can buy a premade kit, build your own kit, or not have a kit at all.  I know I’m writing a lot, but LilyBean & Baxter truly is an amazing company that everyone needs to check out!  Feel free to PM me with any questions!
Jessica Louviere Clements Findsalesrep Get Found I am with Lily Bean and Baxter as well. The company just launched as of January 1st 2013. The company was started by 2 women, it was branched off of another company called Custom Creations (I beleive) that went under. They are one of many that did branch off, but in my opinion, the one that will really stand out!. Tia Barber and Diana Ferrato are the founders, they work their butts off to make sure that this company is solid. I bet they are a HOT search, have you seen the products? So amazingly cute! AND they are working very hard to create their OWN product line that cannot be duplicated.
  Tia Barber

Findsalesrep Get Found I’m one of the owners of LilyBean & Baxter, ask me anything you wanna know!

 Findsalesrep Get Found  Tia Barber I am getting ready to write an article about new companies that are trending. I know you guys are HOT because we have people searching for you.  Most new companies just don’t have people looking for them so early, but you do!!! Awesome! So, give me some specifics. # of Reps so far? company growth? Unique products? What can I say about you and your achievements so far? Thanks in advance! Learn more about LilyBean & Baxter at

  Tia Barber

We started LilyBean & Baxter in November of 2012 with just about 20 girls. We had all been part of another company called Celebrated Creations, and after it shut down Diana Ferrato and Myself joined forces to create a company that was not only dedicated to making it EASY for every single rep to be successful, but that you could also do without having to buy one single thing, have one single party, or lug around tons of inventory if you didn’t want to! We have at this point, just shy of 1000 reps, and most of those joined during the month of December alone! We have been SO blessed since day 1 of this amazing journey, and we are now starting the process of manufacturing our OWN unique line of bags/totes/etc which will feature our trademarked logo. We are starting to offer branded items for sale exclusively to our reps, so they get the first peek at what’s coming! We are also embarking on an amazing path to offer personalized edibles as well! (spoiler alert! I can’t tell you more just yet  ) We outgrew the first level of our cart software in the first two weeks we started letting people buy, and haven’t stopped having to upgrade since! We have an INCREDIBLY aggressive monthly rate for a rep’s personalized website link, which INCLUDES company email! Our goal is to shake up the DS industry with it’s overpriced charges to the reps, that are only designed to make that company money, not help the consultant! We are still growing every single day, still adding 10+ new products a week and are still having a few growing pains, but we have an amazing group of reps (guys included!) that are beyond excited to see where this company goes. Hope that helps you!
  Tara Robison Taylor So blessed to have found LilyBean and Baxter!!!
 Celeste Heairld Markgirl MA I’m also with Lilly bean & Baxter Great product line!
  Amy L. Terrell-Marek Origami Owl is making history, we had enrolled over 1000 designers in our 1st months. We are now at our 1st year anniversary and we are over 9000 designers in the US.  And Origami Origami Owl was started by a teenager!!!  I don’t know company $ specifics but I am doing wonderful. I have built a team of 26 girls since I joined looking to put more on my team.
  Amy McKechney Lang I am with Kitsy Lane which launched in July 2012. Kitsy Lane sells jewelry, scarves and hair accessories. The best part of Kitsy Lane is that there is no cost to become a Boutique Owner! You make 15-25% commission on all of your sales (Nerium, including your own purchases!). You also earn 15% on the commission earned by any boutique owners that sign up under you.

stylish new finds from emerging designers and on-trend house brands. All hand-picked, and all at up to 60% off. Go grab some style!
  Heather Nickless I started up a side business as a Founding Brand Promoter for Vidacup International (Just got a nationwide listing for that cause I love you guys!). They just started in August. They offer a FREE test drive before getting a kit. You get access to the back office and two personal websites. The products are amazing. They have made a cup of coffee and energy drinks even better and it’s delicious (and addicting). It is still in prelaunch. Let me know if you need any info on it.
  Giorgianna Michelle Goudas I might be able to help with this.. I need to find out about one particular company – 🙂
  Melissa Lindsay Kieffer I’m with GraceAdele … Amazing new handbags!! Which just Launched on August 1st. 2012. Introducing Grace Adele:  or
  Tammy Somers Ferguson Hey, Pink Zebra is a brand new candle company. We launched September 2011 and are growing strong. We get our Soy for our candles and sprinkles from the Farmers here in the gool Ole’ USA. Great hostess benefits, Great compensation plan, Wonderful True Ground Floor Opportunity. Just go to check it out. Our Kits are $25 dollars off right now so great time to join.

