Valentine’s Day Edition of the Direct Sales SNEAK PEEK Outlet

You Need a Personal Gift Advisor!  GUY’S you know it’s TRUE, shopping for the women in your life is like doing your own brain surgery – So, we are going to help you get what SHE really wants this year!  We’re reinventing the Shopping Experience for EVERYONE and making it SIMPLE.  

This year, we are going to GIVE YOU the PERFECT shopping experiences for Valentine’s day!  We’ve teamed up with professional PERSONAL Gift Advisers to help you navigate your way to the Direct Sales Gifs she will actually LOVE!!  This is FREE SERVICE.  These reps will help you find some of the most sought after GIFTS that everyone will LOVE.

Forget wasted hours looking for ‘the wrong’ flowers and avoid forced smiles at  jewelry that will NEVER be worn. LET these experienced REPS do the shopping for you!

1) Browse through the Categories.we love direct sales

2) Watch for the Gift Advisors Top 3 Gift Ideas.  These REPS are experienced, they know what everyone will love.

3) Many Gift Advisors will be offering coupons or special offers.  Take advantage.

4) IF YOU NEED HELP… Go directly to the reps website OR contact the Gift Advisor directly.   Most reps have provided their contact info.  Just ask them,  they’ll help you get it done and you’ll never have to go to the flower shop or drug store for wilted flowers or stale candy…   again.

Note:  We will be adding to our list of  GIFT ADVISORS until Valentine’s Day.  So, shop now or later, but remember most items will have to be shipped and over nighting costs more.  So, Let these REPS Help You Get It All Done Now!

Have questions?  Just Ask in the Comments.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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