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  Rachel Botelho  Hey there, I’m Rachel and I’m an It works representative & I love helping others get healthy, feel & look great. Whatever your need may be we have it covered from skincare such as our amazing Ultimate Body Applicator that tightens tones & firms in 45 mins to our Exceptional Greens that not only give you 8 servings of fruits & veggies, they also detoxify your body, give you energy & boost your metabolism! I absolutley love them. We also have a wonderful selection of other all natural supplements, skincare & diet aids. You can order anytime on our site  and please if you have any questions just ask! I look forward to helping you with your goals. ***Our special for this fall event will be $25 single Ultimate Body Applicators with free shipping, all you have to do is message me with your info.***

  Jennifer N Scott Cunningham  My name is Jennifer Cunningham and I am here to help you give the gift of health and life this year through Exfuze. Exfuze is the only Multi-Botanical Phytonutrient on the market and combines 7 wholefood superfoods along with herbs & nutrient rich extracts. You will be amazed at what your body will do for you and how it could heal itself when given advanced nutrition. All products are organic or wildly harvested. They are Vegan or Vegetarian and have no artificial sweeteners or anything artificial for that matter. You have options for shopping retail at or as a preferred customer with 10%-15% discounts at Preferred customers can modify and deactivate orders as they desire every month. Though all the products taste fabulous, help the body, and are perfect gifts, I would say these are the must haves in EVERY household! ~ SEVEN+PRO for athletes & wanna-be athletes or those fighting pain like fibromyalgia. Also certified by the BSCG. ~ SEVEN+FOCUS for those looking for mental sharpness and helping the brain mend itself ~ ZILLAfor natural energy & mental clarity without the highs & lows and only .29 a serving! Also certified by the BSCG! ~ SHAPEWAY SHAKE is the weight management must have for those looking for trim down, build muscle or simply add convenient (on the go)nutrition to their daily menu. Best of all, it tastes like vanilla cake and we have several recipes that we have used it in! Again, you may shop at retail or as preferred. Wither way, I would love to help you with your health & nutrition goals. Be sure to complete your online Health Analysis and score to know which Exfuze products are best to reach those goals!

  Jayson High  Hello My name is Jayson High My company Highsotonix can be found under that name on F-book and on web at When taking supplements it is really about the delivery system and Isotonix are mixed with water and drank on an empty stomach you get 95% absorption and you feel the difference. My favorite products are OPC3 the worlds strongest antioxidant. It has relieved my back pain and relieved the symptoms of my asthma. Ultimate Aloe is my second favorite product it relieved my acid reflux symptoms. My third favorite product is Activated B Complex great any time of day when you feel tired!! B complex helps in many different Health Issues. We have many money saving deals daily on our website and products on our f book store on our Highsotonix page. Thank You any questions or need help ordering please friend or message me!! For Science or ingredients of any of our products check out

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