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Getting results is what we say we all want but like with so many things our actions speak louder than our words.  Getting results in our business efforts, our finances, our relationships – whatever, it all takes more than just an interest.

Results require commitment!

Interest is ‘the state of wanting to know or learn more about something’.  It’s when it sounds like a good idea to you but it’s ‘not really high on the priority list right now’.   Things that draw our interest usually include our career, finances, health and happiness.  We are all interested in these things, but very few of us are really committed to achieve our dream in anyone one of them.

Commitment implies sacrifice.  Saying that you are committed to something suggest that you are putting other things aside to make this thing hold a place of high importance on your ‘Things to Do” list and that results are inevitable!


People that are committed work when others won’t work.

People that are committed set examples and lead by example every day.

People that are committed to achieving a goal don’t complain.

people that are committed to something don’t find excuses.

People that are committed keep their eye on their reward at all times and never allow others to take them out of their game.

It’s your life, your finances, your business, your future…     Step up, get results and commit to the things that are important to you!

It will change everything!!!


Start Talking to Your Direct Sales Associates

 To reach your direct sales goals it will take desire!

You will have to take a look at the effort you are making in our business and you will have to decide to step up and make some changes!

No one can do that for you!  Success is possible but your success is up to you.

Look to the leaders in your company, they made change!  It is never too late to make change!  Take a look at the Tips below if you need some ideas for where to start.

Reminder:  “Start Talking”  – Really talk to new your new associates:start talking

#1 Tell Them to pretend your conversation is an interview.  Ask them “Interview” questions and have them ask you questions that they would ask on an interview.

#2 Tell New associates to perform a ‘Memory Jogger’.  Have then list 100 people that they think they could talk to about your opportunity.  

#3 Create Urgency!  Tell Them to Get to the first rank in your company in 48 Hours. Next rank  in 3 Months.

#4 Get People to Events- Where they can resinate and build belief by listening to other leaders.

#5  Plant Seeds.  Talk to people about what they are ready to hear.

Here is something else amazing to talk about!  Have you taken the time to watch the videos and webinars your company makes?  Watch everything!  Get on every call.  Get really educated about your company and all that it has to offer.  Great leaders NEVER stop learning.  You can’t teach or talk about what you don’t know.  So, you better know it!

Really!  It can be done if you know how!


How Can You Start Growing Your Direct Sales Business Today

Help someone else!

It will take a little soul searching and a little self improvement.  But, reaching out and helping someone else is the single most inportant thing you can do TODAY to grow your business.

Recently, I listened to Steve Jobs autobiographer talk about what kind of leader Steve Jobs had been.  He said that Steve was a brutally honest leader.  He encouraged Positive Attitudes, never let A players slack and never waisted too much time on B Players. He Pushed Day Dreamers, to Take Chances and to turn Dreams in to getting stuff done!   Here is what Steven Tobak wrote about Successful Business Entrepreneurs:

“You won’t achieve the American Dream by dreaming”

(Source: MoneyWatch)  COMMENTARY. We live in volatile times where viewpoints are highly polarized. The way people see business in America is no exception. Lately, it seems as if management commentary is either feel-good fluff or anti-business rhetoric.

Of course, neither extreme relates very well to the realities of the business world, which makes it all the more frustrating for those of you seeking to advance your career through meaningful insight.

Speaking of which, one of the key insights you’ll learn sooner or later is not to trust conventional wisdom. If you don’t take chances and challenge the status quo, you won’t get anywhere. So you should probably avoid or at least challenge extreme thinking. In other words, don’t drink the Kool-Aid from either side.

Perhaps the most damaging piece of popular career and leadership fluff is that you should reach for the stars, aspire to the corner office, and don’t stop until you achieve your dreams. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t that the American Dream, start from nothing and become a big-time success?

Absolutely, but you won’t achieve the American Dream by dreaming. You’ll achieve it by doing. achieve dreams

You see, successful executives and business leaders aren’t typically driven by high aspirations. They didn’t get to where they are by walking around with their heads in the clouds. They got there by putting one foot in front of the other and getting stuff done.

And they did it for one or more of these four reasons: because it was their job and they had a strong work ethic, out of necessity to put food on the table, to bring a product to market they thought customers would want, or they had a passion for what they were doing and thought it was cool.

Just to be clear, I’m not arguing against Robert Browning’s insightful statement that, “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp.” I’m not saying you shouldn’t work your tail off, seek your passion in life, have a vision of something unique, or want to do great things. What I am saying is that you don’t accomplish those things by spending your time thinking about how to get to the top of the corporate ladder.

So how do you achieve the American Dream?

You get there by delivering the goods, getting the job done, and satisfying the needs of your customer, whoever that is. If you get really good at doing those things, that’s how you achieve the American Dream. That’s how success really works. Here are some notable examples of what I’m talking about:

When Mark Zuckerberg was developing Facebook, he was building something he thought would be cool. He wasn’t thinking about running a big company and becoming a billionaire.