Pink Zebra is an exciting new direct sales division of our accomplished home fragrance products company.

Pink Zebra has over 4300 consultants in the USA and we just opened up in Alaska, Hawaii, and PruetoRico. We have some ladies already making 6 digit figures a year. We are doing our Drive to 5K this month and the 5,000 person to join will get 200 pink dollars to use for their business and also the recruit who shared the opportunity with them.

  Dee Dee Rebitt I am with a company that is US based just launched in August 2012 in Canada and the company is called Javita. Imagine if you just drank a cup of delicious coffee each day and lost weight,crazy hey!? Well stop imagining and do it…switch 1 cup of coffee a day to Javita Burn & Control coffee and you wont have to keep saying you need to lose weight, you will be losing it and loving it!
  Amanda Blizzard Javita just launched in Canada, and our weightloss coffee is all the rage!! We use quality herbs to make your daily cup a’joe GOOD for you!! Plus, can’t beat losing weight by drinking coffee   We have a promotion for everyone to recieve a FREE BOX right now too!! Gotta spread the word    Check out for details!  I should add that we’ve only been around since July 2011, and currently have only 4000 distributors in the world (And we ship to over 40 countries!)
 Irene Wurm Javita is a great NEW company! You can take the Change your Coffee CHALLENGE!! Win a Caribbean Cruise!! 1. Be a (or become) a Preferred Customer or Promoter 2. submit a 1 min (or less) video about why you like Javita and get a Stainless Mug and a free box of Javita 3. Each month from January to April a video will be chosen to WIN AN iPAD!! 4. One video will be chosen from all that are entered to win a trip to FLORIDA and a 4 – day 3 – night cruise to the CARIBBEAN!! Message me for more info!! Purchase your coffee on Watch this video to understand how the coffee works.
  Debe Portman Bloom NeriumAD is just a year old…and already has made direct sales history. One product (for now) used once at night. This year they are opening Canada and Mexico and introducing another product. I love the opportunity this company offers and of course the amazing productAnd the results are REAL!  In their first 3 months of being in the market, Success magazine had them on their cover–the editor admitted that was unheard of prior. Sales have skyrocketed. Sales force is strong and growing. The product cannot be duplicated due to protected ingredients. It’s truly amazing. Want to try it?
 Irene Wurm I’m with a company in pre-launch to Canada, here is my website :  Nerium did over $40 million in sales their first year and almost $20 million last month their 15th. We have a 98% product reorder rate of customers not doing the business. We shipped $2.5 million dollars in free product last month to the sales team to promote their business. How many companies give you free inventory?  Find out why we are the first company in the 40+ years of the Direct Selling Association to make the Top 100 their first year, actually No. 72. The average age of companies 73-100 was a little over 19 years.  If you want to try Nerium and live in the USA (can’t in Canada yet until it is launched here) signup as a preferred customer on my website at . This is your Microsoft moment…don’t let it pass you by!!!  
  Michele Kollman-Pinkney Simply You was founded in 2011. This year we are opening up to the US market  The top earners and recruiters will be announced at our launch party Wednesday evening. This is our next big event… Wednesday January 16, Brampton, on. Launch of our Spring and Summer line. Right now there is a half price starter kit avail. Extra bonuses and discounted items avail. as well…. Contact me if you require more info… I look forward to hearing from you!

  Cheryl-Louie Kotori  ItWorks Global started out in 2001 but introduced the wraps in 2006. It wasn’t until 2012 that the sales started taking off. We went from reporting 36 million in sales and only few thousands of distributors to over 100 million in sales as of June 2012 and reported 30,000 distributors collecting a check. There is still room for growth! Only about 1% of the nation knows about the company. We are available in some other countries and every APO address around the globe!  It works Global is helping change lives with their body wraps and weight loss supplements! The company has doubled if not tripled in sales in just the last year! Check it out! Http://  Did I mention we are a debt free company! ?   Mile stones: We will be featured for the second time on next months edition of success from home for helping get people out of debt with their $10,000 GOOD bonus.

