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Win a FREE Listing on During the Mad About Spring Contest


It’s SPRING and that means Tourney Time!!! Let the 2014 March Madness Begin! Let’s have some fun and Get a Few Reps Found!

This CONTEST is going to be ExcitingEASY and FREE to participate! But there is a catch! See the CATCH details below.

What You Can WINmad about spring

ROUND 1:  We are going to Give Away 1 FREE Basic Listing on for each match up in Round 1 of the Mad About SpringTournament. THERE WILL BE 32 Round 1 WINNERS!!! 16 each day of Round 1.

ROUND 2:  We are going to Give Away 1 FREE CityWide Listing on for each match up in Round 2 of the Mad About SpringTournament.  THERE WILL BE 16 Round 2 WINNERS!!! 8 each day of Round 2.

Sweet 16 Round:  We are going to Give Away 1 FREE CityWide Listing on www.FindSalesRep.comfor each match up in the Sweet 16 Round of the Mad About SpringTournament.  THERE WILL BE 8 Sweet 16 WINNERS!!! 4 each day of the Sweet 16 Round.

Elite 8 Round:  We are going to give Away 1 FREE StateWide Listing on for each match up in the Elite Eight 8 Round.  THERE WILL BE 4 WINNERS!!! 2 each day of the Elite 8 Round.

Final Four Round:  We are going to give Away 1 FREE RegionWide Listing for each match up in the Final Four Round.  THERE WILL BE 2 WINNERS!!! 2 each day of the Final 4 Round.

Championship Round:  We are going to Give Away 2 FREE NationWide Listings for Championship Round of the Mad About SpringTournament.  THERE WILL WILL BE  2 NationWide Listing WINNERS!!!  You, 2!

*Official Game Dates:

  • Round 1  March 18-19
  • Round 2 March 20 -23
  • Sweet 16 Round March 27 – 29
  • Elite 8 Round March 30 -31
  • Final 4 Round April 5th
  • The Championship Round on April 7th, 2014

When You Can WIN: Winners will be announced on FB, if the “CATCH” has been met and we will attempt to contact you by email asap.


Prizes will ONLY be awarded if the minimum number of participants participate. In other words- we will need at least 32 UNIQUE reps to enter the contest during Round 1, 16 during Round 2, 8 during the Sweet 16 Round, 4 during the Elite Eight Round, 2 during the Final 4 Round and 2 during the Championship Round.  You can help make sure the catch is met by simply sharing the contest with your friends!

Here’s How  to get Your Name in the Mad About Spring Contest:

To enter just go to to claim one Entry into the CONTEST.

mad bracketWant to Increase Your Chances? Just SHARE.

When you enter the contest, you’ll get a “sharing” link that’s 100% yours. Just share this link wherever you go – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Email, wherever. When a friend clicks your link and joins the contest, they get one entry, and you’ll get TENand you can earn an unlimited number of EXTRA entries into the contest. Every entry increases your chances of winning.

……………… AND tell us, on the Facebook Page what you think of FindSalesRep’s Mad About Spring CONTEST and we’ll double your entries for that Game Day!

If you have questions or need help, JUST ASK! GOOD LUCK and invite your friends. Share the MADNESS! ALL Reps Want To Get Found!!!

STEP 1: Fill Out the Form at

Home Party and Direct Sales SNEAK PEEK Outlet Shopping – Spring Edition

 spring outletWelcome to the DIRECT SALES Party Rep

SNEAK PEEK Outlet!  

Each year, in the SPRING Direct Sales Companies release NEW Products, New Catalogues and New Opportunities.  It’s a great time to shop!

Here in the SNEAK PEEK OUTLET, we are re-inventing how people buy direct sales products online.  For many people, shopping online can be confusing.  You may not be sure what products are right for you, how to purchase them or even how to get the lowest price.  These reps do!  Just ask any questions you may have.  These Reps are going to give you the individualized attention you deserve.  Why?  Because, Direct sales reps love helping people and are experts in the products and services they offer, so they are uniquely suited to help people find just the right products at exactly the right prices.

Getting Started:

1) Click here to scroll through the different Categories. Click on the Category that interests you.

