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  Cindy Goff  I am happy to introduce you to “SPRINKLES”, uniquely shaped SOY candle melts that resemble “dippin dots”…but you HEAT ‘EM, DON’T EAT ‘EM! They can be melted in any warmer, and may be mixed to make any recipe you desire.  (For example, mix Caramel with Red Delicious Apple to make “Caramel Apple…or mix Stress Relief with Relax Lavender Vanilla to get “SPA-AAAH!”)  Made from 100% US grown soybeans, these tiny treasures are the hottest home fragrance option going. They last 30% longer than our competitors, and there are over 60 fragrances to choose from and mix, from Orange Dreamsicle to Warm Apple Pie…you are sure to find something you love!  My favorite product from this company is, of course, the SOY SPRINKLES, but we also offer truly awesome lotions.. and reed diffusers that come with a lid that makes it easy to renew the fragrance to your reeds by screwing the lid back on and turning them over to refresh their fragrance.  If you like it BUY IT, if you love it HOST A PARTY earn FREE AND 1/2 priced items!  This company is only in it’s 2nd year, and is already in the top 10 direct sales companies for a reason…the product is AWESOME and is not harmful to your health or the environment!  Melts and burns cleanly and the fragrance lasts 30% longer than our competitors! There is no soot, and there are no chemicals in them.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or orders at  330-442-1580 (text or call)  Also, my facebook connection for product information is  Shop online at my website: ***MENTION THAT YOU SAW THIS POST AND RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING SPECIAL: BUY ANY WARMER AND RECEIVE A JAR OF “SPRINKLES” AT HALF PRICE! (above offer only available by calling me with your order, is not available online from the company as it is my personal special)  CHANGE YOUR FRAGRANCE….CHANGE YOUR LIFE…

  Jennifer Acheson-Sandy  Hi my name is Jennifer Acheson-Sandy and I am a Scentsy rep and we offer the best selection of warmers and Scents. My favorite scents are Blueberry Cheese Cake, Peppermint Dreams and Sugar Cookie. This month is the launch of our Spring/Summer line and Scentsy is offering a special promotion from March 1-31st to anyone who buys 10th anniversary warmer for just $37.80 will get a second warmer free of Scentsy’s choice. Feel free to contact me directly on Facebook. Please check out my website

  Sindy Swan Kelley Natural and Organic Candles. . . . . Hello! My name is Sindy Kelley and I am with Pink Zebra Home, and we have a wonderful line of home fragrancing and decor products that promises to make Pink Zebra ‘Uniquely Yours.’ Our line of Soft Soy Sprinkles allow you to design endless fragrance combinations that are custom to you, and our Simmering Lights & Simmer Pots are designed to be just as easy to personalize as well. As a personal special for new customers (you must place your order through me directly to qualify), get your first jar of Sprinkles at half price with the purchase of a Simmer Pot or Simmering Light. If you choose to purchase a Simmering Light plus a Shade you can get your first jar of Sprinkles free! Take a look at our online catalog at and let me know how I can help you order new favorite fragrance!

  Michelle Kingsbury  Hi I am Michelle.  I’d like to introduce you to Gold Canyon.  They have the most fragrant candles and other scented products on the market. We are known for our double wicks, amazing fragrance and long burn times. Our POD WARMERS have timers, no replacement bulbs and the scent pods are so easy to use, just place on your warmer and enjoy, no scraping or pouring of wax.  Gold Canyon has a large variety of products, a variety of scented candles and come in multiple different sizes.  Products: Scented Candles Room Sprays  Wickless Candles Candle Holders Scented Oils Warmers Dippers, Trimmers Natural Cleaning Products And Much More.  If you are interested in looking at all the amazing things Gold Canyon has to offer, please go to my Facebook page. Do you want to place an order, or set up a time to see a catalogue, or smell the samples? Message me, or check out my Facebook page for more information.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

  Jennifer Acheson-Sandy  Hi there my name is Jennifer Acheson-Sandy I am a Partylite consultant and we offer the best 100% paraffin wax. My favorites scents are Kiwi kiss and Iced snow berries and my favorite decor piece is the Starburst Wall Sconce I am offering anyone who places an order with me a Free Dozen tealights of your choice. Please feel free to contact me directly on Facebook or on my website

  Glenda Cates Hello, I am Glenda Cates your Texas Pink Sprinkles Rep.  My favorite product from Pink Zebra is our warmer and the sprinkles we use in it. I have 2 specials and they are buy a warmer get a jar of Sprinkles for free. Or purchase three jars or cartons of sprinkles and get one for free. You can reach me at or through my website at

  Jennie Tinkler Horn  Hello, my name is Jennie Tinkler Horn and I am with Mia Bella Candles/Scent-Sations Incand I am always looking for people who have good “scents”. Three of my favorite products are also our top selling products. Our citrusy “Sweet Orange and Chili Pepper” natural wax candle will delight you. This scent also comes in a foaming hand wash and our Bella Bath Bar. Please go to to check out all of our “Clean and Green” products and if you have questions or need help, please just ask.

  Michelle Simmington  Hello all! I’m Michelle Simmington from Massachusetts and I am an Independent Scentsy Family Director.   You can view my webiste at ~ and my FB page is  Scentsy Wickless Candles are flame free ~ soot free ~ lead free ~wick free  Description  ~ A SIMPLE SYSTEM ~  Distinctive Scentsy warmers melt specifically formulated wax with the heat of a low-watt light bulb, enhancing your home with more then 80 Scentsy fragrances safely, with no flame, smoke, or soot.  Scentsy warmers and wax are also child and pet friendly as the wax never gets hotter than your body temperature.  My favorite products are the warmers and wax as they are so safe and safety is most important.


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  1. Hey my name is Emily Deese. I am a Pink Zebra rep. I love that Pink Zebra is so unique. And the things you can do are endless. You can mix our American gown soy sprinkles to make your own unique scent. Also our simmering lights have shades so you can change them out with your decor. Some more use for our sprinkles are you can put them in the bottom of your trash can, if you have a baby you can put them in there diaper can, in kitty liter (they are non toxic), vacuum cleaners, and so much more. You can contact me at or 601-347-4675 (text or call) or My website is The join special is get $25 off your kit and I am doing when you join and become active you will get a gift from me.

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