Richard Branson didn’t aspire to build a global conglomerate of over 200 companies when he opened a record shop and mail order retailer named Virgin.

Bill Gates did not have stars in his eyes when he licensed an operating system to IBM for the first personal computer. He was just trying to satisfy a big new customer.

Fred Smith was not driven by the idea that FedEx would someday become an everyday verb for express mail. He was driven by the idea of a fully integrated air-to-ground shipping business that could operate efficiently using hubs.

When Ed Whitacre started out as a facility engineer with Southwestern Bell in 1963 and slowly worked his way up the corporate ladder over the coming decades, he wasn’t thinking about someday running the company and, after a series of mergers, creating the nation’s largest telecom company and relaunching AT&T.

In 1927, not only were Dick and Mac McDonald not trying to create the world’s first and ultimately its biggest fast food empire, McDonald’s, it took 21 years for them to realize they should be focusing on burgers instead of hot dogs.

Kraft Foods started with James L. Kraft selling cheese door-to-door. Toyota founder Sakichi Toyoda made looms. Sony started out as a radio repair shop in Tokyo. Nokia was a paper mill in Finland.

Click Here to Read More on: Unusual origins of 15 innovative companies

I can go on and on, but the point is this. The secret to success isn’t aspiring to great things. It’s doing great things. And far more often than not, that starts with doing not-so-great things. Oftentimes, you don’t even know what you’re doing is great until way after the fact.

You won’t get to the top by thinking about how you’re going to be a rich executive someday, but by thinking about how people may actually have use for a personal computer, building them in a garage, and selling them, the way Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak did. Or by just doing your job better than anyone else and slowly but steadily climbing the corporate ladder from the bottom to the top, the way Whitacre did.

Remember, you won’t achieve the American Dream by dreaming. You’ll achieve it by doing. Your motives won’t be grandiose. They’ll be simple and straightforward, like loving what you do, solving a customer problem, or putting food on the table. That’s what motivates successful people.

Source:  Money Watch


9 Tips to Help You Grow Your Direct Sales Business Now

“Teach Your People!” I encourage you to read all 9 tips below if you are serious about your business. If you are not. You may not want to hear it. 


#1 True residual income comes from consistent action. Everyday, Everyday, Everyday

#2 Decide to be successful. Your decision will make you unstoppable. Do it like- your life depends on it! Make a sign that says, “There is No Way Out.” Then, make a commitment where there is no way out! Decide that failure is not an option.

#3 Work with 5 People for 90 Days that are committed. Then, find 5 more. Repeat!

#4 A successful business can take 5 years to really grow. Success requires a 5 year commitment. The only way to fail is to quit! Ask your self and those that you work with, “How committed are you?”

(Coincidentally, Have you reached 5 years with one company? Do you work your business for at least 4 hours EVERYDAY? Would you ever give this up! I can’t. I just can’t! I have HUGE Dreams!)

#5 There are 3 kinds of people: Ask the people that want to work with you, “What kind if person are you?”

Will you give it a shot?
Will you give it your best?
Will you do what ever it takes?

Then, work closely with the ‘do what ever it takes’, ‘have to have it’ group.

#6 Fact: You become successful by helping others become successful. Are you helping 5 people right now? Get your 5! Then, find out what they want and teach them how to get it!

#7 Help your 5 by Plugging Them in to the Plan: hard work pays

Step 1 Introduce them to the products.

Step 2 Train them.

Step 3 Support them.

#8 Constantly be in movement, taking action in your business! Never give up! NEVER!!!!!

#9 You have everything that you need! You offer 3 things that people are looking for: A way to combat a problem – that the product, Support – that’s you and A Way to Earn Additional Income – that’s the company.

So, go! Get your 5 and teach them! Never Give Up – even on the little things. Presents the 12 Days of Christmas CONTEST

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How to Build a Direct Sales Business Quickly

It’s time to Rewire!  Some of us have faulty wiring and we need rewire our “False” and “Self Limiting” thoughts.

UNTIL WE DO the results will not Change.have big dreams

First, YOU have got to want change.

Second, You have to know that change is possible.

Maybe you are already one of them and you have belief already, if not look a the stories.You have to know that It is coming and that you will achieve your DREAMS. In the case of your business, if you goal is to earn a full-time living, you know your dream is possible.  Direct Sales works.  These products and compensation plans have worked for hundreds of thousands of people.

Go to your primary companies testimonials page, read the stories. Build your belief.
Taking this step is crucial.  Once you have developed the “Inner Knowing” it won’t be long until you’re experiencing it in YOUR world too.

Your Third Step: Make It Happenthere are no limits
1 Establish the firm belief that it is your right to have it.
2  Become aware of your ability to attract it.  Notice it.
3 Put your thoughts and emotions in alignment with it’s manifestation.  You can do this in many ways including meditation or visualization.
4 Be Thankful to your Higher Power and those around you as if you’ve already received it.
5 Detach yourself from the “when and how” it will manifest.
6 Expect it, because if you’ve done the first five steps correctly, it will arrive VERY quickly!

Now you are ready and will personally experience the awesome and incredible power of belief in action!

