5 Quick Fixes to Help Get Your Brain Ready for Success


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  1. Avoid negative thoughts. Stop thinking “I can’t,” It won’t work,” “It’s impossible,” or “I always fail.” Negative thoughts only lead to negative results. Instead, refocus your thoughts.  Only allow thoughts of what you can accomplish and what will work stay in your thought. Become a problem solver.  Replace “I can’t” with, “That’s a problem.  Here’s a way to solve it.”
  2. Express positive emotion publicly. Never pass up an opportunity to share positive feeling. For example, if someone asks “How are You?” respond enthusiastically with “Terrific!” and share a reason for this feeling.  Happiness will look good on you.
  3. Don’t waste your mental energy. Stop worrying and turn off those sources that complain, condemn and contest.  Try turning off the news and listen to music or inspirational videos, podcasts, trainings and books.
  4. Find Solutions. What good does complaining about things do?  It may release some tension at first, but it can not improve your situation unless you can come up with a resolution and some some action steps.  From now on: complain = problem solve, problem = opportunity.
  5. Seek Support.  Going it alone is never a good idea.  Researchers who studied the most successful start ups recently found that new business that are started by multiple individuals with a common goal, did better in their first year than those that are started by a single individual working in isolation.  Grow your team and support one another.  Success can not happen in isolation.

Over time, these 5 Fixes will strengthen the thoughts that make you motivated.

Seriously, this will work. So, practice….

In the comments please respond…..  “How are you?”

If you say it with examples, you’ll start feeling ‘terrific’ right away.  🙂


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