Are you a Rep early in a NEW DIRECT SALES COMPANY?  

We want to hear from you.  Share the details with us in the comments below.  Thanks!

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  1. Grace Adele is brand new, it launched on August 01, 2012, it is part of Scentsy Family. Scentsy is one of the first direct-sales companies to have three companies and one compensation plan.
    Grace Adele is a style system, my website is interactive so you can go shopping and pick out your bag and pick styles and colors that you want to try BEFORE you buy. The bags are gorgeous, they come in various styles and colors and you can mix and match just about everything. Each bag has a place (pocket) to put everything. We have fun accessories and jewelry too.
    Our products truly inspire your senses. Grace Adele products look and feel wonderful. Once you are done choosing your style, once you put that bag on your shoulder, or that piece of jewelry around your neck, you will look and feel FABULOUS!
    I would love for you to join my team so we can share this wonderful journey together.

  2. IT Works global is growing like crazy! So many products are being embraced and are filling a void where they were needed. I love knowing the products are naturally based and the wraps are so hot!

  3. I can’t believe Origami Owl is not on here!!!!! Check it out. It is a custom jewelry company where you make your own living locket. Very unique and fun!!! I would love to share with you… Origami Owl was opened up to direct sales in October of 2011 and has been growing strong ever since…. Please contact me if you would like to hear more about this amazing opportunity. I would love to help mentor you 🙂

  4. South Hill Design is a great new customized jewelry company that is a few weeks pre-launch. This is a fabulous time to join this company. The owners really listen and respond to their consultants requests!
    We host Socials where hostesses invite friend over to share their story and wear their story by creating personalized lockets. We have company sponsored hostess benefits that are VERY generous, great commission schedules, and a large product line that is being added to weekly! It’s such an exciting time to be a part of SHD. There is no waiting list to become an Artist and I would be so excited to have you on my team!
    Check it out and let me know what you think. Independent Artist #2335

  5. Our company is expanding into ASIA – Singapore, Malasia, Thailand, Korea and Japan – if you know anyone there looking to be the “First Mover” and have that advantage contact me. This is a multinational debt free company with over $100M in sales – you can do it too

  6. Hello, my name is Diana Faulconer. I have been in Direct Sales for years but I have never experienced the success as I have with this hot new company called, Simply Said. You can simply, “Express yourself with vinyl.” Our vinyls are all custom made to your persoanlization with over 50 color choices, interior, exterior or iron ons. We are most proud that our vinyls are made in the US.
    Create a verse, quote or something of your personal interest or choose from out catalog.
    Simply Said is a 4 year old company and growing strong. Still true ground floor opportunity. Be the first to introduce Simply Said in your area.

  7. I am Janine Wahl and am with Jewel Kade. We specialize in custom jewelry such as photo charms, stamped pieces and custom word canvases inspired by subway wall art. All of it is stunning!
    The company has been in the US since 2009 and has recently expanded into Canada starting in the fall of 2012.
    There are only 70 stylists in Canada. As of right now, many large areas, even provinces are without representation!

    Come check me out at
    We need stylists to take this opportunity and run with it!

  8. I am a Brand Partner in Arkansas for NERIUM INTERNATIONAL. This company has a revolutionary anti-aging product that reduces fine lines and wrinkles. They have a30 day money back guarantee on their product and a 3UR Free program where you can get your product for free when you refer 3 people. Let me help you get the skin you have always wanted.

  9. It Works Global is exploding. This is a product driven company because they are the only one with the “Skinny Wrap”. There are wellness products to help customers protect their body sculpting achievements from the wraps too, but it’s the wrap that brings people in. I’ve never seen a wellness product that has such measurable results, put it on and within 45 minutes it works. Top that off with a compensation plan that truly rewards mentorship and team building and you have a successful independent rep business waiting to happen.