2) Watch for the Advisors Top 3 SNEAK PEEKS.  These reps are professionals, they know how to help you find what you are looking for and how to get it at great price.

3) Many Sneak Peek Advisors will be offering coupons or special offers.  Take advantage!

4) IF YOU NEED HELP… Go directly to the SNEAK PEEK Advisor’s website or Facebook and contact them directly.

5) If you see what you want – follow the link to the SNEAK PEEK Advisor’s personal webpage site and put it in your cart. You’ll be done and if you have questions, you will be able to contact the rep directly to get answers.

6) IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SPECIFIC and you don’t see it on the list, We DO Take Requests.  Just ask for help in the comments below or go to CLICK HERE   We can help you FIND a SNEAK PEEK Advisor From ANY Direct Sales Company!

Click here to Ask Questions, Get Help, and Find Your Own Personal SNEAK PEEK Advisor on Facebook 

To get started, click Pick a Category

NOTE to Reps:  Sometimes in direct sales, you feel like you’re begging for people to listen to you.  In the SNEAK PEEK OUTLET, reps will be blown away as customers seek you out  for advice and for the ‘easy way’ to learn more and buy your products. Reps in the SNEAK PEEK OUTLET will get found all year long by people looking for exactly what they have – fantastic products, that really work and people love!
NOTE to GUYS:  You know it’s TRUE, shopping for the women in your life is like doing your own brain surgery. You Need a Personal SNEAK PEEK Advisor-LET these Reps Help!

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Home Party and Direct Sales Companies JEWELRY UNDER $50

  Jennifer Schmidt  JEWELRY UNDER $50  Hi I am Jennifer Schmidt with Our Hearts Desire, we offer a very affordable lockets, bracelets, charms and now a hair care line which we have before and after pictures of. So tell your story in a stylish necklace locket or for those who don’t like to wear a necklace you can also make a bracelet locket because we have those as well. Buying from Our Hearts Desire is simply made easy and very affordable. So tell me what’s your story???  I am going to tell you my favorite 3 things that I truly fell in love with Our Hearts Desire and the things that are my TOP 3 items that we offer, but you can go over and check out the items then see what your favorite things are about Our Hearts Desire and I love telling my story in a locket, I get so many compliments on my locket.  1. I love that the lockets are very affordable and come in several different styles and colors, you can get a square locket, a heart locket with or without stones and also my favorite the circle locket this one you can also purchase back plates to ad to your locket as well what a great way to show your story with a one of a kind locket.  2. I love that we have so many affordable charms to choose from they are only $5.00 for charms yes you read it right just $5.00, are you a pet lover well you should see all the charms that we have for the love of pets, what about have a awareness you love showing off see for my Breast Cancer is near and dear to me as well as Autism and we have both of those charms yes $5.00 each. So make sure when you visit my website you check out each page.   3. For the final thing I would really love to add the Chain and Locket bracelets that come together so no need to purchase a necklace or a bracelet for just $30.00 you just choose which one you want and start building your story these come in 3 different Heart Shaped tones, silver, gold and rose gold my favorite or we have a round locket with side stones this one you can also add a back plate to. With Mother’s Day coming up these would make a great gift for under $50.00  Right now I have a special going on till 3/17 purchase a Locket, Necklace or Bracelet, or a Chain and Locket Bracelet and get 2 FREE charms from me, that’s my way of saying THANK YOU. Make sure that you check my FB page for current specials, giveaways and deals that you might miss by not LIKING the page.  Here is my personal as well as my FB to stay on top of the specials, sales and even great sign up bonuses we have for the current month.  I would love to help you build your locket so tell me “What’s Your Story”

  Michelle McLeod  JEWELRY UNDER $50  Hi I’m Michelle McLeod, an Independent Premier Director with Paparazzi Jewelry & Hair Accessories. What’s the most important thing to know about Paparazzi? It’s fabulous fashion for just $5. Every piece! Every day! If that’s not enough, you’ll also be glad to know Paparazzi products are: Lead-free and nickel-free One-of-a-kind featuring original design, style, and feel Always changing—buy it when you see it! Available only through our Consultants Purchased on the spot! There is no catalog, or buy-and-wait hassle!  It doesn’t look like $5 jewelry!  Interested in our amazing $5 jewelry & hair accessories? Host your own home or office party – receive free jewelry! Take a basket of our jewelry to work and earn free jewelry while your co-workers shop. Or you can shop online at my store:  Please contact me if you have any questions! Thank you for your time.

