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  Tina Kashlak Nicolai  Hello from the sunshine state…Florida! I am a Team Leader and Independent Designer with Origami Owl!   I love what I do, our product, and being part of an amazing and growing business.  Our living lockets tell your story and are truly special as they create memorable keepsakes. And you can even swap out your charms, chains, and plates for special events.  Men love buying the lockets for women and women just love buying the lockets!  We recently teamed up with Rascal Flatts and are offering a limited edition dangle from our Tagged collection! Check out my product via:  As a special promotion, anyone clicking “LIKE” on my facebook page between February 27th and March 1st, 2013, will receive a special gift! After you click “like” please type in…SNEAKPEAKPROMO! I will follow-up with your gift.  Connect with me on fb at Please feel free to call me or email with questions. Book a catalog or in-home party, invite me as a vendor, or to sponsor a fundraiser!  407-808-3047  or email  ♥’s & hugs, Tina

  Kali Delaney Somerville  My name is Kali Somerville. I am an independent designer with Origami Owl. Create yourself or a loved one a locket that contains small charms and tell your story with a living locket.  Top sellers are: Large Silver Locket with bling, Large Rose Gold Locket with bling, and our Tagged Collection (which has been recently endorsed by Rascal Flats!)  Visit me at or an fb at  for examples of lockets.  My new customers can buy 4 charms and get the 5th charm for FREE!  Go to Choose “The Products”, Step 1: Choose the lockets that you would like to go in your locket, everything is catagorized. Step 2: Choose your locket, choose from medium and large, Gold, silver, and rosegold are available. Step #3 Choose your chain. #4 and 5 are optional steps but will add even more beauty to your personalized locket.

 Bonnie Turner  Hello! I’m Bonnie, an Executive Team Leader with Origami Owl Custom Lockets & Jewelry! I would LOVE the opportunity to assist you in designing the perfect Locket too tell ‘your life story’ or if your looking for the most personalized gift you can give consider an Origami Owl locket!! Please check out my FB page at Origami Owl, Bonnie Turner Independent Designer or my website at send a message to me on my FB page to hear of my monthly specials!! On February 26th we will have a Limited Edition Rascal Flatts Tag coming out…..this is A Must See!! So what are you waiting for?? Lets design that Locket that’s All About You!! 🙂

  Tanya Yarbrough  Hello, my name is Tanya I am a Division Manager with Park Lane Jewelry.For 57 years Park Lane has empowered people to discover their potential and realize their dreams. Toady Park Lane remains a family owned compant dedicated to providing exquisite jewlry and incomparablr programs designed to reward our customers, our hostesses, and our representatives. Here’s how our bonus plan works.  $30-$59 order and purchase one $12 Bonus Item…   $60-$89 order and purchase two $12 Bonus Items… Take a third Bonus Item for FREE!  $90 and over order and purchase three $12 Bonus Items… Take a fourth Bonus Item for FREE!  Want to get $400.00 in free jewelry? Book a show with 10 orders or more that total $200.00 beofre taxes and shipping and you can get 400.00 in free jewelry, inbox me to book your show ( and yes online parties count ) and I will give you an extra 100.00 in free jewlry so with the plan you make out like a bandit getting $500.00 in free jewelry. Visit my website and check us out.

  Elise Flaskerud Peters  Hi, my name is Elise Peters and I’m with Origami Owl, custom jewelry. We are a company out to help you create a personal piece of jewelry, customized by you. We sell custom jewelry. My 3 best sellers are Lockets, chains and charms. Please check out my Facebook page Also feel free to shop my website

 Araceli Aten  Hi, my name is Araceli Aten and I am a Team Leader with Origami Owl. Origami Owl is a fairly new company in the direct sales business. Our line of Lockets are customized to tell a story about you, your family, or things you love with charms. Our Tagged line is another beautiful piece of jewelry with empowerment, inspiration, and earth elements. Your customize them to wear them how you like. We currently have a promotion with Rascal Flatts to help promote their new song “Changed” with a Changed Tag….”Origami Owl has joined forces with Rascal Flatts to inspire people to make a change for the better.”   My 3 top sellers are Lockets, Charms, and Dangles.  Visit me and let me help you or on fb at  My offers are Every 5th Charm Free, (if you order from my website email me at with your choice of Free Charm(s), $5 shipping when orders are emailed to me at, refer a friend and receive 10% off your next order.

  Rachel Hansen Hall  Hello 🙂 My name is Rachel and I am a Senior Team Leader with Origami Owl. Origami Owl is a company offering lockets and necklaces you can personalize to tell your unique story. No two lockets are the same, and we love that! Origami Owl was started by a 14 year old girl with a dream – she wanted to own a car when she turned 16, so her mom helped her start a business. She started out selling to her friends and family, expanded to a mall kiosk, then went direct sales in January of 2012. Our mission statement is to be a force for good, and I truly believe in that. It has been an amazing experience!  My top 3 sellers are the large silver locket with crystals, medium silver locket with crystals and medium silver locket. Our lockets open and you fill them with charms to represent things that are important to you. It’s like a scrapbook that you wear around your neck. If you are interested, my website is . I do offer a sales special of buy 4 charms, get 1 free as well as 10% off the price of one chain when you purchase a locket. In order to receive that sales special, your order would need to be emailed to me instead of placed online. My email address is .

  Laura Hoffner Rienas  Hi, I’m Laura Rienas and I sell Origami Owl! Their NUMBER ONE seller is the Living Locket – you pick the charms that tell the story! In addition to the lockets are the Tags and O2 just joined forces with Rascal Flats and is offering a special Changed Tag along with a downloadable CD or single. I could come and do a home party for you OR you can order online. The pieces are personal and motivational! You can find out more about Origami Owl at my site – or e-mail me at if have questions or need help.

  Susan Bruggeman  Hello, I am an Independent Designer with Origami Owl Custom Lockets and TAGGED Jewelry. Origami Owl is partnering with Rascal Flatts this month promoting their Changed for the Better Album and our Origami Owl CHANGED for the better TAG. It has “Changed” on the front and “for the better” on the backside. You can wear two TAGS with one facing each direction. You can get a downloadable version of their song for $1 and there are specials with the tag and the full album. For a limited time there is a 26 inch mens chain available. The links are a little bigger but would still be suitable for a woman to wear, too.  Receive extra discounts for party bookings. Order from the ecommerce website under RASCAL FLATTS listed in red print. Wear a Changed for the better tag. We have all messed up, made mistakes and when we learn from your mistakes, we truly can change for the better. Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to help you design a locket, TAGGED necklace, host a party or even join my team. Origami Owl has changed my life for the better in so many ways.  My top three sellers are #1 Large Silver Locket with crystals, #2 flat link oval silver chain and #3 Large Rose Gold Locket with crystals Limited Edition  You’ll love them all.

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  1. Hello lovely ladies. My name is Cierra Garcia, I am with Lia Sophia Jewelry and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! We have some of the best benefits in the jewelry biz. Just for hosting a party we offer a thank you gift which is choose anything in the fashion guide of ours valued at $100 or less (the Spring/Summer 2013 catalog just launched) and you pay only $15. With a qualified show of $250 or more, you choose an additional 4 – $15 items and up to 5 half off items. Since we love to spoil our hostesses, you also get 20% of your jewelry sales back in FREE jewelry. With a perfect show of 10 orders, 2 dated bookings you can DOUBLE to 40% of FREE jewelry for an extra $15. Please visit my website at, contact me via email or find me on garcia with lia sophia –

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