  10. It Works! I am so excited to have gotten the chance to sell this amazing product! It can truly change your life and I cannot wait to see how it will continue to change mine. They have so much to offer to not only give you physical health but also financial health. Join my team and we can build a new future together!

  11. Hello! I am with Plexus Worldwide and we offer a weight loss product (among other things) called Plexus Slim. What sets us apart from other weight loss products is that our product was designed for diabetics. Plexus Slim levels out your blood sugar and the side effect is WEIGHT LOSS. Please visit Since May, 2013 I have lost 38 lbs.

  12. I would love to introduce you to Plexus Worldwide! We have a great product called Plexus Slim (among other products) and what sets us apart is that it was designed for diabetics to level out their blood sugar, a side effect of the product – Weight Loss! It’s so simple to use, it is not a meal replacement, you simple pour a the packet into a bottle of water in the morning, drink it then go about your day. There have been a great deal of testimonies as far as other things it has helped with. Visit me at

  13. Your Inspiration at Home – New to US and Canada!!!
    This is a ground floor opportunity and now is the time to get in. There are only a little over 300 consultants in the US so far.

    Imagine getting paid to share recipes, eat and laugh! That’s the life of a Your Inspiration at Home Consultant. Whether you choose it for a little extra spending money; to earn incentive travel; or to have your own successful business – this opportunity doesn’t just fit your lifestyle – it’s already a part of your lifestyle. Joining Your Inspiration at Home now means getting in on the start of something that’s new, fresh, fun and growing fast. Consultants can earn from 25 – 35% selling commissions on regular retail products dependent on your monthly sales volume. Imagine earning a great income entertaining and taste-testing wonderful food with friends!

    3 Kit Options: $59, $99 or $179 (Tax and shipping not included)

    US Websites coming soon! Till then, check out our products via the corporate website:

    Contact me at or call me at 319-430-0701 with any questions.

    If you choose to join my team, here are the links to do so. When it asks for enroller and sponsor, use 2836401:

    The link to sign up a new American consultant is:

    The link to sign up a new UK consultant is:

    Thank you!


    I am a Pink Zebra Independent consultant! Its my second job. But it doesn’t feel like a job!

    My name is Maria Hough.
    Call or text 217-417-3786. I can set you up with your own business! I will also
    refund you $25 cash once you join my team! You will not be alone! I will help
    you through every step! Not that it is hard in the first place! I have done
    very well with Pink Zebra and I am more than willing to share everything I have
    learned! So if you would like to pick your own hours. Work from Home. Have fun
    while your working- this is a great opportunity!

    If you are already in direct sales or have been in direct sales
    you will see this is a ground floor opportunity! Pink Zebra is a newly formed
    company just started in Sept 2011.

    They have many perks for their consultants! Including earning
    Ipad and trips- necklaces ect. As well as bonuses for good performance!

    I think Pink Zebra is the best direct sales company out there
    now! I did a lot of research before deciding which to join. And I feel I have
    made the correct move into direct sales! The other reps are helpful and
    friendly. Feels like a family! And the new people I have met during this
    adventure has made it so much fun!!

    Join now to start working for your trip to Punta Cana! I want to
    go so I need your help!! We can go together!! 217-417-3786 text or call with
    any questions or for more info. My website is

    Listed below is all the information about Pink Zebra!

    Candles are perhaps one of the best product lines to represent
    for anyone considering of venturing into direct sales. Candles and fragrances
    are very easy to sell especially in a party-plan setup, which is one of the
    most popular methods of direct selling today. This is why so many people are in
    the lookout for great ground floor opportunities from candle direct sales
    companies. Pink Zebra is one such company that offers interested direct sales
    consultants an attractive ground floor opportunity. The company specializes in
    candles and fragrances and despite being newly established as a direct sales
    company, its founders, Tom and Kelly Gaines, have had adequate experience in
    candle manufacturing. Since they had always wanted to deal directly with
    consumers, they saw it fit to launch their candle company in a direct sales
    party-plan format.

