Direct Sales Companies that Withstand the Test of TIME

  •   Kristina Bruewer My company, Amway, has been around for 50+ years. It is a strong company because they help people start a business of their own using a proven system. They reward us based on our performance. They are constantly coming out with new products based on the needs of their business owners and customers. Amway’s exclusive products have stood the test of time and include home care, health and wellness, and skincare. My husband and I became distributors because the atmosphere was positive, friendly, and inviting. Our upline matched the amount of time we put into our business. They served us and loved us too. We have been in Amway for almost seven years.breaking news
  •   Jessica Louviere Clements My company is Scentsy! This year makes 10 years in business. 10 strong years and still growing and adding to the opportunity! We have expanded from home scents, to bath and body product, and now laundry care!! We have also launched two sister companies, in additional to home and personal fragrance, we now off a line of purses and jewelry called Grace Adele and chocolate melts called Velata! If interested in any of these items please let me know!
  •   Sandi Santo My company is It Works Global. We’ve been around for 13 years and are growing so fast. We are now in 16 countries and still growing. Health products, skin care and weight loss although I look at the health and weight loss as the same thing. Our products are unique for health, all natural and really work. You use in conjunction with real foods. Our products help to detox, pH balance and alkalize your body. Very important in fighting disease. We are paid 5 different way and are not a party plan although you can certainly have parties if you wish. I generally do one on ones and get to know my customers better that way. We offer great benefits for our loyal customers as well as distributors. I’ve had good success with this company and even earned a $10,000 bonus. I make a decent monthly income.
  •   Coretta Campbell Traci Lynn Jewelry is Fabulous and Up and coming our jewelry is Simply Blingtastic and Eye-catching. We just launched our new Spring/Summer Collection and I love everything
  •   Jan B. Waller Avon had been around for 127 years. I kinda think that says it all.Avon had been here through the depression, all the world wars, korean war, vietman, several recessons and still a global company that continues to enrich the lives of women everywhere.SkinSoSoft bath oil, Perfumed liquid deodorant,silicone glove hand cream,vitamoist face cream. Our Ultimate lift conturing serum just coming out, Geneics face and eye cream,Mega watts mascara,utlra absolute lipstick.New incentives for New reps coming in C-8,contest going on now for car,tv and trips. I joined because of being a Avon addict and realizing how much money I would save by being a rep, Been with Company 15 years, am a President’s Club for 8,Unit leader for 6 close to moving up this quarter to next leavel Honor Society. Yes I have made money,mostly saved money as I buy for my family, grandkids and to be able to give to different organziation etc. I have made some great friends in other reps and my customers. I love Avons 100% guarantee too.
    Has your company been around more than 3 years?
    Would you say that they are a strong company? Why?
    What products does your company offer that have stood the test of time?
    Is there anything NEW happening? New products, lines or incentives?
    AND… What about you? Why did you join your company in the beginning?
    How long have you been with them? Have you had financial success with your company? 

    Thanks in advance for your BREAK NEWS about YOU! This info will help us get the word out about YOU!

2 thoughts on “Direct Sales Companies that Withstand the Test of TIME

  1. The Gourmet Cupboard has been around for over 7 years now, with lots of room still to grow! It’s a strong company, with wonderful distributors and staff, run by a mother/daughter team. Our products are FOOD (hey, everybody eats, right?) with no preservatives or chemicals added, and everything is hand-mixed & hand-packaged – freshly when the order is placed. We’ll be adding some gluten-free mixes soon, from a certified gluten-free facility. I have been with the company for 3 years now, and I really love it. Not only am I sharing these great products with friends and family, but I am cooking & baking more than ever by having the mixes here on hand. My family is loving that! I am growing my own team with The Gourmet Cupboard, and I really enjoy helping others build their own businesses with these great products as well. We can make money by selling the gourmet food mixes in many different ways, and we can also buy our own products at our wholesale discount to feed our families too!

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