  Coretta Campbell  JEWELRY UNDER $50  Hi My name is Coretta Campbell Ruby Director with Traci Lynn Jewelry. How can I bling you today? Our jewelry is simply gorgeous and breathtaking! If you were a piece of jewelry what would you be I would be a earring, necklace, bracelet and ring. Our top 3 favorites are the Barefoot ankle jewelry, the Cutie necklace set, and the Ringlet ring. The catalog is available on my website just go to   We host private Bling Receptions and Fundraisers too I look forward to hearing from you.

  Michelle Bennett Angove  *Jewelry Under $50*  Hello! My name is Michelle Bennett Angove and I am an Independent Advisor with lia sophia. With our unbelievable Customer Save Plan and Lifetime Replacement Guarantee we can offer you many styles of fun, fashionable, affordable and stylish jewelry.  lia sophia is 5 years new to Canada and I am so excited to be able to share their beautiful jewels and gems with my fellow Canadians!  Just a few of the great features of lia sophia are:  1) Their patented GENIUS CLASP! Allows you to wear one, two, three OR more necklaces at once! Add YOUR favourite necklace and truly create your own unique statement necklace!  2) BRACELETS!! Wear one or STACK them for a look you’ll love and others will want! Mix your metals, wrap your straps, clips that interchange. You’ll make a statement and be your own ARM CANDY!  3) Rings, necklaces that “speak”, necklaces that let everyone know YOU have ARRIVED! Bracelets that bangle, wrap, or stretch; With our Customer Save Plan and AWESOME Hostess Bonus Rewards the only thing that you won’t have to stretch is your BUDGET! There are many sophisticated, stylish items priced UNDER $50. Contact me to find out how I can help YOU save today!  Browse our styles through my personal website at:  or find me on facebook as


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Direct Sales and Home Party Companies JEWELRY OVER $50

  Tammy Brydon-Hudgin  Hi everyone  my name is Tammy and I am with lia sophia fashion jewellery and we offer you jewellery with a lifetime replacement guarantee, styles for EVERY personality, style and age!!  Our top 3 products are:  (1) Our necklaces that have the Genius Clasp which allows you to wear the necklaces more than one way  (2) Our rings that leave a statement  (3) Our Birthday Party earrings because they work amazing with our Customer Save Plan  Take advantage of our UNMATCHED Customer Save Plan….buy 2 items at regular price, get up to 4 at HALF PRICE and the MOST EXPENSIVE items you choose are HALF PRICE!!!!  I do apologize as I am only able to offer my products to Canadians as I can only ship within Canada.   Take a peek at our BLING by visiting or my FB page at and message me directly with what you would like to order and I WILL work out the BEST deal for you 

  Erica Doyle  Hello. My name is Erica Doyle and I am with Kitsy Lane. We offer a variety of jewelry and accessories. Rings, necklaces, scarves and more!   My top 3 picks:  Roxanne Bracelet  Brianne Earrings   Rachel Scarf   Kitsy Lane is always having a sale/offer going on! You never know from day to day what great deal we will have for you. I update my site weekly with new product plus pick new flash sale items. One of our current deals is: Buy One Statement Necklace, get the 2nd 50% off!!   Check out the other current offers at   Once there click SHOP at the bottom right of the page. Create an account and you can see all the wonderful jewelry and accessories we have.   If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. The easiest way is to contact me via my Facebook page –

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Direct Sales and Home Party Plan Services and Opportunities