    How to Become a Consultant for Pink Zebra

    Pink Zebra offers a unique line of candles and fragrances,
    offering a new twist to scented candles and aromatherapy. All Pink Zebra candle
    products are made out of premium soft soy wax and are infused with the highest
    quality of fragrance oils. It is this superior product line and attention to
    quality that has attracted many people into joining Pink Zebra. If you are
    interested in their business opportunity and would like to represent the
    company as a direct sales consultant, then you might be glad to hear that the
    process of signing up is very simple. Since Pink Zebra employs a multi-level
    marketing framework, you need a sponsor to join. Simply contact Maria Hough
    217-417-3786. All you have to do is log into my page and click the join button!

    Pink Zebra prides itself with offering not only superior
    products but as well as a very attractive business opportunity. Their
    opportunity is perfect for those who are new to direct sales or those who want
    to join a new company with a competitive product base and attractive

    Pink Zebra Starter Kits

    After you have signed up with Maria, the next step is to choose
    your enrollment kit. Pink Zebra offers two options, which are suitable for
    varying needs and budgets:


    The Starter Enrollment Kit

    This kit is available to new consultants for only $99 and comes
    equipped with 51 scent samples, a diffuser, a warmer, a shade, order forms and
    business supplies, and a special consultant box.


    Deluxe Enrollment kit

    The deluxe kit is offered for $199 and comes with over $375
    worth of products. It also comes with business supplies such as brochures, sign
    up forms, party invitations, hostess sign up forms, and as well as product
    samples. Added to the deluxe enrollment kit is a special consultant purse
    featuring a zebra print design and accented with a pink lining and a well as a
    rolling bag also featuring a zebra print design with the Pink Zebra logo to
    carry all your product samples and business supplies in.

    Aside from the starter kits, you also get your own personal Pink
    Zebra replicated e-commerce website, allowing you to easily advertise and sell
    your products online. Pink Zebra also offers new consultants with a quick start
    program. If you meet the sales requirements for the program within your first
    90 days, you can earn as much as $575 in free Pink Zebra products above and
    beyond your commissions and bonuses! Each time you promote you also earn free

    Pink Zebra Consultant Compensation Plan

    Pink Zebra offers a very attractive compensation plan with a
    large potential for profit to consultants.

    Personal Sales Commissions

    All consultants can earn personal sales commissions of 25% to
    35%, depending on total personal monthly sales. There is no minimum sales
    requirement to retain the rank of first level consultant but if you want to
    receive higher commissions, you must meet monthly sales requirements per
    commission rank. For monthly personal sales of $900 to $1999, you will be
    eligible for 30% commissions and for monthly sales of $2000 and above; you will
    be eligible for 35% of your personal retail sales, regardless of your rank.

    Sponsoring Commissions

    For each new consultant you personally sponsor into Pink Zebra,
    you will receive a 7% sponsoring bonus regardless of your rank. This is a great
    opportunity for those who want to start building a team.

    You will also receive monthly downline commissions once you
    start building a team. Earn 2% to 3% downline commissions for each downline
    level. The higher you go up the leadership hierarchy, the more downline
    commissions you can earn. You can earn up to team level 4 and third generation
    downline commissions once you reach the rank of executive director and
    presidential director.

    Leadership Commissions

    Pink Zebra also offers a mentoring bonus of 2% for consultants
    with executive manager ranks and above. You will also be eligible for group
    bonuses and leadership commissions and awards once you climb up the leadership
    hierarchy for as long as you maintain or exceed the sales requirements for your

    Pink Zebra offers one of the most lucrative commission
    structures in the industry today. Whether you are a newcomer to the
    industry or you want to try your luck in a new company, Pink Zebra is certainly
    a great option.

