Sexy and Romantic Home Party Products

  Estelle ‘PartyGals’ Ashley  Hi! My name is Estelle, I am a Wife and SaHM of 3 little boys! I am also a Team Leader with Taboo Essentials from Party Gals! We have everything you need to Enhance Your Romance! We have Luxurious Lotions, Sensual Potions and even things that go buzz! My website is My 3 favorite products are ENTICE pheromone oil, FUZZI WUZZI Shave Cream & the CLUB VIBE (pulses to music)! Search my website for these! You can get $10 off your order of $40 or more with COUPON CODE: TEBC I do have many products in stock already, so you can message me for my list. Thank you My Facebook page is New York Party Gals

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