  Lisa Sugarman Costello  Hello ….my name is Lisa and I’m a founding independent handler with a brand new pet boutique called For Tails Only™ that launched in December 2013! For Tails Only™ is an exclusive pet boutique carrying treats made of the finest ingredients from the USA, grooming and bath products, unique pet toys, gifts and more. Our product line puts your pet’s health and safety first. We have searched far and wide to offer items you won’t find in your average pet store or super center. Our products will definitely get some tails wagging!! We have a couple of best sellers already, our bulk treats which come in an assortment of flavors and are baked fresh at a bakery in FL, our Canine Calm which is made of essential oils that can be used to help pets that may be anxious and our Paw, Nose and Boo Boo Butter products ! Feel free to visit my website at Shop now or you can create an account to make future shopping easier…its FREE! Just make sure to enter FH074 as your referring consultant ID. Also, make sure to stop by and LIKE my facebook page so can keep up with what’s going on at FTO!


Find a Motor Club Rep:

Find a Damsel in Defense Rep:

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Find a WowWe Rep:

Find an ACN Rep:

Find an Ambit Rep:

Find a Wake Up Now Rep:

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Find an Amsoil Rep:

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Find a Global Wealth Rep:

Wholesome MEALS and FOOD for YOUR Family

  Donna Zeigler Roucoulet Wholesome Meals and FOOD for Your Family – My name is Donna Roucoulet, and I am an Independent Distributor for The Gourmet Cupboard. We offer hand-mixed, hand-packaged gourmet dry food mixes, including soups, meals, desserts, dips, breads, coffees, and more. We offer in home parties, as well as online parties, fundraisers, & catalog parties.  My favorite 3 products would have to be: A) Cheesy Potato Casserole – One of the best tasting casseroles ever made! Your family will think you’ve been in the kitchen all day long! B) Spicy Saltine Crackers – These are NOT your ordinary crackers! This is an exciting, spicy, and hot blend of spices that create the perfect snack! C) Beer Braised Beef in the Crock Pot – A unique and easy meal, in no time, in your crock pot – no work, no mess! We offer monthly customer and hostess specials, now also including both a Mixes of the Month club & a Meals of the Month club! My website is , you can also reach me on Facebook at my page – or directly on my personal Facebook page

  Nicole Robinson  Wholesome Meals and FOOD for Your Family – Hello there! My name is Nicole and I am an Epicure Selections Consultant  We offer quick and easy ways to make a healthy meals for everyone!  Our top 3 products are: 1) The silicone steamers which I like to call the “10 minute miracle meal maker,” you can cook chicken, chocolate cake, and almost everything in between in less than 10 minutes! 2) The Top 6 Collection, it’s the perfect starter for your pantry! Great for the college student, for a wedding gift, or just for you  Comes with a recipe booklet too!  3) The Multi Purpose Pot is AMAZING! It’s out number 1 hostess choice for their 1/2 price item. It really is MULTI purpose. Mine stays on the stove all the time, no point putting it away.***Anyone who books a party with me from this event will get $20 in FREE product on top of the awesome hostess rewards   I also am only able to offer my products to Canadians and can only ship within Canada at this time.  Visit my website  or contact me to order.

  Lisa Lazowicki  Natural and Organic Products – I’m Lisa and I’d like to introduce you to the tender, tasty and healthy jerky that only Jerky Direct offers! We offer organic gluten-free beef jerky, all natural beef, buffalo, turkey & chicken jerky, all natural fruit snacks and even all natural gluten-free turkey pet strips!  My personal favorite is the all natural HOT buffalo-wing style chicken, but our all natural teriyaki buffalo is my all time top seller, along with our organic gluten-free sweet & spicy beef! My four-legged customers wag their tails and beg for our all natural gluten-free turkey pet strips too!  I have inventory on hand that I can offer to you at $6/pk or 5 for $25, mix and match – with FREE shipping!!! Contact me here on FB for a list of what I have available. First come, first served and while supplies last. You can also visit my website at to see our selections and to find out more about the nutritional values of our jerky! You can always place an order directly on there too! If you have any questions about any of our products, let me know. I look forward to providing you and your family with a healthier alternative to snacks!

