It All Just Clicked For Me When

In anything that we do successfully, there is always a MOMENT.  The moment when, you just know in your heart that ‘this’ is right for you.  That, you want ‘this’.  And that somehow, in that MOMENT, you know, absolutely, without a doubt that ‘this’ is going to work.  It’s the moment when moment meets momentum!
In Direct Sales, these moments are common.  According to the Direct Selling Association there are 8,493 new home businesses opening everyday in the US.  and individuals start a new home business every 10 seconds.

Finish this sentence: 

“It all just clicked for me when…”

  Michelle Kenney Maddage I couldn’t sleep without thinking about building my business. Book. Sell. Recruit. Over and Over.

  Alicia Pouliot-Cote It all just clicked for me when…I was able to lose 30 lbs by having peanut butter cup, Oreo, Snickers and cheesecake shakes!

  She-She Killough I felt better than any time in my life AND the results of losing 45 lbs in 6 weeks gave me new purpose to help others get healthy and LIVE.

  Lahtesha Antonio When I followed the plan and did not re-invent the wheel and made real money!

  Tracy Ford Stire my sister took off ALL her makeup with just a Norwex microfiber cloth and warm water!! I thought….OMG just THINK of all those chemical based products I could just GET RID OF and do things naturally – and HOW MANY PEOPLE I COULD SHOW THIS TO!! Still gets me fired up today!!!

  Wade Supernault I realized Jesus crist traveled the world offering not so much as services, but more like an opertunity to thoughs, so that thay may lead a better life. That is how i approce a business like i am there with awnsers to all there needs.

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