Direct Sales and Party Plan PERSONALIZED Items

  Melissa Lynn Gissing – Personalized Items – Hello I’m Melissa Lynn Gissing, I am with LilyBean & Baxter (available in Canada & USA) we have a variety of itemsfrom jewelry, fashion, bags, wedding items and a variety of items that can be personalized. We also have a clearance section. My favourite items are the beach bag, sun hat and Spirit Lockets. LB&B is an affiliate program, it is FREE to sign up until March 15. I welcome you to check out my person website at , like my facebook page LilyBean & Baxter with Melissa or message me for more details on how to shop or sell.

  Kathy De Lisle  Hi there! I’m Kathy and I’m a Creative Partner with Initials, Inc. We sell stylish, functional and affordable bags and accessories. We offer FREE personalization! My favorite products are the YBL case – $5 of every purchase goes towards funding adoptions; the Signature A-Line Tote, and the Stash & Dash! Follow my website and click SHOP ONLINE. Personalized products are delivered right to your door!


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