  Jennifer Acheson-Sandy  Hey there my name is Jennifer Acheson-Sandy I am a Do You Bake consultant we offer the best gourmet all natural and gluten free baked goods. My favorites are Chocolate chip cookies, Lemon squares and brownies. Feel free to contact me directly on Facebook or on my website

  Kimberly Sweeney  Hello! My name is Kimberly Sweeney. I am an Independent Advanced Distributor for The Gourmet Cupboard. We offer the best mixes at great prices. Do you like coffee, tea and or hot chocolate? We have that! Sweet dips or even Savory dips? We got it! Diabetic Friendly, Sugar Free and Gluten Free mixes are also available! From Coffees to Desserts, we have it all. There are approximately 200 mixes to choose from for the entire family! My top 3 Favorite mixes are: Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip mix (YUMMO!), Potato Soup and Orange Chipotle Chicken. I always re-order these mixes! TGC has monthly specials! Check out my website: Like my business page on Facebook. Simply click on the Facebook symbol from my website and you will be directed there. You can order from my website, private message me (Facebook) or email your order: (

  Michelle Simmington  Hello all! I’m Michelle Simmington from Massachusetts and I am an Independent Scentsy Family Director.  You can view my webiste at ~ and my FB page is  Inspired by the best food traditions in the world. Velata’s simple, stylish, and social products help families turn minutes into precious moments The goal is to help families just like yours slow down and enjoy each other as you enjoy food together ~ and turn dinnertime and parties into cherished memories.  LOVE CHOCOLATE? Satisfy your sweet tooth with some Velata Premium Belgian Chocolate (contains no fillers or oils, resulting in the purest and most purely indulgent chocolate – 100% natural and Gluten-Free) ~ Caramel Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate  LOVE CHEESE?  Mild to sharp, mellow to complex, each mouthwatering flavor is made in Wisconsin and crafted to tempt the taste bud. ** Gluten-Free** ~ Bacon Cheddar, Cheddar, Fiesta Queso, Smoked Gouda   SPICE IT UP  Velata Artisan Rubs are crafted from the finest herbs and spices. Use in place of marinades to add succulent flavor. Coriander Herb, Lemon Garlic, Santa Maria BBQ, Smoked Paperika .

  Trudi Johnston  Wholesome MEALS And FOOD For YOUR Family:  Hi! My name is Trudi Johnston. I am an independent rep for Wildtree. We know the value of your health and time. Wildtree is SIMPLE. HEALTHY. NATURAL. You should know that our entire product line is all-natural: they contain no chemicals, additives, preservatives, MSG, or food dyes, GMO free. We offer Heart Healthy Oils, Organic & Gluten Free products as well.   Some of my favorites include: Smoked Mozzarella Tomato Blend, Garlic & Herb, & Scampi. You’ve gotta try them!  I would love to introduce you to our products or provide you with the favorites you already know and love. With Wildtree you’ll be making quick, easy, delicious meals that are healthy and affordable.  Let’s get together for a Freezer Meal Workshop or a fun Tasting. Together we can make your families weekly meals in minutes and take the guessing out of what ‘s for dinner! Visit my website at or on FaceBook at


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Healthy Direct Sales Products for You and Your Home

  Kristie Boyd  Healthy Products for You and Your Home: Hello! My name is Kristie Boyd and I’m an Independent Sales Consultant with Norwex. I am not a fan of cleaning, but Norwex products make cleaning easy, fast, and give much better results, all without harmful, toxic chemicals! My Top 3 Favorite Products:  *Enviro Cloth – Microfiber cloth that cleans with only water!  * Window Polisher Cloth – Provides streak free windows and mirrors!  * Descaler – Easily removes soap scum, limescale & rust. Chemical free, eco friendly alternative to harsh chemicals.  For more information and/or to place an order, please visit my website at  Like my Facebook Group page Kristie Boyd – Norwex Independent Sales Consultant and post “Saw your ad on the Spring Sneak Peak event” and receive 10% off your first Norwex order!  Have a wonderful day!

