Find Sales Rep App for Android and iPhone

Ready to Go MOBILE on your iPhone? The FindSalesRep APP for your iPhone is FINALLY here!

You know that at, we try to do what ever it takes to help you GET FOUND in as many places as possible. And you know mobile is huge right now, right? You also might now we’ve been working on a new mobile app, and many of you have been anxiously awaiting its release.

If you have an Android device, there’s already an app for that in the Google Play store right now at

If you have an iPhone, THE WAIT IS OVER for you too!!!! Go to app photo

NOTE: If you have a Featured Listing on – You’ll be featured on the App as well. So… Make sure you’ve uploaded a picture, and go check yourself out in the app right away

If you’re not featured yet, check out the FSR Treasure Chest for a Sweet Deal.

AND…Please tell your Direct Sales and Party Plan friends that everyone who installs the app at will also get a FREE Basic Listing on, a $19.95 value!


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