    Again! Call or text me! Maria Hough Pink Zebra Independent
    Consultant 217-417-3786 I will refund you $25 from your starter kit! But
    you must make sure you’re are signing on to my team! No Pink Zebra coupon

  15. Miche is the latest in women’s fashion and just celebrated it’s 5th year!
    If you like classy, professional, and fun than you will LOVE Miche!
    Miche Bags are interchangeable. One base bag with MANY interchangeable outside covers. You NEVER have to empty your purse for a new look, just put on a different cover and you will be on your way! The hardest part is picking which cover to use since there are so many to chose from!
    Also, Miche just launched it’s NEW jewelry line In July, 2013! It is also magnetically interchangeable! From earrings to necklaces, we’ve got them!
    Miche comes out with new products every month so you will never get bored! Imagine…every month there is something new to share with your customers. It’s fun and easy with Miche!
    I am also looking for Reps. If you would like to make extra money on the side, contact me at the email address below and I will fill you in with all that Miche has to offer! With incentive trips (Hawaii in 2014), new products every month and great training you can’t go wrong!
    Let’s get you started~

  16. Your Ispiration At Home is a three year old, direct sales company that originated in Australia and just launched in the US in July. Now is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor opportunity, sharing gourmet cooking ingredients with the world. There are under 500 consultants in the US, to date but the company signed up around 290 in the month of August!

    Your Inspiration at Home is dedicated to bringing you our gourmet range of food products including our large range of international spices, dip mixes, oils, meat rubs, tea, honeys, vinegars and sugars.

    The mission of Your Inspiration At Home is to provide young adults and families with an opportunity to explore culturally authentic, fast and fun dishes from around the globe, bringing the world together through food and sharing.

    This is the company that opens doors, by inviting the world to share meals. That makes the world smaller, and as friendly as dinner table conversation. The company that invites you to grow quickly with it, as a business partner. The company that adds spice to your life.

    Quality Ingredients:
    • Manufactured in Australia from local and imported ingredients(and now also manufactured in our US plant)
    • No added gluten
    • No added MSG
    • Low in salt
    • No added preservatives



    Your Inspiration At Home has a wonderful compensation plan.

    You will earn 25% personal earnings starting with your very first sale.

    You will also earn monthly bonuses up to 10% based on sales.

    Team Building Commissions that pay up to 7% on your down-line.

    We also have fabulous Incentive Trips. 2104 trip is in New Zealand!!!


    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Angie Gingerich

    Bronze Leader In Qualification

    If you would like to join my team, it couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the link fill in your details. Please include ID 2836401 in the Enroller and Sponsor ID fields.

  17. Hi! I am a founding Stylist Manager with Winnie & Kat. We are an LA based clothing company offering contemporary clothing that look and feel AMAZING. We launched in Feb 2012 and are looking for leaders to be part of the Founders Club. Check out my website, or LIKE my FB page Meredith Carpenter – Stylist for Winnie & Kat. Great clothes – exceptional comp plan – amazing founder and a wonderful sisterhood.

  18. SoyL Scents ..”New Name New Opportunities”

    Here is a brief overview on the company and how things work!

    **Join for just $9.99 for the first 30 days.This will cover your
    first months website fee! Afterwards, it’s only $4.99 per month
    for your website. SO all you need is $9.99 to get started!

    **You are GUARENTEED 35% discount on all of your purchases
    and 35% commission from ALL your online orders.

    **Make 10% on your personally enrolled team members orders
    and sales.

    **No monthly minimum to qualify for continued active status……
    NO SALES QUOTA’S EVER! That’s right you build your business
    when you want and not have to worry about spending money you
    dont have! NO STOCK REQUIRED!

    **Run your business how it best suits your needs. Whether you
    want to recruit and build a team, have home events, do fairs/fests
    fundraisers, do online or book parties, or just promote your personal
    website online. Whatever you chose to do… it’s up to you!

    ***Facebook support groups that will help you with questions and a
    great place for support. We also have files that you can download to
    help get your business off to the right start !

    **There is absolutely NO contracts either, so you can cancel at
    any time should this not be a good fit for you. You have nothing
    to lose! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Now is the time to
    start your business with Holidays fast approaching…

    What other company out there offers this ???
    Join now & see for yourself

    Message me with any questions~ Send me a friends request Or simply
    click the $9.99 special located under opportunity tab. I will add you to
    our FB groups and get you started !!!!

  19. Pink Zebra is the hottest thing in direct sales right now. We are growing so fast and the products are selling themselves. If you have bought other home fragrance products in the past, you have GOT to try Pink Zebra.