Tips to Help You Start Growing Your Direct Sales Business Today

Only you can make transformation happen.  NO One Else Can Build Your Business For You!

Todays we Challenge you to set clear goals:

Let’s start with your ‘Why’?  What do you want to happen?

I joined my company  to __________________________________________________________________.

My goal is to reach my target income  _______________ and become ________________  by ______________.

I want to improve my current level of business success by focusing on:

Building my team       Doing more Marketing       Making more calls    Attending more trainings      Attending more table opportunities

Hosting more Parties      Other _____________________

Take time to write down your answers to the questions above.  Know your ‘how much, by when’ number and then…

Find an example of someone who has accomplished what you want to accomplish.  If you want to be come the top recruiter for your company and get in great financial shape, find someone who was in your present condition and notice what they were able to achieve.  That person is ‘living proof’ that it can be done!  You can do this, but having them in you mind ALWAYS will help you keep your focus!

There are people, just like you that have reached their business goal just by making a few simple changes.  How are you doing?  Are you “Sticking To It”?  Today, we would like you to share real-life testimonial from someone who was struggling with their business, until they found a way.

Maybe it’s your story – Please share it in the comments!

Maybe it’s someone else’s storShe believedy that resonates with you…  Post a link to their story

As you listen to stories like this, you’ll learn that for anyone who has ever tried to grow a business and has failed, you don’t have to fail again!  YOU CAN DO THIS!

All those people with success stories had tried gimmicks, workshops and training programs with short-term results—or worse, no results and or negative side effects. But, they kept trying, they kept trying until they found something that worked!  Their company is not the only comp plan that works, YOUR WILL WORK TOO!

No mentor’s success story yet?  Today’s the day you find one.  Go to your primary company for support.  Search success stories until you find one that will drive you.   Then,  —we hope you will be inspired to Create Your Own Success Story!

And… Just a motivational reminder! TAKE YOUR BEFORE PICTURE and MEASUREMENTS if you haven’t already!  Think business success picture. Where do you stand today?  These are the snap shots of where you are right now.  YOU will need these facts at the end of your Success Story.   To show how far you have come.   Get it Done!

Focus on victory

Today, when your thoughts turn toward the challenges you face, think about success. Keep in mind that thousands of people have have made a decision to transform their lives and have had tremendous success in Direct Sales.  You are following in the footsteps of people just like you, that were ready to commit and they Stuck To It!

We Know YOU Can Do This!

Gabby, Consultant

100 MOST POPULAR Home Party Companies and Direct Sales Companies introduces the List of MOST POPULAR

Home Party Companies and Direct Sales Companies.  

Ranked monthly by popularity, our LIST is based on UNBIASED results.  

Popularity is determined by # of  people searching for a specific company.

DECEMBER 2013 Rankings

color works1. Scentsy

2. Plexus Slim

3. Origami Owl

4. Amway

5. Pampered Chef

6. Tupperware

7. Thirty One Gifts

8. Norwex

9. Avon

10. Advocare

11. Saba ACE

12. Melaleuca

13. Arbonne


15. Nerium

16. Young Living Essential Oils

17. Mary Kay

18. Silpada

19. Herbalife

20. ACN

21. Kangen Water

22. Creative Memories

23. Isagenix

24. Organo Gold

25. Visalus

26. Paparazzi Accessories

27. Rodan and Fields

28. Passion Parties

29. BeautiControl

30. Pink Zibra

31. Zija International

32. Nu Skin

33. Wildtree

34. Shaklee

35. Partylite

36. Lia Sophia

37. Pure Romance

38. Vault Denim

39. Vemma

40. Ambit Energy

41. Dove Chocolate Discoveries

42. MonaVie

43. Jafra Cosmetics

44. Stella and Dot

45. Tastefully Simple

46. Stamping Up

47. Skinny Body Care

48. Ardyss

49. Ansoil

50. Usborne Books

52. Initial Outfitters

52. Younique

53. Jamberry Nails

54. Usana

55. Cleaver Container

56. 4Life Research

57. 5LINX

58. Longaberger

59. Upper case Living

61. Willow House

62. Seacret Direct

63. Premier Designs

64. Xango

65. Youngevity

66. Juice Plus

67. Perfectly Posh

68. Javita

69. South Hill Designs

70. Market America

71. Velata

72. Princess House

73. ItWorks

74. Send Out Crds

75. Slumper Parties

76. Grace Adele

77. Signature Home Styles

78. Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

79. Zurvita

80. Wake Up Now

81. Initials Inc

82. Karatbars International

83. Consumer Choice Marketing

84. J.R. Watkins

85. Lindt Chocolate RSVP

86. Beach Body

87. Discovery Toys

88. Leagal Shield

89. Ava Anderson

90. Worldventures

91. Cookie Lee Jewelry

92. Gold Canyon

93. Limu

94. Choffy

95. Pink Papya

96. Life Vantage

97. Metagenics

98. Intimate Expressions

99. Color Me Beautiful

100. Radiantly You