Gift Advisors that Will Help YOU Build It  Make It  Create It Organize It

  Jacob Barlow  I’m Jacob Barlow and I work with and love SendOutCards!  I’m in Utah, but wherever you are, if you want to send a valentines day card for cheaper than you could anywhere else visit   We also have a catalog of valentines gifts and treats  For a brief video explaining what we do, visit  If you’d like to send a card for free contact me and we can get you a gift account.

 Rainy Droke Benedict  Hello, My name is Rainy Benedict  I sell Trades of Hope and live in Beech Grove at  I love everything but a couple of my favorite items at this time of year would be our love bowl (you can add soaps, candle, candy) makes a beautiful gifl and it doesn’t die like flowers. Also our journals, buy one right a special note inside to your loved one. These journals have hand made paper with flower peddles in them. Scarves are a big selling items. We do have jewelry but not every women wants jewelry. So go into my website and check it out. Every item is hand made by a women trying to get out of poverty. So your gift will be giving to 2 women. The one you love and the one who loves you for helping her out of poverty and the sex trade.

  Amy Copsetta Baskerville  Hi, I am Amy Copsetta with Clever Container I service the Fort Riley KS are but am building a nationwide team. My three favorite products are the ‘Stuff-it’, the ‘Phubby’ and the the ‘Suite Seat ‘. All three are available in black and pink pattern. Take a look and see. There is always a product offered at a discount with a $50 purchase. Let me know how I can help you bring order to the chaos of everyday life.

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