  20. When I found Pink Zebra I wasn’t sure if it was for me. I took home a sample and put it in a warmer I already had. I had been using another scent companies wax an was NOT loving it anymore. One day I walked down my steps not thinking Pink Zebra at all… The scents was still in the air 5 days after I put it in my warmer! My currant brand was not even giving me 24hrs anymore…
    So I logged on and signed up! Never had a regret and making nice money selling a product I truly love!
    I would love to have you check out my webpage and maybe even Join My Team.

  21. Hi there!! I am with Younique!!! We are a natural based, mineral makeup company and 1 year young, this month!! All of our products are rich in quality and feel and worth their inexpensive prices!!! Younique is currently available in Canada and the US and we plan to launch in the UK and Australian markets next year!! There is no better time to join this growing company. We are currently in the middle of our Race to 10K Presenter campaign, with tons of prizes and bonuses to be paid out and our kit is only $99 for over $400 value!!! Contact me for more information or feel free to browse my website. Don’t miss out on this GROUND FLOOR opportunity.

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    1. I am a rep for World Ventures. We also have a club that you can join and not work the business if you wish.
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  25. Hello…I have been doing direct sales for many years. I got away from it, but came back at the end of November when Jewelry In Candles was signing up for free (now sign ups are $29.95). Since then, I have also signed up for Gourmet Mixems – mixes, breads and drinks($8 sign up, no website fee and $15 purchase monthly), Spirit Lockets – similar to Origami Owl (free sign up for afiliate program), LilyBean&Baxter – gifts and baskets (free signups and no monthly or website fees), Kitsy Lane Jewelry (free to sign up and no monthly or website fees), Cajun Flair – Cajun mixes and food(sign ups closed), Apple Blossom Naturals – bath and body company (free to sign up and no monthly or website fees)

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  29. Hi My name is Megan Cormier Just wanted to let you know of a new Ground Floor company in its Beta Phase starting in November 2014 but set to officially launch in January 2015. It is application only until the official launch in January. Its the sister company to Stella and Dot called KEEP Collective-featuring meaningful jewelry that helps you celebrate and “keep” what you love close at hand. I would love to be the contact person for anyone interested in joining and hope I’m the first heard of with this opportunity 🙂 Please message me for more details and as soon as we receive our ID numbers and websites I can give you more information 🙂 Look forward to hearing from you!!

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  34. Kalypso TwistZ™ a unique interchangeable gemstone direct sales company was officially launched in March of 2012, we offer our customers not only high quality jewelry with a lifetime warranty, but free hostess rewards too! Kalypso TwistZ™ consists of Topaz, Quartz, Czech Crystal, Onyx, Mother of Pearl and More!

    We offer the highest paid commissions in the home party industry and are looking for advisors nationwide to help build this fantastic ground floor opportunity! With our fully guaranteed mechanism along with our .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry, you can wear what you want to feel!
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    From that came my vision…why not combine the two and make a party?

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  35. I am With Monat Global, newly Launched in Oct. 2014, making us only 9 months old with over 1 million in sales. We are the only natural, non toxic hair care DS business, that also is permitted to sell to hair salons. We are offering profit sharing to those who become Founders, by October 2016. Our compensation plan is one of the best I have personally ever seen after 10 years in direct sales. We are a US based company in Florida, with our own laboratory and warehouse, housed in Miami. Monat is Truly a ground floor opportunity for those who are desiring a secure future.
    Presently we are pre-launching in Canada August 1st.

  36. I am with Monat Global! We are a one year old company that is an anti-aging natural based hair care company. Our products promote hair growth and our products come with a 90 day guarantee. As a licensed professional in the hair industry I am seeing huge results from my clients who are suffering from thinning and hair loss.

  37. Intimate Tickles LLC has just launched this past September. Intimate Tickles brings new tools to the adult romance home party business having created a dedicated marketing and optimization center to ensure their pre-screened adult romance consultants have the ability to enjoy first page search results for their business. Intimate tickles has also introduced a full blown Kink and Lingerie shopping center, giving their adult romance consultants 3 streams of income. Additionally, Intimate Tickles encourages and assists consultants who are managing entirely different businesses. This opportunity is worth a look!

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