Start Talking to Your Direct Sales Associates

 To reach your direct sales goals it will take desire!

You will have to take a look at the effort you are making in our business and you will have to decide to step up and make some changes!

No one can do that for you!  Success is possible but your success is up to you.

Look to the leaders in your company, they made change!  It is never too late to make change!  Take a look at the Tips below if you need some ideas for where to start.

Reminder:  “Start Talking”  – Really talk to new your new associates:start talking

#1 Tell Them to pretend your conversation is an interview.  Ask them “Interview” questions and have them ask you questions that they would ask on an interview.

#2 Tell New associates to perform a ‘Memory Jogger’.  Have then list 100 people that they think they could talk to about your opportunity.  

#3 Create Urgency!  Tell Them to Get to the first rank in your company in 48 Hours. Next rank  in 3 Months.

#4 Get People to Events- Where they can resinate and build belief by listening to other leaders.

#5  Plant Seeds.  Talk to people about what they are ready to hear.

Here is something else amazing to talk about!  Have you taken the time to watch the videos and webinars your company makes?  Watch everything!  Get on every call.  Get really educated about your company and all that it has to offer.  Great leaders NEVER stop learning.  You can’t teach or talk about what you don’t know.  So, you better know it!

Really!  It can be done if you know how!


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