Jade Johnson Hi My name is Jade Johnson, and I am a stay at home mom living in Okotoks, Alberta Seacret Direct is a brand new Network Marketing / Direct Sales company, based in Arizona, which sells skin care products containing Salts and Minerals from the Dead Sea. (you may have seen kiosks in various parts of the country selling about 80% higher)The company’s products are manufactured by L’Oreal, giving them instant brand name credibility by partnering with the industry leader in the skincare and cosmetics industry which represents over 500 brands and does $23 Billion dollars in annual sales. L’Oreal is the World’s largest manufacturer of high-end cosmetic products. Seacret Direct™ however is the only brand they manufacture that they do not own. Seacret has a team of 2,900 scientists in three countries earning 50 new patents each year. Meaning these products that are exclusive to Seacret Direct™ and cannot be manufactured by competitors  Seacret products are Unique, Provide Value to the marketplace and are Affordable to people.  Because our Products are natural and made with minerals from the Dead Sea you are not only buying a product with Natural and Quality Ingredients, but also patented and only available through Seacret Direct! We can help with minor skin conditions such as Acne, Eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. so wither your looking for something affordable and works or for a skin condition I can help! My 3 Favourite products are Mineral peeling gel (great for all skin types), Mineral rich mud mask, and our Salt and oil scrub!  We offer a 30 day money back guarantee so if you dont find its for you your money isn’t lost.  I AM OFFERING A FREE FULL SIZED PRODUCT FOR ALL SALES OVER $75.00 (while supplies last)  So how can YOU get these amazing products at wholesale costs?  We offer a referral program that offers FREE products for life?  Have a look:  email me: (For infor your needs and pricing with purchase over $50 as they offer a wholesale discount) visit my website:

  Sara Hanson  Good afternoon! I am Sara Hanson, I am a Seacret Agent for Seacret Direct Dead Sea Minerals. We have skin care products that contain salts and minerals, that only the Dead Sea can offer! Our Products are Paraben Free, never tested on animals and have a 30 day guarantee. You can see all of our wonderful products at my website and shop away!   The Nail Set is one of my favorites and great for gift giving this season! I am also in love with the Salt & Oil Salt Scrub and Body Butter it does amazing things for your skin and even helps with eczema!  You can purchase all of these retail from the site or myself. Signing up for free as a preferred customer gives you a bigger discount, but its your choice! I would be happy to answer any questions, help you decide what might be best for your skin type or just tell you more of my favorites…just ask!

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