Direct Sales BEST Supplements

  Terri Ricketts Wood  I am Terri Wood, Diamond Distributor with It Works Global. I offer Health and Wellness Products to help my customers look and feel better. Have you heard of that crazy wrap thing? Tone, tighten and firm your skin in as little as 45 minutes. It’s not water loss but the wrap actually shrinks the fat cells and removes toxins from the body!The Ultimate Applicator can be placed on any part of the body that you want to firm up! We wear it for a minimum of 45 minutes, however, the progressive results continue for up to 72 hours! Our second best selling product is our Greens. Eight servings of organic fruits and vegetables. This alkalizing powder gives one energy while detoxifying the body! Mix with any beverage to get the benefits!  We love our Defining Gel. This is the same formulation as the wrap, however, it is not as concentrated. Great results are achieved by using this “liquid gold” twice per day.  Bikini season will be here soon and our products will assist you in getting beach/pool ready!  My business is also booming! I’m looking for new reps for these amazing products? Our company grew 500% last year and continues to have month after month of record breaking growth!  Check out my Facebook page, Terri’s skinny wraps for before and after pictures. To purchase retail, go to Or contact me at (615) 430-6604. I’m happy to help and answer all of your questions!

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