Direct Selling Tip to Help You Grow Any Business

Selling Tip:

Selling in general has been given a bad rap. So has network marketing.

The true essence of direct selling is to ‘be of service to others’.

Selling with this in mind insures integrity and success. It’s hard though and in network marketing we tend to get our message all mixed up with our excitement, our passion, our belief and we forget that Salespeople should really be listening more to what people want and talking a lot less about what we want for these people.

The tragedy of this approach is that the distributor focuses on their results, their story and their ideas about why the person will love the products instead of finding out what the client really wants. Try asking people why they came to you primary company or what interests them about a homebased business. Actually say to them, “What are your goals? Once we know that, we can see if we can help you.” They will then tell you what they want to hear about. So, shut your mouth and listen! 🙂

And… when you are providing such great service combined with super products, expect that you will get paid for it!

good job

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