WAKE UP NOW Rep Teaching Network Marketers New Skills

Recently I met Peter Pauletti on Facebook.  Peter is a Wake Up Now Rep who ‘teaches other Network Marketers the tangible skills needed for a successful online business and blends those skills with the critical intangibles that help them stay in the Direct Sales Business’.  His story is inspiring!

Peter’s Story:

“I got into this because over a year ago, I had been an executive of a company for 13 years. Many of those years, we flourished. Then the last couple of years the industry was changing. There were a lot of restrictions placed on my job and my department. I saw changes coming. So, I wanted to find a cushion, a just in case I’m right in what I see coming. I was right. I lost my job with 14 years due to downsizing. So, although I agree with all of your reasons for getting into this, mine was a little more on the practical side at the beginning. But I digress…  let me back up.   I spent the better part of 20 + years in higher education, the last 14 with one organization. I was an executive for all 14 years and built a strong team. We had a lot of success and I believed I was going to retire from there. I achieved everything I wanted to achieve including attaining a Masters degree, yearly positive reviews and performance raises. Things were very good! Married, 3 kids, one in college, high school and grade school. House, cars, dog and that proverbial “white picket fence” You know where this story is leading, don’t you. Over the last two-three years, the bottom started dropping out of the industry. Strong regulatory changes took place which made it very difficult for me and my fsr wake up nowteam to do our jobs. The outcome was drastically reduced production from my team. I could see where my position was headed, so instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop, I proactively started to research new “part time” careers and get prepared to be laid off or let go if their wasn’t a turn around. Finally, on November 5,2013, the other shoe did drop and I was let go after 14 years. I was actually relieved because going to work day after day, week after week, month after month was incredibly stressful. Fortunately, my research led me to my new career with network marketing which includes recruiting others into my business. Internet marketing is a great option in today’s day and age because first of all, no matter what kind of internet marketing you do, there’s an endless supply of prospective customers and business partners who realize, like I just discovered, there is no job security as an employee. What I needed for success in this incredible business is a growing company with ownership who are true visionaries. That company needs to offer cutting edge technology in their training and digital products. The compensation to its members promoting those products must be very strong in order to attract the best marketers in the industry and keep them happy for the long haul. Finally, you want someone to guide you who has the knowledge and leadership to make you too a success in this incredible field. That’s my job! If any of this hits home for you, I encourage you to go to my website, read my blog posts and consider joining me in building a rock solid business for us as partners. Thanks for reading!” http://retirewithpeter.com/

Do you have an inspiring story?  we all need a little inspiration sometimes.  🙂

Post your SUCCESS STORY in the comments below.


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