Popular Direct Sales Weight Loss Products

  Robin Schmitt Horan  Hi, my names Robin. So nice to meet you. I see you are interested in losing some weight and feeling great. I’m from It Works and truthfully it works. I have used many of our products. We have a great package available which offers a huge savings and can help you attain your goal. Its called the skinny pack. The Skinny Pack, which has 4 wraps, defining gel and fat fighters, retails for over $200 but our loyal customers get it for only $109, which means you only pay $5 for those awesome fat fighters!!! Also, you can get free shipping every month when you order $125 or more in product, so you throw in the greens for daily healthy or another supplement and get it too, instead of paying shipping, you are paying for an actual product!! If you want to know more about these or other products please contact me or check out my website: http://proverbs.myitworks.com/ or on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RobinsNestItWorks  My favorite products are the greens, which I use every day and have not been sick since I started taking them, New You because it healed my very broken foot almost over night, and the facial cleanser because I do not feel dried out after I use it. If you are not interested in hosting a party or becoming a loyal customer and receiving the huge discount, you can purchase retail by calling me 845 418 3263 or by ordering off my website

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