  Natasha Kocela Sykora  *Healthy Products for You and Your Home  – Hi my name is Natasha and I am an independent consultant with ENJO Canada. I love to teach people how easy it is to change their home to a chemical free zone. Lets get rid of those chemical toxins and let me show you how just fibres and water can remove bacteria, product residue, smells and stains. ENJO is now found in over 25 countries worldwide!  Our top 3 products would be our Home Starter Pack, includes all the fibres you need for a whole home clean and replaces all your chemicals. Next would be our amazing floor system removing and trapping all pet dander, dust, dirt and leaving your floors streak free! And lastly, lets talk outdoors. Our outdoor pack is fantastic for your cars, patio furniture, kids toys and so much more!  Hosts receive 50% off their products. Free shipping all across Canada. US shipping rates will apply.  Feel free to browse our website at or our blog at  My facebook page is


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Find Sexy and Romantic Home Party and Direct Sales Reps

  Helen Kiley Breen  Hmmmm – I think I would best go under Spa Bath & Beauty, but I am definitely in the ROMANCE category!  My name is Helen Breen and I am a Romance Enhancement Specialist with Pure Romance. I do FUN in home parties designed to bring the spark and spice to any relationship with our line of lotions, potions & things that go BUZZ   My three FAVORITE products are our Hot Heart Massager, Serenity Massage Lotion in Cucumber Lime scent, and our Just Like Me Lubricant. But there are SO many that I am in LOVE with.  ***I am offering a special for anyone who finds me through FindSalesRep of 25% off your first order with me – you must contact me via Facebook or Email ( or, this sale is not valid on website orders. Let me know the items you want (check our my website to window shop first) and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice for payment. If you see LOTS of goodies you like but your budget is tight, think about hosting a show! I do live and Facebook parties!  Have a question, let me know! I’m happy to help! Can’t wait to hear from you!

  Rachelle Bergstrom  Romance/Bath & Beauty – My name is Rachelle Bergstrom and I am with Passion Parties! Our mission is to educate women, enhance their inner D.I.V.A. and bring couples closer in and out of the bedroom. We offer products ranging from mild to wild! Mild products would be our bath/body products, and well, you can guess what our wild products are!  We offer in-home as well as online/catalog parties. Everything is discreet and confidential. My website is Please feel free to private message me with any questions!

  Jennifer Acheson-Sandy  Hello there my name is Jennifer Acheson-Sandy I am a Passion Party Consultant and we offer the best variety of adult toys. My favorite items are the we vibe, lelo soraya and the vibratimg gigi. I am offering 10% off today only. Feel free to contact me directly on Facebook or on my website


Find a For Your Pleasure Rep:

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Find Direct Sales and Home Party Plan CANDLE Companies 

  Cindy Goff  I am happy to introduce you to “SPRINKLES”, uniquely shaped SOY candle melts that resemble “dippin dots”…but you HEAT ‘EM, DON’T EAT ‘EM! They can be melted in any warmer, and may be mixed to make any recipe you desire.  (For example, mix Caramel with Red Delicious Apple to make “Caramel Apple…or mix Stress Relief with Relax Lavender Vanilla to get “SPA-AAAH!”)  Made from 100% US grown soybeans, these tiny treasures are the hottest home fragrance option going. They last 30% longer than our competitors, and there are over 60 fragrances to choose from and mix, from Orange Dreamsicle to Warm Apple Pie…you are sure to find something you love!  My favorite product from this company is, of course, the SOY SPRINKLES, but we also offer truly awesome lotions.. and reed diffusers that come with a lid that makes it easy to renew the fragrance to your reeds by screwing the lid back on and turning them over to refresh their fragrance.  If you like it BUY IT, if you love it HOST A PARTY earn FREE AND 1/2 priced items!  This company is only in it’s 2nd year, and is already in the top 10 direct sales companies for a reason…the product is AWESOME and is not harmful to your health or the environment!  Melts and burns cleanly and the fragrance lasts 30% longer than our competitors! There is no soot, and there are no chemicals in them.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or orders at  330-442-1580 (text or call)  Also, my facebook connection for product information is  Shop online at my website: ***MENTION THAT YOU SAW THIS POST AND RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING SPECIAL: BUY ANY WARMER AND RECEIVE A JAR OF “SPRINKLES” AT HALF PRICE! (above offer only available by calling me with your order, is not available online from the company as it is my personal special)  CHANGE YOUR FRAGRANCE….CHANGE YOUR LIFE…

  Jennifer Acheson-Sandy  Hi my name is Jennifer Acheson-Sandy and I am a Scentsy rep and we offer the best selection of warmers and Scents. My favorite scents are Blueberry Cheese Cake, Peppermint Dreams and Sugar Cookie. This month is the launch of our Spring/Summer line and Scentsy is offering a special promotion from March 1-31st to anyone who buys 10th anniversary warmer for just $37.80 will get a second warmer free of Scentsy’s choice. Feel free to contact me directly on Facebook. Please check out my website

  Sindy Swan Kelley Natural and Organic Candles. . . . . Hello! My name is Sindy Kelley and I am with Pink Zebra Home, and we have a wonderful line of home fragrancing and decor products that promises to make Pink Zebra ‘Uniquely Yours.’ Our line of Soft Soy Sprinkles allow you to design endless fragrance combinations that are custom to you, and our Simmering Lights & Simmer Pots are designed to be just as easy to personalize as well. As a personal special for new customers (you must place your order through me directly to qualify), get your first jar of Sprinkles at half price with the purchase of a Simmer Pot or Simmering Light. If you choose to purchase a Simmering Light plus a Shade you can get your first jar of Sprinkles free! Take a look at our online catalog at and let me know how I can help you order new favorite fragrance!

  Michelle Kingsbury  Hi I am Michelle.  I’d like to introduce you to Gold Canyon.  They have the most fragrant candles and other scented products on the market. We are known for our double wicks, amazing fragrance and long burn times. Our POD WARMERS have timers, no replacement bulbs and the scent pods are so easy to use, just place on your warmer and enjoy, no scraping or pouring of wax.  Gold Canyon has a large variety of products, a variety of scented candles and come in multiple different sizes.  Products: Scented Candles Room Sprays  Wickless Candles Candle Holders Scented Oils Warmers Dippers, Trimmers Natural Cleaning Products And Much More.  If you are interested in looking at all the amazing things Gold Canyon has to offer, please go to my Facebook page. Do you want to place an order, or set up a time to see a catalogue, or smell the samples? Message me, or check out my Facebook page for more information.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

  Jennifer Acheson-Sandy  Hi there my name is Jennifer Acheson-Sandy I am a Partylite consultant and we offer the best 100% paraffin wax. My favorites scents are Kiwi kiss and Iced snow berries and my favorite decor piece is the Starburst Wall Sconce I am offering anyone who places an order with me a Free Dozen tealights of your choice. Please feel free to contact me directly on Facebook or on my website

  Glenda Cates Hello, I am Glenda Cates your Texas Pink Sprinkles Rep.  My favorite product from Pink Zebra is our warmer and the sprinkles we use in it. I have 2 specials and they are buy a warmer get a jar of Sprinkles for free. Or purchase three jars or cartons of sprinkles and get one for free. You can reach me at or through my website at

  Jennie Tinkler Horn  Hello, my name is Jennie Tinkler Horn and I am with Mia Bella Candles/Scent-Sations Incand I am always looking for people who have good “scents”. Three of my favorite products are also our top selling products. Our citrusy “Sweet Orange and Chili Pepper” natural wax candle will delight you. This scent also comes in a foaming hand wash and our Bella Bath Bar. Please go to to check out all of our “Clean and Green” products and if you have questions or need help, please just ask.

  Michelle Simmington  Hello all! I’m Michelle Simmington from Massachusetts and I am an Independent Scentsy Family Director.   You can view my webiste at ~ and my FB page is  Scentsy Wickless Candles are flame free ~ soot free ~ lead free ~wick free  Description  ~ A SIMPLE SYSTEM ~  Distinctive Scentsy warmers melt specifically formulated wax with the heat of a low-watt light bulb, enhancing your home with more then 80 Scentsy fragrances safely, with no flame, smoke, or soot.  Scentsy warmers and wax are also child and pet friendly as the wax never gets hotter than your body temperature.  My favorite products are the warmers and wax as they are so safe and safety is most important.


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